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Damn it feels good to be a gangsta…

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in the dugout


 This is like my last moment alone before I go out for the big game. Except it is not. Well, kind of. 2010 seems like it is winding towards the end.  Football season is here.  Baseball season is coming down to the final stretch before October.  I am trying to plan some end-of-the-year vacations to see some family and friends.  It is cloudy out.  Maybe that gloominess is influencing me.  But I honestly feel like I “look” in that photo.   Just straight reminiscent.  I took that photo last night at Dodger stadium.  I am actually in the Dodger’s dugout.  Was super freakin’ cool.  Thanks Jessica!  I was visiting the set of Moneyball again and watching the players/actors field baseballs.  I would post pictures of that but I don’t want to piss anyone off.

Deep thoughts.  This will be like my 3/4 year check in.  We are scheduled to shoot Closing Doors starting on Oct. 1st.  It has been postponed twice so far.  Both were for very good reasons but they will be the last delays.  I am going to say “thanks” to everyone for hanging on to the feeling and passion for an extra month!  It will pay off.  For more info on the film and how to be a part of it click HERE.  We are still raising money and would love your help.

I am teaming up with another pal of mine, Lauren Zeimski, to produce this Pilot that another pal of mine, Ryan Philander, wrote.  This one is not so small.  It is  a sixteen person (substantial players) cast and about twenty-six locations.  Pretty exciting actually.  It is a really fun script but is going to be a challenge to put together.  That should wind me through the end of 2010.

Then I have the day-to-day.  Doing my best to be social.  Got to get out there and meet people, ya know?  Stopped at my old friend Ame’s Birthday last night and ran into at least ten people I haven’t seen in forever.  It is important to keep those connections.  And all I had to do was suck it up and hang for an hour.  Funny, I sent out an update email for Nut Bucket Films the other day and reconnected with a buddy, Andrew, that I used to work with at Miyagi’s.  We had a great little “catch-up” and maybe we will do a project together soon.  He made me realize how much the bar and restaurant industry has had an impact on the amount of people I know in this town.  I am grateful for that.  I really have a network of connections that I would never have without it.  I recommend it for anyone new to L.A.  Get a job at a bar.  Just don’t get sucked up in the party aspect.  I did for years and all it did was delay talent.  

I booked a commercial for Wells Fargo yesterday.  That is nice for the acting career that I also try to jam into my already congested life of the Entertainment industry.  I had “acting” class on Friday and man-o-man it is a beautiful group of people.  That John Rosenfeld Studios really knows how to put a group together.  They can act too!  It is great for me because it is a nice pool of actors when good projects come up!  John is a heck of a teacher and coach.  I steal a lot from him and use it in my own stuff.  I give him credit, of course.

And let’s not forget about Baby Blues BBQ!  I still hang out there on the weekends.  Some would call it work but not me.  It’s honestly a lot of fun.  I can say most people who go there are my friends.  A lot of them I actually have worked with outside of the restaurant and are a substantial part of my life.  Some of my best friends have come out of there.  I am grateful to Baby Blues BBQ and Rick and Danny for that.

I am gonna leave you all today on that.  I  think it is a good finish.  Let’s go Detroit Lions.  I have a poll if anyone wants to vote with me.  Click HERE

Until the next one,


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