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the last day of this year

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on to the next one


It is coincidental that tomorrow I grow another year older and I will be CLOSING the DOOR on the last. CLOSING DOORS is the name of the project we are working on, scheduled to shoot at the end of the month. 

The last few days have been swamped juggling a class, rehearsals, auditions, slinging BBQ, Dodger game, and volleyball in Hermosa Beach with the peeps.  I know, life is tough, but man I was exhausted.  For some reason I woke up this morning after about six hours of sleep and feeling freakin’ awesome!  I wrapped up our proposal application to raise funds for our film.  Yay!  If all goes as planned we will be approved by this weekend.  if anyone knows of any great government grants to apply for, PLEASE pass the info along.

I really want to say, again, how happy I am that I am surrounded by such and awesome team to make this film come to life.  I will be putting up everyone’s bios and a bunch of info up by this weekend with more ways to  follow the film and even donate to the project if you like.  We will be giving away different perks of the project as rewards for donating based on $$ amounts!

Big plans tomorrow for the Birthday.  Going do some bowling.  That’s it.  Keep it simple.  I really don’t want to make a big deal out of it and just want a casual and enjoyable time.  Plus, I don’t have a bunch of time for silly nonsense these days.

cheers, to last year…


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