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Eminem, Bush, and half of Outkast…at 112 degrees

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Epicenter 2010.  That’s what they called it.  I guess because it was in the epicenter of California.  It was the same distance in every direction to any place that really mattered.  So people came from everywhere like San Diego and uh, Los Angeles.  I was expecting a mini-Coachella.  Or I guess that is what I had hopes of.  They had other things in mind.

My friend Kelsey and I set out on our journey around noon Saturday the 25th of September, 2010.  I asked her to go see Eminem with me about two weeks back.  People heard about his huge shows in Detroit and NYC and maybe influenced the draw to see him perform live.  I was supposed to be in Detroit for the show but had to sell my tickets last-minute to shoot our film Closing Doors.  Turns out we had to push the shoot anyway.  Oh well.  This was my “make-up”.  Eminem at Epicenter 2010.

We started to leave Venice and right away I got pulled over for not yielding to a baby stroller at a cross-walk.  I told the cop I didn’t even see a stroller.  That was the point I guess.  He told me I was the last of three cars that didn’t yield, so I got to get pulled over.  Lucky me.  He let me go!  Good start to the day.  We drove the hour drive rocking out to some old school hip hop and “like a G6” on 93.5 while pursuing some new “Facebook” crush Kelsey dragged me into.  Well she didn’t drag me.  I was championing it.  It was pretty funny actually.  I have been single for quite sometime now and the lack of female companionship may be taking a toll on my mental state.  Anyways, we had fun being 12 years-old.

On the drive out it just kept getting hotter.  We had the windows down at first and I kept hitting the exterior temp button to watch the degrees climb.  We were like “OMG”.  It just kept going.  90, 95, 105, 108…by the time we pulled in it was (see photo).  We had to put the windows up and crank the AC.


We made it!  It was hot.  The parking lot was pretty empty.  The crowd was interesting to say the least.  A little trashy.  We were in the desert.  KROQ put on the show so we thought it had to be somewhat good.  Time will tell.

We went to go into the racetrack at Fontana and turns out it is in the parking lot outside of the racetrack.  Damn.  I was so fired up to be inside of a real racetrack.  Never been.  First we had to give our tickets that I bought off Craigslist to the attendant.  He scanned them and they said we were already inside.  WTF!  How could we already be inside.  We just got there.  I was F^&$%ing pissed!  We got scammed by some USC student.  Well that is what he told me he was.  I was almost late for a meeting when I met that kid.  Bastard.  We went to customer service and the sweet lady gave us real tickets only if we promised to kill our friend that sold us the fakes.  We promised.  Mark, you are dead when I find you.  Anyways, we got in!  We were happy.  And we were hot as f&^k.

little quiet at first

The show was a little empty but we got there in time to see Big Boi from Outkast.  The show started and then stopped because the turntables were too hot and melting the records I guess.  It was hot.  I said that already.  Big Boi was dope!  We were like, “This is going to be fun, only five more hours of this heat surrounded by concrete until Eminem goes on…”

We killed some time eating little balls of ice cream and standing in front of misters.  We laid in a twenty-foot area of grass we found.  I swear I don’t know how we made it through those few hours.  I blacked out for at least an hour-and-a-half just from the heat.

blacked out

new friend

The sun started to go down and we headed over to the stage to see Bush.  Bush?  Really?  I haven’t even heard them in years.  On our walk over some dude told Kelsey she looked like Megan Fox.  Her day was made.  Except she was bummed that the guy wasn’t cuter.  Oh well.  She did NOT think the same about Bush’s singer, Gavin Rossdale.  He was attractive.  Even I thought so.  And he is very good live.  They actually put on a great show.  Kelsey said she is going to put them on the iPod.  I think I heard them say they have a new album coming out on Christmas.  Get ready…

Oh Gavin, we love you!

awesome...almost Eminem time

It finally got crowded there.  I guess everyone else was smart and waited until the sun went down to head to the show.  Not us.  We went and saw a quick glimpse of House of Pain just before the Eminem show was going to start.  They were good too!  This little concert series turned out all right.  The place was packed.  We weasel’d our way close to the front of the stage and waited for Eminem to go on.  It was a long wait.  We would cherish the breeze as it came every few minutes.  We were sweating alongside our new friends Kayla, Mike, and J-wow.  Kayla was having an anxiety attack.  That reminded me of the two kids you dropped during the Bush show.  One started to do the robot.  I thought it was odd because it was Bush and people don’t do the robot during Bush.  He was actually convulsing.  Kelsey had to go get paramedics twice during Bush.  The second guy that passed out was out for at least a whole minute.  Then he stood up and said he was fine, and just need a “nap”.  He dropped for a second time.  Crazy!

Eminem came out and everyone went wild!!!!!!!!  It was nuts!  He had D12 with him.  He played all the new stuff and the old stuff.  He dedicated a lot to Proof, the member that had passed.

to Proof...

I loved the old stuff the most and I think the crowd did too.  Kelsey is a new fan!  I wish I had more pictures and videos of it but the speakers were so loud it blew out my phone and the lights were so bright it screwed up my pics.


Anyways, you have got to see him if he comes back to L.A.  I heard he is going to be here soon.  My buddy Dylan texted me last night and said he was coming.  So keep your ears and eyes out.  I will leave a little video at the end of this and you can watch it if you like.  Quality of sound will suck but who cares, just mute it.  You will get the point.  Eminem finished with an encore performance of “Lose Yourself”.  I like to think it is my theme song and I am sure a lot of others do too.  It is what I play when I need to get pumped up or inspired.

Mike and Kayla...our new friends

That’s it!  We were on our way out and someone was yelling my name.  I was like, “There is no way I know someone way the hell out here.”  It was Matty Matt.  Matty is a house music dude but happened to be out here with his business partner for a band that was to play on Day 2 of the festival.  He was going to cab it to downtown Fontana which would ould have taken him a year.  We gave him a ride but not without a price to pay.  I hope your finger feels better after Kelsey rolled it up in the back window.  THAT WAS FUNNY.  Matty, good luck on Day 2 when the real heat wave sets in.  I heard it was 139 degrees that Sunday.  Maybe a rumor but we actually set a record in L.A. the following Monday at 113 degrees, so it doesn’t surprise me.

Overall status of trip = “F%$king Awesome!”

Eminem, I love you.  I want to you to be in my next movie, Get She Water, and I will be in touch.



pig races at the fair? seriously…

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who won here?

I would like to say that if you have never been to a fair and live in Southern California, get your ass to Pomona and go to the LA County Fair.  It is amazing.

This fair is classy.  I grew up in Michigan and remember the fairs I used to go to.  They were grimy, dirty, and full of farmers and fat people.  The only farmer at this one was the one from Idaho who was hosting the pig races, which were one of my favorite parts of the day.  Except my pig sucked and I lost the bet.

Let me give you a quick rundown of what we did in four hours.

I picked my pals Dan and Jacq up in West Hollywood and cruised the short forty-five minute drive to Pomona.  No traffic.  If there was traffic it would have been a nightmare, so plan accordingly.

We got to the fair a little after 1pm and headed straight to the horse races.  YES!  They had a friggin’ racetrack you can gamble at just like Hollywood Park and Santa Anita.  Not as nice, but still awesome.  So we bet on the first two races.  I got lucky and hit a Trifecta in the second race and won a whopping $13.60 on a $2 bet.  Still a winner, so it felt good.

Next we wasted some money/tickets on a some carnival games.  Crazy thing is that there were not actual tickets.  It was a card that they scanned.  All the booths had scanners like at Target!  No money transactions.  Oh the technology.  At a fair?  Seriously?  The first round of carny games yielded no prizes.  We would head to the pig races and return later.  But not without stopping at a giant slide!


A couple little side bets at the pig races made Jacq a winner.  And we all got blisters from the two-mile walk to get to them.  I wore boots thinking it would be dirty and muddy like the fairs I was used to.  Oh and it was hot for the first time in two months in L.A.  We were all a sweaty mess.  The pig races are fixed.  Those pigs definitely finish in the same order every time.  But it is for the kids.  Do it for the kids.  Lots of singing and dancing.  We needed to move on.

Scar is in the lead...

On the walk back to the games I needed a giant Turkey leg to eat.  I spotted one earlier they looked phenomenal.  The BBQ sauce was amazing as well.  It took me about twenty minutes to eat the thing and at about mid-turkey leg, Dan was shooting baskets trying to win Jacq a giant pug.  He couldn’t do finish job so he asked me to take a shot.  I put the leg down, wiped my hands, and took two shots.  I made the second.  See the above photo.  What a production!  Dan financed, I was talent, and we marketed to Jacquelyn.  I went back to eating my Turkey leg moments later.  A Nut Bucket production…


We wrapped up the day with a few photos of more funny stuff and I ate a caramel apple.  Get to the fair!  I am seriously planning on going back next week.  Could have spent all day there.

real farmers

Now here is something to think about.  We went during the day on a Thursday.  Normal people were there.  Not a ton of kids.  And not super busy.  I wonder what the nighttime is like?  We missed “Boyz to Men” performing at night.  Real bummer.  “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday”.

I love the fair,


tutti frutti…

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moderation is key

moderation is key

This is crazy. I have an addiction to frozen yogurt. You know that new fad that has hit every corner in Los Angeles?? Yogurtland, The Yogurt Stop, Tutti Fruiti! They are freakin’ everywhere.

One day my friend Mimi brought me some “Froyo” when I was working. That’s what the cool kids call it. It was a nice surprise. Tasted good. Close to ice cream. I use to hate Froyo. They have reinvented the shit. Endless toppings like cookie dough and captain crunch. Flavors for miles like cheesecake and red velvet (turns your mouth red).

Best part about the whole thing is that you get to do it yourself. Yup. They are all self-serve! Just load it up and weigh it and pay for it. Soon there won’t be a person taking your money. Just a credit card check-out like the parking structure I parked in last night. No more humans.

Back to the addiction. Six months ago I was going twice a week. Come July 15th I was going every day. I was leaving bars and nights out with friends just to get to the yogurt stop before it closed at 11PM. I would say I was tired or had stuff to do and end up on my couch eating sixteen ounces of yogurt. Probably eight ounces of yogurt and eight ounces of toppings.

Well July 15th I took forty days off. My life was much harder. It took the first two weeks to get out of my system. I would forget about it until someone around me would bring it up. That was the hardest part. Just being around it drove me crazy!

It is now September and I am back at it again. My friend Suzanne said to take it in moderation. Reward yourself. So once a week I reward myself. Last Wednesday I ate it three times in one day. Overkill I know but I only get one day a week. Wednesdays are the happiest days of my life. Guess what today is? Wednesday.

Do you love Froyo?


One on One with E. Michael Sarki

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someday somewhere

Today I followed Evan out on his photo shoot.  He was shooting Chloe from Next Models.  He has a real “run and gun” type of approach.  He knows what he wants and moves with confidence and swagger.  He’s got a nice sense of humor, even though he would never admit that.  “No smiling!”  He says that a lot.  He is fresh to Los Angeles and spent the past eight years in NYC where he attended NYU and got a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography.  He let me sit down with him after the shoot to ask him a few questions.  So, Here they are…

NBF:  What’s your favorite part of L.A. since you made the move?

E. Michael Sarki:  Without a doubt, waking up next to ocean is pretty amazing.  If I didn’t brew my own iced coffee I would walk to Groundworks everyday and say “what’s up?!” to the locals.

NBF:  What do you miss most about New York?

E. Michael Sarki:  Everything.  Except the weather.  But seriously, being able to get around and access any location whenever I want.  You have to do a lot more planning here in L.A.

NBF:  Where do you see yourself this time next year?

E. Michael Sarki:  What do you mean?  Career?  Location?

NBF:  Both.

E. Michael Sarki:  Well, I see myself booking jobs whether they are  editorial or commercial.  I don’t know where that will take me, but I plan on living anywhere and everywhere.

NBF:  So you aren’t picky?

E. Michael Sarki:  Well I don’t want to live in fucking Iowa.

NBF:  What’s wrong with Iowa?

E. Michael Sarki:  I have never been to Iowa.  I am sure it is a lovely place.  I may have actually played soccer there once but I doubt it.

NBF:  If you could have coffee with anyone you wanted, who would it be and what would you ask them?  One question.

E. Michael Sarki:  Probably Jack White.  And I would ask him if he would mind if I followed him around for a year.  He fascinates me.  He is a very recognizable entertainment figure but stays under the radar and does his own thing.  I respect that.  And he certainly has a look.

NBF:  Assuming you like women, who is your female of choice?  Who is your #1?

E. Michael Sarki:  Is that up for debate?  Penelope Cruz.  I love her.  She just does it for me.  She is maniacal.

NBF:  Give me three words that describe your personality.

E. Michael Sarki:  What is this?  Thoughtful.  Passionate.  Skeptical.

NBF:  I say hangry.  It is a mix of when you are hungry and angry.  I have seen it often.  It is not pretty.

NBF:  Why do you want to Photograph?

E. Michael Sarki:  I like the idea of being able to look back on my life and have it all documented.  It isn’t me in the photograph but I like to think I created that moment.  Everything about that  photograph is me.  I want all of my photos to make you go “Oh, that is E. Michael Sarki.”  I want them to have a clear vision.

NBF:  What is your favorite photograph?

E. Michael Sarki: The Kiss.  I love the symbolism behind it.  I love the randomness.  Those two people had never met prior to that and will never meet again after.  I don’t know if that’s true but I’d like to think it is.  It is one of the most iconic photos in our country’s history.  Makes me think of my Grandmother and Grandfather.

the kiss by Alfred Eisenstaedt/LIFE

NBF:  What did you eat for breakfast?

E. Michael Sarki:  I had two breakfasts. Grapefruit and oatmeal.  Then I had a shoot.  Then I had fried eggs with toast and sausage.

NBF: What’s your favorite day of the year?

E. Michael Sarki:  Not my birthday.  Used to be Christmas.  But being older and no family (kids and wife) kind of changes things.  But I used to look forward to it.  It is still my favorite but I kind of get sad on Christmas.  Last Christmas  I woke up in NYC alone and spent the entire day by myself and it was amazing.

NBF: Shoes or flip-flops?

E. Michael Sarki:  Shoes.  Flip-flops are disgusting.

NBF:  Dress up or Dress down?

E. Michael Sarki:  Always dress up.

NBF:  Do you groom?

E. Michael Sarki:  Yes, of course.  It is 2010 Lije.

NBF:  Do you think a female should groom?

E. Michael Sarki:  If she wants to be with me.

NBF:  If you could shoot anyone tomorrow, who would it be?

E. Michael Sarki:  A portrait of my Grandfather.

Thanks Evan!  Check out his work at

Thanks for reading,

Lije and NBF

The days to come…interviews and softball

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take me now


It has been an intense week.  Chucky almost killed me.  My phone imploded.  All kinds of fantasy sports going on at once.  We signed a deal with a sales agent for Alphonso Bow.  I sold that “drunk guy body slams a cop” YouTube video.  Watch it today because I have to pull it from YouTube.  Or make it private.  So if you are too late, just message me and I will give you the private link.  Record everything you can.  I used my Flip recorder out in Denver and caught this idiot.  Lot’s of good stuff.  

It is funny how life works.  Last week was one of those times when you are just plowing forward and plowing forward but all that is happening is mounds of productive shit with no REAL results.  You know they are going to come but “nothing” keeps happening.

Well, this week was full of results.  SO, keep plowing.  I will say the most important was my fantasy baseball playoffs.  I lost in the first round.  Lame.  But I still won!  A whole $25!!  BUT, fantasy football began.  I won!  My team is stellar. And we have a record of 1-0.  Fantasy sports are great.

I have an important message to those who keep all their stuff on their phone.  Back that shit up!!  I lost everything from July 10th up to yesterday.  Except my pictures.  That is why Chucky got the “nod” today.  He was my screen saver when I loaded my phone back up after AT&T had to re-program it.  

Softball begins tonight.  I am enthusiastic about this season.  We lost in the first round of the playoffs in the summer season.  The fall season has no playoffs.  It is all about the record so every win counts.  We have a great team but I will save the bragging for next week when I blog about the whole team!  I will be researching tonight and snapping photos while I crush line drives and steal bases.  All about confidence, people.

The best news is that Alphonso Bow now has a sales agent!!  And the agent has a vision for the film.  It is amazing to have a the person pushing the success of the project with some passion about the project.  We are now approaching the film as “A contemporary re-imagining of Becket’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ by poet M Sarki”.  That’s our pitch!  I like it.  So if you want to buy it you still can and I suggest you do.  Go HERE!

I am going to leave you with a little announcement.  I am going to be doing an interview series once a week that will start tomorrow, if all goes well.  I am not sure what I am going to call it yet but look for it!  First one is going to be my brother Evan, the photographer.  Should be interesting.  Be careful because I might come knocking.

That’s all for today my friends,




Damn it feels good to be a gangsta…

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in the dugout


 This is like my last moment alone before I go out for the big game. Except it is not. Well, kind of. 2010 seems like it is winding towards the end.  Football season is here.  Baseball season is coming down to the final stretch before October.  I am trying to plan some end-of-the-year vacations to see some family and friends.  It is cloudy out.  Maybe that gloominess is influencing me.  But I honestly feel like I “look” in that photo.   Just straight reminiscent.  I took that photo last night at Dodger stadium.  I am actually in the Dodger’s dugout.  Was super freakin’ cool.  Thanks Jessica!  I was visiting the set of Moneyball again and watching the players/actors field baseballs.  I would post pictures of that but I don’t want to piss anyone off.

Deep thoughts.  This will be like my 3/4 year check in.  We are scheduled to shoot Closing Doors starting on Oct. 1st.  It has been postponed twice so far.  Both were for very good reasons but they will be the last delays.  I am going to say “thanks” to everyone for hanging on to the feeling and passion for an extra month!  It will pay off.  For more info on the film and how to be a part of it click HERE.  We are still raising money and would love your help.

I am teaming up with another pal of mine, Lauren Zeimski, to produce this Pilot that another pal of mine, Ryan Philander, wrote.  This one is not so small.  It is  a sixteen person (substantial players) cast and about twenty-six locations.  Pretty exciting actually.  It is a really fun script but is going to be a challenge to put together.  That should wind me through the end of 2010.

Then I have the day-to-day.  Doing my best to be social.  Got to get out there and meet people, ya know?  Stopped at my old friend Ame’s Birthday last night and ran into at least ten people I haven’t seen in forever.  It is important to keep those connections.  And all I had to do was suck it up and hang for an hour.  Funny, I sent out an update email for Nut Bucket Films the other day and reconnected with a buddy, Andrew, that I used to work with at Miyagi’s.  We had a great little “catch-up” and maybe we will do a project together soon.  He made me realize how much the bar and restaurant industry has had an impact on the amount of people I know in this town.  I am grateful for that.  I really have a network of connections that I would never have without it.  I recommend it for anyone new to L.A.  Get a job at a bar.  Just don’t get sucked up in the party aspect.  I did for years and all it did was delay talent.  

I booked a commercial for Wells Fargo yesterday.  That is nice for the acting career that I also try to jam into my already congested life of the Entertainment industry.  I had “acting” class on Friday and man-o-man it is a beautiful group of people.  That John Rosenfeld Studios really knows how to put a group together.  They can act too!  It is great for me because it is a nice pool of actors when good projects come up!  John is a heck of a teacher and coach.  I steal a lot from him and use it in my own stuff.  I give him credit, of course.

And let’s not forget about Baby Blues BBQ!  I still hang out there on the weekends.  Some would call it work but not me.  It’s honestly a lot of fun.  I can say most people who go there are my friends.  A lot of them I actually have worked with outside of the restaurant and are a substantial part of my life.  Some of my best friends have come out of there.  I am grateful to Baby Blues BBQ and Rick and Danny for that.

I am gonna leave you all today on that.  I  think it is a good finish.  Let’s go Detroit Lions.  I have a poll if anyone wants to vote with me.  Click HERE

Until the next one,


Where were you nine years ago?

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I was driving back from the Dogtown Crossfit gym this morning and had the radio tuned to Carson Daly‘s morning show on 97.1 AMP radio.  I just started listening to it when I’m in the car in the morning.  I have always liked Carson.  I got to meet him a couple times back when I was bartending at Air Conditioned Supper Club.  He is good pals with one of the owners and would come in and hang when we had big “name” music shows or a great “up and coming” band.

Anyways, they were talking about 9/11.  They were talking about what it was like that day.  He was in NYC at the time and talked about his experience.  I was really drawn in.  It seems like it has been a while since I was that drawn in.  

It is always a touchy subject for me because I am never sure what to say or think.  I always feel like I am going to be judged for saying the wrong thing.  Or the inappropriate thing.  I never want to offend anyone because I wasn’t in NYC when it happened and I don’t know what it “was really like”.  BUT, I am an American and I was in America when it happened.  I can only speak from my experience that day.  The truth.  The reality of it.

I woke up as I normally would on September 11th, 2001 in San Diego in my apartment on the corner of Noyes and Emerald.  I lived in the beach town of Pacific Beach, two years removed from Michigan.  I was attending Graduate school at SDSU.  Anyways, something felt weird that morning.  It was super quiet when I got up.  I got up pretty early.  Remember, I was three hours behind the east coast.  I guess it was really early.  I turned on the TV to catch up on sports, I think, and there was footage of the first tower in flames.  I was in shock.  Thinking to myself, this isn’t real, this cannot be real.  Am I still asleep?  It was so strange because all I remember was sitting there staring at the TV.  I didn’t run to a phone or yell for my roommates (who were not even home).  I just stared.  While I stared another plane hit the other tower.  In that twenty minutes or so I remember the shock starting to fade away enough to let the realism set in.  

Then I was like, “Holy shit!  I need to call my mom and dad and sisters and brothers.  Who do I know in NYC?  WTF!  OMG!”.  Panic started to set in.  I got on the phone and started to call people.  My phone also started to ring.  I remember talking in disbelief for hours and hours to all sorts of family and friends.  I remember just trying to gather my thoughts and make sense of the whole thing.

School was cancelled.  I can’t remember if I was working at the time but if I was I didn’t go.  Later that day, I remember just wanted to be together with anyone and everyone that I cared about.  All the friends, because family was so far away, got together.  I am assuming we got really drunk because I don’t remember the evening.  I do know that in that very moment of that day, you really start to think about what you really care about and who you want to be around to make it better.

I don’t have a long drawn out dramatic story but I DO know where I was on that day nine years ago.  I know what I felt.  I was scared.  I was nervous and lonely.  I was grateful.  I was patriotic.  I was a little hateful.  I was woken up, my mind was.  Life had set in and so did reality.

I thought I would share what it was like for me on that day.  I want to say thank you to all the men and women in uniform who gave their lives that day. I also want to say my thoughts are with all those killed in the attack.

Please share your story on the blog if you like.  It can be short and to the point.  Two sentences.  Just write a comment.

Thanks for reading today,


You two are a “mom and pop”, Lije is a Corporation…

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look at the bday smile!


One of the more awesome quotes from my brother’s friend who was in town visiting this weekend.  She (Michelle) had a couple more nice ones which I will share in a minute.

This has been and interesting a rather fun weekend.  We were scheduled to shoot our film, Closing Doors, this weekend but our lead actor, Brendan, booked a Spielberg movie that was shooting in Mississippi.  He is there now. Yeehaw for Brendan!  So, that left me with a free weekend.

We started with some “Venice Beach” hanging.  It was “First Fridays” on Abbot Kinney.  It has become a bit trendy but still fun. All the shops stay open and have parties with booze and music.  There are little loft parties and food trucks everywhere.  The food trucks have taken over. It is almost too much to handle.  Definitely too much food to choose from.  We visited some friends at Plantation and ended our night at The Other Room.  We ran into our friends Shawn and Destin en route.  D was playing his guitar and I don’t thing he even saw me til I posted my pic the next day.  Brian crashed on the couch, again.  He his narcoleptic and messy as hell.

I had to wake up at 6AM on Saturday for a fantasy football draft that I dominated in.  That will be a nice prize in January.  All about drafting a QB first.  That is free advice, take it.

Then I watched some baseball, went SUP (stand-up paddleboarding), and cruised the coast on my beach cruiser.  Awesome day!  Needed a nap because we had to meet up with some friends for Evan’s birthday.

Brian and Lije at T-Shirt party

Evan‘s birthday day night started out with a venture to a “t-shirt party”.  It was pretty cool.  Somehow Brian got away with a fifteen drink tab that equaled $5.  This was the party that Evan’s friend wanted us to go to.  Turns out we had a mutual friend, Greg, from Alternative.  L.A. is a small world.  Too small.

Long story shorter, we busted out to the Roosevelt pool bar, Tropicana, where my friend Sarah was working.  Now, this girl Michelle who was visiting from NYC who is responsible for the spectacular quote to open this blog, was in my car while Evan and Brian are giving me shit about anything and everything the whole drive.  She backed me up.  Said they were ” just a conversation and I was a press conference”.  I have another one but it is a little edgy so don’t read if it is going to offend you.  The best one was later when she said, “I would f&#$ you if you were drunk!”  I was sober so I had to ponder that for a while.  Funny thing is, all that would come to my head was don’t flatter yourself, “I MIGHT THINK about f#$@ing you if I WAS DRUNK.”  Pretty funny I thought.



AND BTW, my brother Evan, had no right to talk any trash with the “HEY MON” Jamaican thrift shop shirt he was wearing on Friday.  Was funny as hell though.

The last and best part of the night was when we headed to Voyeur.  It is a pretty dope club that has naked girls wearing masks, S & M, and dancing in glass cages all at the same time.  And the crowd is nice to look at.  Oh, and the music was great too!  I would post some pictures but I was scared to take some since the girls were naked.  Last thing I wanted to do was get kicked out for being a pervert in the club.  Evan was pumped!  He said this place was better than any club in NYC.  Finally, I don’t have to listen to how the nightlife here sucks.  He said he wanted to go Voyeur every night.

All right kids.  I will leave you with that.  It has been an eventful weekend so far.  Today we are off to Beverly Hills to hang at some pool party my pal Brian is dragging me to.  Should be good for a story or two though.

much love and be careful, there are crazies out there,


Holy Rattlesnakes!!

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Rattler! Look the center!


Talk about a DAY!

I got up this morning (a good start) and went on a mission to find my sunglasses.  I decided to ride my scooter instead of my car into Hollywood last night for class.  It was sunny and warm and it beats waiting in traffic.  I get to zip between cars waiting for red lights and idiots on the road.  Back to the sunglasses.  When I ride my scooter I wear sunglasses but I have to bring a pair of clear glasses for the ride home at night.  If I wore sunglasses at night like Jay Z and The “Situation” then I wouldn’t be able to see the road. So, long story short, I somehow left the sunglasses (nice Oakley FrogSkins) on the scooter or they fell out of my pocket or something while I was making the exchange to “night vision”.  So this morning I went all the way back to West Hollywood to look for them.  I got back to class where I happened to see Dr. Nicki (she was a guest at class last night), who told me she thought about me this morning and said, “less is more.”  That made me very happy that she though about me the day after. Must have made an impression.  Good or bad. After I couldn’t find my sunglasses I validated the cost of them by saying to myself I got a free session from the Doc.  I was even.  No biggie.

After that I headed to the Dogtown gym to get my XFIT on!  They gave me a little crap about not raising money for the “Fight Gone Bad” cancer fundraiser and then I proceeded to get a little sensitive and defensive because I plan on raising some money.  Anyways, I gave them $6 and worked out.  Was an awesome workout.  I suggest checking the place out if you are wanting to get in shape.  COOL ASS PEOPLE!!

Next, I came home and my brother and I decided to go to Temescal Canyon for a hike.  Mid summer and gloomy at the beach.  We knew it would be sunny at a higher altitude so we headed up.  About a mile in we pass a couple of people who decided to tell us they saw a Rattlesnake up ahead.  I have been there 100 times and have never seen a snake.  I have also been told about twenty times that there is a snake ahead.  So we proceeded without caution.  We get to the bridge, halfway mark up, and then take this corner while another couple passes us and says, “Whoa there’s a snake!”  I turned and screamed a little and Evan (brother) squealed and almost ran and fell backwards.  After recovery, we got past the snake and I snapped a photo.  I got as close as I could get without feeling like I was in danger.  Not that close.  Take a look at the photo.  We then carried on.  I had to run uphill to catch Evan because he lost his Adam’s Apple and somehow had a skirt on.  He was terrified.  Was sort of amusing.

view from above...


All was good and I was in front until another rattler crosses the path about TEN feet in front of me.  That’s it, we had enough.  F&^K THIS!  I mean these things were both huge.  They had four or five-inch Rattlers on their tails.  As for the rest of the hike and the way down the mountain, it was fast and very not memorable. All I saw was Evan’s back. Evan says he is never going back to Temescal.  I told him to take off his skirt.  

Anyways, that is the day, so far…they say things happen in 3’s.  Well I am very glad the 3rd snake did not come out to say “hi” today.  Maybe we just ran by it and didn’t notice it.  I hope it is not in my couch.  

On behalf of Evan and I, thanks for reading,