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Where were you nine years ago?

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I was driving back from the Dogtown Crossfit gym this morning and had the radio tuned to Carson Daly‘s morning show on 97.1 AMP radio.  I just started listening to it when I’m in the car in the morning.  I have always liked Carson.  I got to meet him a couple times back when I was bartending at Air Conditioned Supper Club.  He is good pals with one of the owners and would come in and hang when we had big “name” music shows or a great “up and coming” band.

Anyways, they were talking about 9/11.  They were talking about what it was like that day.  He was in NYC at the time and talked about his experience.  I was really drawn in.  It seems like it has been a while since I was that drawn in.  

It is always a touchy subject for me because I am never sure what to say or think.  I always feel like I am going to be judged for saying the wrong thing.  Or the inappropriate thing.  I never want to offend anyone because I wasn’t in NYC when it happened and I don’t know what it “was really like”.  BUT, I am an American and I was in America when it happened.  I can only speak from my experience that day.  The truth.  The reality of it.

I woke up as I normally would on September 11th, 2001 in San Diego in my apartment on the corner of Noyes and Emerald.  I lived in the beach town of Pacific Beach, two years removed from Michigan.  I was attending Graduate school at SDSU.  Anyways, something felt weird that morning.  It was super quiet when I got up.  I got up pretty early.  Remember, I was three hours behind the east coast.  I guess it was really early.  I turned on the TV to catch up on sports, I think, and there was footage of the first tower in flames.  I was in shock.  Thinking to myself, this isn’t real, this cannot be real.  Am I still asleep?  It was so strange because all I remember was sitting there staring at the TV.  I didn’t run to a phone or yell for my roommates (who were not even home).  I just stared.  While I stared another plane hit the other tower.  In that twenty minutes or so I remember the shock starting to fade away enough to let the realism set in.  

Then I was like, “Holy shit!  I need to call my mom and dad and sisters and brothers.  Who do I know in NYC?  WTF!  OMG!”.  Panic started to set in.  I got on the phone and started to call people.  My phone also started to ring.  I remember talking in disbelief for hours and hours to all sorts of family and friends.  I remember just trying to gather my thoughts and make sense of the whole thing.

School was cancelled.  I can’t remember if I was working at the time but if I was I didn’t go.  Later that day, I remember just wanted to be together with anyone and everyone that I cared about.  All the friends, because family was so far away, got together.  I am assuming we got really drunk because I don’t remember the evening.  I do know that in that very moment of that day, you really start to think about what you really care about and who you want to be around to make it better.

I don’t have a long drawn out dramatic story but I DO know where I was on that day nine years ago.  I know what I felt.  I was scared.  I was nervous and lonely.  I was grateful.  I was patriotic.  I was a little hateful.  I was woken up, my mind was.  Life had set in and so did reality.

I thought I would share what it was like for me on that day.  I want to say thank you to all the men and women in uniform who gave their lives that day. I also want to say my thoughts are with all those killed in the attack.

Please share your story on the blog if you like.  It can be short and to the point.  Two sentences.  Just write a comment.

Thanks for reading today,


  1. Well said. This is one of my heros of 9/11 – it’s a fascinating read. Great New Yorker Magazine article about him in Jan 2002.'Neill

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