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The days to come…interviews and softball

In Uncategorized on September 16, 2010 at 10:25 am

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It has been an intense week.  Chucky almost killed me.  My phone imploded.  All kinds of fantasy sports going on at once.  We signed a deal with a sales agent for Alphonso Bow.  I sold that “drunk guy body slams a cop” YouTube video.  Watch it today because I have to pull it from YouTube.  Or make it private.  So if you are too late, just message me and I will give you the private link.  Record everything you can.  I used my Flip recorder out in Denver and caught this idiot.  Lot’s of good stuff.  

It is funny how life works.  Last week was one of those times when you are just plowing forward and plowing forward but all that is happening is mounds of productive shit with no REAL results.  You know they are going to come but “nothing” keeps happening.

Well, this week was full of results.  SO, keep plowing.  I will say the most important was my fantasy baseball playoffs.  I lost in the first round.  Lame.  But I still won!  A whole $25!!  BUT, fantasy football began.  I won!  My team is stellar. And we have a record of 1-0.  Fantasy sports are great.

I have an important message to those who keep all their stuff on their phone.  Back that shit up!!  I lost everything from July 10th up to yesterday.  Except my pictures.  That is why Chucky got the “nod” today.  He was my screen saver when I loaded my phone back up after AT&T had to re-program it.  

Softball begins tonight.  I am enthusiastic about this season.  We lost in the first round of the playoffs in the summer season.  The fall season has no playoffs.  It is all about the record so every win counts.  We have a great team but I will save the bragging for next week when I blog about the whole team!  I will be researching tonight and snapping photos while I crush line drives and steal bases.  All about confidence, people.

The best news is that Alphonso Bow now has a sales agent!!  And the agent has a vision for the film.  It is amazing to have a the person pushing the success of the project with some passion about the project.  We are now approaching the film as “A contemporary re-imagining of Becket’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ by poet M Sarki”.  That’s our pitch!  I like it.  So if you want to buy it you still can and I suggest you do.  Go HERE!

I am going to leave you with a little announcement.  I am going to be doing an interview series once a week that will start tomorrow, if all goes well.  I am not sure what I am going to call it yet but look for it!  First one is going to be my brother Evan, the photographer.  Should be interesting.  Be careful because I might come knocking.

That’s all for today my friends,





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