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In Uncategorized on August 12, 2010 at 3:32 pm


life taking a toll

Today is officially the birthday. I feel great. I feel younger and stronger and more powerful. Like those dudes in the hair transplant commercials.

All joking aside, I am blessed to have so many great friends and family and I thank you all. I have literally gotten over a hundred birthday wishes from all over the place. It is a beautiful thing. Looking forward to bowling tonight and a little food and drink at The Penthouse prior…maybe a little bday shopping before to check out that new mall/courtyard/place at the SM Promenade. I am going shopping for some shorter shorts. That’s all I want today. the shortest pair of shorts possible. And some more coffee. Iced coffee. I f*%#in’ love iced coffee. I am addicted. See you all tonight!

Casting on “Closing Doors” begins Tuesday so go “Team Nut Bucket“.

Thanks for being so awesome. Thanks “Rules of Engagement” for the line I stole at the beginning of this blog. Thanks JR Studios for the class I got it from.

Jesus died when he was my age. Hope that means something good for me.


I love you Lindsey Lohan…and Justin Bieber

  1. Really with the short shorts? How do I put a stop to that? How about a new sweatshirt instead?
    Have a great birthday…see you on the flip.

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