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look at the bday smile!


One of the more awesome quotes from my brother’s friend who was in town visiting this weekend.  She (Michelle) had a couple more nice ones which I will share in a minute.

This has been and interesting a rather fun weekend.  We were scheduled to shoot our film, Closing Doors, this weekend but our lead actor, Brendan, booked a Spielberg movie that was shooting in Mississippi.  He is there now. Yeehaw for Brendan!  So, that left me with a free weekend.

We started with some “Venice Beach” hanging.  It was “First Fridays” on Abbot Kinney.  It has become a bit trendy but still fun. All the shops stay open and have parties with booze and music.  There are little loft parties and food trucks everywhere.  The food trucks have taken over. It is almost too much to handle.  Definitely too much food to choose from.  We visited some friends at Plantation and ended our night at The Other Room.  We ran into our friends Shawn and Destin en route.  D was playing his guitar and I don’t thing he even saw me til I posted my pic the next day.  Brian crashed on the couch, again.  He his narcoleptic and messy as hell.

I had to wake up at 6AM on Saturday for a fantasy football draft that I dominated in.  That will be a nice prize in January.  All about drafting a QB first.  That is free advice, take it.

Then I watched some baseball, went SUP (stand-up paddleboarding), and cruised the coast on my beach cruiser.  Awesome day!  Needed a nap because we had to meet up with some friends for Evan’s birthday.

Brian and Lije at T-Shirt party

Evan‘s birthday day night started out with a venture to a “t-shirt party”.  It was pretty cool.  Somehow Brian got away with a fifteen drink tab that equaled $5.  This was the party that Evan’s friend wanted us to go to.  Turns out we had a mutual friend, Greg, from Alternative.  L.A. is a small world.  Too small.

Long story shorter, we busted out to the Roosevelt pool bar, Tropicana, where my friend Sarah was working.  Now, this girl Michelle who was visiting from NYC who is responsible for the spectacular quote to open this blog, was in my car while Evan and Brian are giving me shit about anything and everything the whole drive.  She backed me up.  Said they were ” just a conversation and I was a press conference”.  I have another one but it is a little edgy so don’t read if it is going to offend you.  The best one was later when she said, “I would f&#$ you if you were drunk!”  I was sober so I had to ponder that for a while.  Funny thing is, all that would come to my head was don’t flatter yourself, “I MIGHT THINK about f#$@ing you if I WAS DRUNK.”  Pretty funny I thought.



AND BTW, my brother Evan, had no right to talk any trash with the “HEY MON” Jamaican thrift shop shirt he was wearing on Friday.  Was funny as hell though.

The last and best part of the night was when we headed to Voyeur.  It is a pretty dope club that has naked girls wearing masks, S & M, and dancing in glass cages all at the same time.  And the crowd is nice to look at.  Oh, and the music was great too!  I would post some pictures but I was scared to take some since the girls were naked.  Last thing I wanted to do was get kicked out for being a pervert in the club.  Evan was pumped!  He said this place was better than any club in NYC.  Finally, I don’t have to listen to how the nightlife here sucks.  He said he wanted to go Voyeur every night.

All right kids.  I will leave you with that.  It has been an eventful weekend so far.  Today we are off to Beverly Hills to hang at some pool party my pal Brian is dragging me to.  Should be good for a story or two though.

much love and be careful, there are crazies out there,



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