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a scary incident!! and a BIG THANK YOU!

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I have now had a couple of days to recover from the intensity of my birthday and man o man I ate a lot.  Kidding, Just a silly iphone app.  I don’t even have an iphone.  My best pal Kasey from the band Miss Willie Brown took it.  We have coffee every now and again and take pictures because we are both so busy we don’t get to hang much these days.  Check out her band if you get a chance.  They are an alternative country style band and just signed with a pretty great record label.  She is in Nashville a lot these days doing what new bands do.  Here is a LINK.  Two hot women and hot music.

I want to give an “official” THANK YOU FOR ALL THE KIND BIRTHDAY WISHES IN THE LAST FEW DAYS.  It has meant a lot.  Even though it is about 200 Facebook birthday wishes it still counts and makes ONE feel ever so special.

I got so excited from it all that I was riding my scooter in West Hollywood on Friday and I went to take a left off of Fountain onto a side-street and had a little accident.  I had a iced coffee (I told you all I was an addict for it) stuffed between my feet since I don’t have a cup holder on my scooter.  Well, I hit the front brake too hard in mid-turn and lost control and skidded and my coffee went flying.  Traffic was pretty bad so I kept going to get out of the intersection.  BUT, I stopped to see that my coffee still intact in the middle of Fountain Ave.  Cars were whizzing past it but not hitting it.  I was like, “WTF!! I have to go get it!!!!!!”, so I kicked up the kick-stand and ran into traffic to grab the coffee.  SUCCESS!  I threw my hand up into the air like William Wallace in BRAVEHEART.  The best part about it was all the honking and cheers I got from people in traffic that saw it all go down.  Someone had my back that day!  And that kind of sums up my whole birthday!  I feel great and happy and proud to be where I am in my life.  

Things are moving forward with the film CLOSING DOORS so look for the info page to come out tomorrow.  ALPHONSO BOW is available to buy and rent!  FOR WHOM HE TOLLS is screening at RICE University in Texas.

OH and keep your eye out this week for a video I captured in Denver of a dude trying to BODY slam a cop.

Much LOVE y’all,


  1. Awesome! I’m so glad that you saved the java and YOURSELF… love the blog!

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