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Detroit Lions, 9-7?

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I am pretty excited about the BIG game today.  Cleveland is about to step into Ford Field and get crushed by Detroit’s starters!  

OK, most people really don’t care about this game.  But I know there are a few people who do (Dan, Drew, Jay, Evan, ME, Pakala, and many more TBD)…so if you are one of them, come down and watch the game today at Baby Blues BBQ in West Hollywood, CA.  If you are not in L.A. then watch it on the NFL Network at 5pm Eastern.  If you don’t want to watch then just vote below and make me feel better, or worse, about my stupid bet.

I want to take a little poll.  I am surrounded by a bunch of NY Giants fans, unfortunately.  And I like to gamble, so I bet a few of them that the Lions will have more wins than the Giants this season.  I actually bet based on how many more wins.  So if the Lions go 10-6 and Giants go 8-8, I win 2 x $$ amount (I am going to keep that to myself for legal reasons).  But of course if the Giants win more than the Lions I lose more. What is your take?  Please vote if you’d like.  If you want a good place to watch football this season come down to Baby Blues in WEHO for Sundays.  Check them out on Facebook HERE  for more info.

Thanks for voting!


Special Note: I also want everyone to know that my sports interests are completely separate from Nut Bucket Films.



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Thanks Jess!


Lyrics from an Ice Cube album that was just playing in my car.  IT WAS A GOOD DAY.  Damn right it was! So many great things happening that I would like to share with all of you readers.

My brother Evan, Tyrus Wilson our Costumer, and I just got off the set of Moneyball.  It is a movie Sony is doing starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill about the 2002/3 Oakland A’s (notice my A’s hat).  A friend of mine is doing costumes and let us come and look at some wardrobe for our film CLOSING DOORS.  We are ever so grateful to this friend, Jessica, for the wardrobe but ALSO for showing us around the set.  Brad and Jonah happened to be doing a scene today that we got to check out.  I actually got to put on the headphones and listen in while standing in “video village”.  Oh, and to top it off, Clooney decided to show up and say “hi” to Brad.  Clooney and Brad in the same day, pretty cool!  Then we sat down and ate some BBQ with the crew.  Like I already don’t eat enough BBQ.  That was the afternoon portion of the day.

This morning I got to make some calls and announce our cast for the film Closing Doors.  I want to publicly congratulate Dave Rodriguez and Brendan Coughlin as the two leads in our film.  Dave is an award winning director  and filmmaker (Push, Anytown) and I am ever so excited to have him on board as an actor. Brendan (Days of Our Lives, Bear) is a heck of an actor and they both compliment each other perfectly.  I also want to say thank you to everyone else who came out to audition for the movie yesterday!

Now, I am home, watching my Detroit Tigers and planning for the weekend.  What is in store for Thursday night?  I think I am going to keep storyboarding for the film and maybe head out to see a band later.  Freeing of the mind allows for flowing of creative juices.

If you want to be a part of the film Closing Doors click HERE to learn more.  Follow us on facebook too!

Thanks for today,


Chicks dig Fantasy Sports? VOTE!

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More f&*^king fantasy? OMG


My brother had a fantasy football draft last night and asked me to help him out.  He surely is not as experienced as I am.  This might be his second year while I have been fantasizing for six or more.  I tend to stick with football and baseball but have also done hoops.  I quit hoops last year because the NBA is pretty weak and the Pistons have been garbage so my interest has been lacking.  It is really hard to watch the NBA when the team you follow is crap.  NBA ranks low on my sports list behind baseball, football, college football and basketball, and hockey.  

But back to my brother’s draft.  I honestly just sat next to him watching “True Blood” and was unconsciously able to tell him who to draft in a matter of seconds.  Of course I think my picks are genius.  For example, this season’s baseball league has been somewhat easy for me.  I have held down 1st place for  many weeks now and we will be in the playoffs in two.  I am doing everything but guaranteeing a victory.  I always finish in the top three in all my leagues.  

This all comes from experience and time staring at a computer for the last six years.  Time that could have been spent with a woman or reading or going outside or almost anything more productive than something “fantasy”.  We all have fantasies and love to live “in” them but sometimes I wonder how much “fantasy”sports is too much?

I find myself watching every baseball game and actually enjoying them because I have players on every team.  I mean, I truly just enjoy baseball but this takes it to another level.  Same goes for football.  I am a Tigers and Lions fan and stay faithful to them.  I watch every game.  I draft in fantasy land so I don’t have conflicts of interest.  I stay out of drafting in the AL Central and the NFC North unless the players are on my teams.  Crappy thing about that is when your team loses, so does your fantasy team.  Kind of like a double whammy!  Freaking sucks.  But overall, I think my interest in sports has been taken to another level because of Fantasy.  My knowledge definitely has.

I want to know your thoughts on all this.  Here is a poll today.

Talking Fantasy Sports.


Muchas Gracias!!

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thanks so much!

I want to take a second to thank the first round of donators to the film Closing Doors!

Cindy Baer, Theresa Z., Delores K., Tom “the man”, Jessica Danley, and Julie D.!!  You all rock and have given us a great start!  We are shooting in less than two weeks so if you want to donate click here.  And remember we are sponsored by a non-profit by the name of “Patron of the Arts” so all your donations are tax-deductible.  

Julie and Jess got their names in the credits!!  Thanks a ton you guys!

Here is some more info about the perks for donating and info about the project and filmmakers…CLOSING DOORS

More to come and some BIG news about casting this week or any day.

All for today,


Dude tries to Body Slam a COP

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Nut Bucket Films and the boys were hanging at a little pub called the “Tilted Kilt” in Denver happened to witness a little altercation between and officer of the law and a wasted dude…who wins?

We won!  

We are working on a project now called “Closing Doors” set to shoot in early September…click HERE for more info.

have fun with the video,


Want to be a part of the NBF film, “Closing Doors”???

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Lije, blood, sweat, and tears…TBD

Hey everyone,

I want to give a special invite for anyone and everyone who might be interested in making this Nut Bucket Film, Closing Doors, come to life.  We are full force into production and we have just cast our lead actors.  We are very excited to have Dave Rodriguez and Brendan Coughlin on board!  They are going to make a heck of a film.  In order to finish the shoot and submit to festivals we need to raise some funds.  Please, if you can, take some time to read more and help us out!!

The great news is, we have been accepted and approved by the “Sponsor a Filmmaker” program from the non-profit company PATRON OF THE ARTS (POTA).  This is a program designed to help filmmakers fund their projects.  It is similar to sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter but the beautiful thing with POTA is that it is a non-profit organization so EVERY DONATION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  YOU CAN WRITE THE DONATION OFF!!!  Click POTA to read more about the program.

So here is how you can donate.  The simplest way is to click HERE and you can use PayPal.

We are offering a ton of awesome perks for Donating:

Click $10You will be mentioned on all of our social media sites as a contributor.

Click $25Signed DVD given out two weeks before release date.  First fifty people get their name on “official” t-shirt and movie poster.  And all of lower donation perks.

Click $50Name in film credits.  And all of lower donation perks.

Click $100Receive a mention in the first Closing Doors Press Release.  And all of lower donation perks.

Click $500Associate Producer Credit.  And all of lower donation perks.

Click $1000 Invitation to the set and can have your “look” at the first “cut” (throw in your two cents)

– First fifty people to donate $25 or more get their Name or Company on the artwork for the film, which includes the “official” Closing Doors t-shirt and movie poster.

Official DONATION WIDGET is coming HERE soon.

Make sure you enter the specific amount you would like.  The widget keeps track of contributors and we will constantly be updating our site as well with the list.

We are on the process of putting the widget on this site but bare with us and just click the links for now!  Any problems please email us with any questions at


Closing Doors is short film written by Bill Wanek and is being produced and directed by Lije Sarki.  It is a quick lesson in life, growing up, and opening one’s eyes to new beginnings.

Lije and Bill have a long relationship stemming from acting together.  They have continued to collaborate on a lot of unfinished writing projects including several other short films, TV and Web Pilots, and commercials.  This is the first project they have worked on together since Bill’s move to Chicago two years ago.

The idea for this project is to develop Lije’s production company, Nut Bucket Films (NBF), and continue creating a brand of great films and productions while building an unstoppable and passionate team around them.  Nut Bucket Films has a brief history of successes including a feature film called Alphonso Bow that was just released on DVD and VOD through Amazon and Indiefix, the short film Get She Water, which is now in pre-production as a full-length feature that Lije will direct in 2011, and the feature For Whom He Tolls where NBF teamed up with the FU MAN KRU producers. For Whom He Tolls is now stepping into the festival circuit for release later this year. NBF will also produce another short film in 2010 that is to be determined by the team producing Closing Doors.  The goal is to indefinitely maintain the same team behind Closing Doors for future projects.  NBF will continue to create and produce quality and unique projects where the team can feel accomplishment from them and continue to build their credibility as creators in all aspects of film.

NBF not only wants to create amazing projects but also ensure the masses will have the ability to view them.  We plan to distribute each project in the most strategic way possible creating a  viral following.  These platforms will be film festivals, online networks, indie movie cults, and just awareness as a whole, a BRAND that we all can be proud of.

Team Nut Bucket

The Nut Bucket team is headed by Lije Sarki.  Lije has an MBA from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Marketing that has been followed by a very thorough six years in the entertainment industry here in Los Angeles.  Lije moved from San Diego up to Los Angeles in 2004 to pursue his acting and modeling passion that stemmed from a couple “easy” jobs down in San Diego.  Over the past six years he has acted in all forms of entertainment including film, TV, theatre, and many commercials.  He has appeared in campaigns like Dodge and ASICS, starred in the indie features’ Stabbin’ Kabin and For Whom He Tolls, and landed roles on TV in Greek and a MOW starring the “late” Dennis Hopper called The Last Ride.  In 2007 he partnered with his father, M Sarki, in creating the recently distributed feature film Alphonso Bow and the short film Get She Water which is now in production as a feature. Lije’s experience in business and world travels has given him the know-how, a clear vision, and expectations to obtain success for NBF.  He has slammed the Caiparinas in Rio De Janeiro and “ran” through the streets of Berlin and now continues his passion for the growth of his company and baby, Nut Bucket Films.

William Wanek, writer of Closing Doors, was born and raised in rural Illinois, where he spent most days gallivanting barefoot wearing his “country shirt” (shirtless). After a four and a half-year stint at Western Illinois University, he moved out west to study acting, where Bill studied under Jeff Goldblum at Playhouse West.  He lived in LA for 6 years; where he performed as an actor, improviser, stand-up comic, and prolific David Hasselhoff activist.  He discovered a passion for writing commercials and moved to Chicago in 2008 to attend graduate school for advertising.  He now works as a copywriter at Young and Rubicam Chicago, and was recently voted one of America’s Top 100 New Creatives by CMYK magazine.  He currently resides in Chicago with his beautiful fiancé and they’re blessed enough to have a newborn baby girl, Lily Rose.

It took Evan Sarki eight years to finish his Bachelor of Fine Arts at New York University, but his time off from school was not in vain.  He spent the four years between semesters assisting fashion photographers: Bruce Weber, Ben Watts, and Eli Schmidt.  He interned at both Interview Magazine and Milk Studios.  He designed and helped build a successful and popular bar in Manhattan’s NOLITA district.  While doing all of this he continued to produce his own shoots and own artwork showing in a handful of galleries throughout New York.  Born in Michigan and raised in Kentucky, Evan is using his education in photography as a base to dedicated his life to traveling and living throughout the world.  Now located in Venice, California, Evan is ready to continue his travels by being an active member in his brother Lije’s production company, NBF.

Christine Kolenik is a graduate of Lehigh University.  She has extensive acting training with such teachers as Larry Silverberg who is one of Meisner’s protégé’s, Jeffery Stocker, Ruth Nerken, and Brian Reise. In New York she was in a variety of theatre productions such as Pizza Man and Single and Proud.  Christine taught acting classes and produced plays in New York at Star Map Acting Studio.  In the past eight years she has acted and starred in various productions like the Indie suspense film 69, multiple short films, and on TV in Rescue Me, and Hope and Faith.  Christine is a published author of the children’s acting book, Finally….Monologues that Work (Ages -18).  She has extensive public relations and marketing experience working at the companies, Nightingale and Partners, Inc. and Stratus Media Group, Inc.  She is thrilled to be a part of the highly coveted team of Nut Bucket Films!

A native of Orlando, Stephanie Rae moved to Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Florida with a B.A. in Theater to continue a career in Film & TV.  Some of her acting credits include, Descansos starring Gary Busey and Charles Durning, Locusts starring Lucy Lawless, and Nip/Tuck.  Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles she began training at Groundlings where her true passion in comedy began to take shape.  Stephanie started the sketch comedy group Just Friends and has performed in theaters all over Los Angeles including the Los Angeles Comedy Festival.  Stephanie was approached three years ago asking for help writing a short film for The Young Actors Camp. As a result she has sold three short films, one of which, Slinging Mud was nominated for Best Comedic Scene at the AOF International Film Festival in 2008. She also helped produced, write, and performed in Stuntacular, a live Halloween Stunt Show helping to raise over $35,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.  Stephanie has functioned as associate producer, script supervisor, production assistant, and director on numerous shorts, commercials, and independent films.  She is excited to bring her wide range of experience to Nut Bucket Films and Closing Doors.

David Navarro decided not to waste his money on film school but instead purchased a five-ton truck and $40,000 of grip, lighting, and electric equipment thus creating his own curriculum.  He is a working CLT, proud member of IATSE Local 728 – Hollywood Set Lighting Technicians and Cinematographer.  For the past ten years he has been the independent owner and operator of Dream Lighting, a successful provider of grip, lighting and electric equipment in the greater Los Angeles area.  In that time, he has built a resume of well over 400 music videos, commercials, pilots and feature films, having lit such notables as Anthony Hopkins, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Ileana Douglas, Jason Biggs, Justine Bateman, Robert Patrick, Jane Lynch and Lauren Holly.  He has also lit musical artists such as Miley Cyrus, Adele, Leona Lewis, and Dave Navarro.  His current projects in national release and “on-air” are Black Waters of Echoes Pond, Sports Science on ESPN, Fact or Faked [Paranormal Investigators] on Sci-Fi and coming in August, Fact Checkers Unit (FCU) a web series for NBC. Within all, David continues to strive to bring his extraordinary vision to the entertainment industry.

Trevor Hirsch grew up in Palmdale, California.  He attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he majored in Film and Media Studies.  While in school, he interned with the Montecito Picture Company (Up in the Air, I Love You Man, Old School).  Since graduating in 2009, Trevor has worked as a Production Assistant on film and television shows, and worked extensively with the President and Vice President of Seminal Films following their relocation to Los Angeles, prior to joining Nut Bucket Films as Lije’s right-hand-man absorbing everything he can as an integral part of the film Alphonso Bow and all projects to come.

NBF’s team as set forth above will strategically approach any and all people interested in funding this project and making “Art”.


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cat nap...workin hard for NBF

We have a great crew moving forward with Closing Doors and if you want to check them out click HERE or go to the TEAM page on the blog…

The page for Closing Doors will be up and running tomorrow!

yours truly,


a scary incident!! and a BIG THANK YOU!

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I have now had a couple of days to recover from the intensity of my birthday and man o man I ate a lot.  Kidding, Just a silly iphone app.  I don’t even have an iphone.  My best pal Kasey from the band Miss Willie Brown took it.  We have coffee every now and again and take pictures because we are both so busy we don’t get to hang much these days.  Check out her band if you get a chance.  They are an alternative country style band and just signed with a pretty great record label.  She is in Nashville a lot these days doing what new bands do.  Here is a LINK.  Two hot women and hot music.

I want to give an “official” THANK YOU FOR ALL THE KIND BIRTHDAY WISHES IN THE LAST FEW DAYS.  It has meant a lot.  Even though it is about 200 Facebook birthday wishes it still counts and makes ONE feel ever so special.

I got so excited from it all that I was riding my scooter in West Hollywood on Friday and I went to take a left off of Fountain onto a side-street and had a little accident.  I had a iced coffee (I told you all I was an addict for it) stuffed between my feet since I don’t have a cup holder on my scooter.  Well, I hit the front brake too hard in mid-turn and lost control and skidded and my coffee went flying.  Traffic was pretty bad so I kept going to get out of the intersection.  BUT, I stopped to see that my coffee still intact in the middle of Fountain Ave.  Cars were whizzing past it but not hitting it.  I was like, “WTF!! I have to go get it!!!!!!”, so I kicked up the kick-stand and ran into traffic to grab the coffee.  SUCCESS!  I threw my hand up into the air like William Wallace in BRAVEHEART.  The best part about it was all the honking and cheers I got from people in traffic that saw it all go down.  Someone had my back that day!  And that kind of sums up my whole birthday!  I feel great and happy and proud to be where I am in my life.  

Things are moving forward with the film CLOSING DOORS so look for the info page to come out tomorrow.  ALPHONSO BOW is available to buy and rent!  FOR WHOM HE TOLLS is screening at RICE University in Texas.

OH and keep your eye out this week for a video I captured in Denver of a dude trying to BODY slam a cop.

Much LOVE y’all,


birthday blog

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life taking a toll

Today is officially the birthday. I feel great. I feel younger and stronger and more powerful. Like those dudes in the hair transplant commercials.

All joking aside, I am blessed to have so many great friends and family and I thank you all. I have literally gotten over a hundred birthday wishes from all over the place. It is a beautiful thing. Looking forward to bowling tonight and a little food and drink at The Penthouse prior…maybe a little bday shopping before to check out that new mall/courtyard/place at the SM Promenade. I am going shopping for some shorter shorts. That’s all I want today. the shortest pair of shorts possible. And some more coffee. Iced coffee. I f*%#in’ love iced coffee. I am addicted. See you all tonight!

Casting on “Closing Doors” begins Tuesday so go “Team Nut Bucket“.

Thanks for being so awesome. Thanks “Rules of Engagement” for the line I stole at the beginning of this blog. Thanks JR Studios for the class I got it from.

Jesus died when he was my age. Hope that means something good for me.


I love you Lindsey Lohan…and Justin Bieber

the last day of this year

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on to the next one


It is coincidental that tomorrow I grow another year older and I will be CLOSING the DOOR on the last. CLOSING DOORS is the name of the project we are working on, scheduled to shoot at the end of the month. 

The last few days have been swamped juggling a class, rehearsals, auditions, slinging BBQ, Dodger game, and volleyball in Hermosa Beach with the peeps.  I know, life is tough, but man I was exhausted.  For some reason I woke up this morning after about six hours of sleep and feeling freakin’ awesome!  I wrapped up our proposal application to raise funds for our film.  Yay!  If all goes as planned we will be approved by this weekend.  if anyone knows of any great government grants to apply for, PLEASE pass the info along.

I really want to say, again, how happy I am that I am surrounded by such and awesome team to make this film come to life.  I will be putting up everyone’s bios and a bunch of info up by this weekend with more ways to  follow the film and even donate to the project if you like.  We will be giving away different perks of the project as rewards for donating based on $$ amounts!

Big plans tomorrow for the Birthday.  Going do some bowling.  That’s it.  Keep it simple.  I really don’t want to make a big deal out of it and just want a casual and enjoyable time.  Plus, I don’t have a bunch of time for silly nonsense these days.

cheers, to last year…