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Chicks dig Fantasy Sports? VOTE!

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More f&*^king fantasy? OMG


My brother had a fantasy football draft last night and asked me to help him out.  He surely is not as experienced as I am.  This might be his second year while I have been fantasizing for six or more.  I tend to stick with football and baseball but have also done hoops.  I quit hoops last year because the NBA is pretty weak and the Pistons have been garbage so my interest has been lacking.  It is really hard to watch the NBA when the team you follow is crap.  NBA ranks low on my sports list behind baseball, football, college football and basketball, and hockey.  

But back to my brother’s draft.  I honestly just sat next to him watching “True Blood” and was unconsciously able to tell him who to draft in a matter of seconds.  Of course I think my picks are genius.  For example, this season’s baseball league has been somewhat easy for me.  I have held down 1st place for  many weeks now and we will be in the playoffs in two.  I am doing everything but guaranteeing a victory.  I always finish in the top three in all my leagues.  

This all comes from experience and time staring at a computer for the last six years.  Time that could have been spent with a woman or reading or going outside or almost anything more productive than something “fantasy”.  We all have fantasies and love to live “in” them but sometimes I wonder how much “fantasy”sports is too much?

I find myself watching every baseball game and actually enjoying them because I have players on every team.  I mean, I truly just enjoy baseball but this takes it to another level.  Same goes for football.  I am a Tigers and Lions fan and stay faithful to them.  I watch every game.  I draft in fantasy land so I don’t have conflicts of interest.  I stay out of drafting in the AL Central and the NFC North unless the players are on my teams.  Crappy thing about that is when your team loses, so does your fantasy team.  Kind of like a double whammy!  Freaking sucks.  But overall, I think my interest in sports has been taken to another level because of Fantasy.  My knowledge definitely has.

I want to know your thoughts on all this.  Here is a poll today.

Talking Fantasy Sports.



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