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Fresh Start

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new day, new blog, new strategy


Nut Bucket Films (NBF) and Lije (me) are starting fresh.  We are coming back full circle.  This is the beginning of the branding of NBF.  Sifting through options of blog sites I landed with wordpress so let’s hope it works out for all of us!

This is where you can keep up with NBF projects, independent film, Lije’s scooter rides for coffee in the morning where he accidentally runs over a homeless person, travels, comedy, drama, relationships, LOVE, lack of LOVE, and so on…oh, and baseball!

For now, check out the film we have been working on for the last couple of years.  ALPHONSO BOW has just been released on Amazon VOD and is available on Indieflix VOD as well as DVD purchase at  Check out the NEWS section for a bunch of great reviews of the film.  We are very proud of it so I hope you dig it.

On another note, my brother just moved here from NYC and I continue to feel the need to make sure he is feeling welcomed and entertained.  He is living in the old office we turned into a bedroom which turns out that it is not that small!  YAY Evan!

That’s it for today!

Much Love to the new Journey!! 


OH and I should share that I have a HUGE crush on Lindsey Lohan!

  1. I hope to hear more about lindsay. I like the simplicity after the huge circle. Glad you fresh

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