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Detroit Lions, 9-7?

In Uncategorized on August 28, 2010 at 10:14 am

I am pretty excited about the BIG game today.  Cleveland is about to step into Ford Field and get crushed by Detroit’s starters!  

OK, most people really don’t care about this game.  But I know there are a few people who do (Dan, Drew, Jay, Evan, ME, Pakala, and many more TBD)…so if you are one of them, come down and watch the game today at Baby Blues BBQ in West Hollywood, CA.  If you are not in L.A. then watch it on the NFL Network at 5pm Eastern.  If you don’t want to watch then just vote below and make me feel better, or worse, about my stupid bet.

I want to take a little poll.  I am surrounded by a bunch of NY Giants fans, unfortunately.  And I like to gamble, so I bet a few of them that the Lions will have more wins than the Giants this season.  I actually bet based on how many more wins.  So if the Lions go 10-6 and Giants go 8-8, I win 2 x $$ amount (I am going to keep that to myself for legal reasons).  But of course if the Giants win more than the Lions I lose more. What is your take?  Please vote if you’d like.  If you want a good place to watch football this season come down to Baby Blues in WEHO for Sundays.  Check them out on Facebook HERE  for more info.

Thanks for voting!


Special Note: I also want everyone to know that my sports interests are completely separate from Nut Bucket Films.


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