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Holy Rattlesnakes!!

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Rattler! Look the center!


Talk about a DAY!

I got up this morning (a good start) and went on a mission to find my sunglasses.  I decided to ride my scooter instead of my car into Hollywood last night for class.  It was sunny and warm and it beats waiting in traffic.  I get to zip between cars waiting for red lights and idiots on the road.  Back to the sunglasses.  When I ride my scooter I wear sunglasses but I have to bring a pair of clear glasses for the ride home at night.  If I wore sunglasses at night like Jay Z and The “Situation” then I wouldn’t be able to see the road. So, long story short, I somehow left the sunglasses (nice Oakley FrogSkins) on the scooter or they fell out of my pocket or something while I was making the exchange to “night vision”.  So this morning I went all the way back to West Hollywood to look for them.  I got back to class where I happened to see Dr. Nicki (she was a guest at class last night), who told me she thought about me this morning and said, “less is more.”  That made me very happy that she though about me the day after. Must have made an impression.  Good or bad. After I couldn’t find my sunglasses I validated the cost of them by saying to myself I got a free session from the Doc.  I was even.  No biggie.

After that I headed to the Dogtown gym to get my XFIT on!  They gave me a little crap about not raising money for the “Fight Gone Bad” cancer fundraiser and then I proceeded to get a little sensitive and defensive because I plan on raising some money.  Anyways, I gave them $6 and worked out.  Was an awesome workout.  I suggest checking the place out if you are wanting to get in shape.  COOL ASS PEOPLE!!

Next, I came home and my brother and I decided to go to Temescal Canyon for a hike.  Mid summer and gloomy at the beach.  We knew it would be sunny at a higher altitude so we headed up.  About a mile in we pass a couple of people who decided to tell us they saw a Rattlesnake up ahead.  I have been there 100 times and have never seen a snake.  I have also been told about twenty times that there is a snake ahead.  So we proceeded without caution.  We get to the bridge, halfway mark up, and then take this corner while another couple passes us and says, “Whoa there’s a snake!”  I turned and screamed a little and Evan (brother) squealed and almost ran and fell backwards.  After recovery, we got past the snake and I snapped a photo.  I got as close as I could get without feeling like I was in danger.  Not that close.  Take a look at the photo.  We then carried on.  I had to run uphill to catch Evan because he lost his Adam’s Apple and somehow had a skirt on.  He was terrified.  Was sort of amusing.

view from above...


All was good and I was in front until another rattler crosses the path about TEN feet in front of me.  That’s it, we had enough.  F&^K THIS!  I mean these things were both huge.  They had four or five-inch Rattlers on their tails.  As for the rest of the hike and the way down the mountain, it was fast and very not memorable. All I saw was Evan’s back. Evan says he is never going back to Temescal.  I told him to take off his skirt.  

Anyways, that is the day, so far…they say things happen in 3’s.  Well I am very glad the 3rd snake did not come out to say “hi” today.  Maybe we just ran by it and didn’t notice it.  I hope it is not in my couch.  

On behalf of Evan and I, thanks for reading,


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