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moderation is key

moderation is key

This is crazy. I have an addiction to frozen yogurt. You know that new fad that has hit every corner in Los Angeles?? Yogurtland, The Yogurt Stop, Tutti Fruiti! They are freakin’ everywhere.

One day my friend Mimi brought me some “Froyo” when I was working. That’s what the cool kids call it. It was a nice surprise. Tasted good. Close to ice cream. I use to hate Froyo. They have reinvented the shit. Endless toppings like cookie dough and captain crunch. Flavors for miles like cheesecake and red velvet (turns your mouth red).

Best part about the whole thing is that you get to do it yourself. Yup. They are all self-serve! Just load it up and weigh it and pay for it. Soon there won’t be a person taking your money. Just a credit card check-out like the parking structure I parked in last night. No more humans.

Back to the addiction. Six months ago I was going twice a week. Come July 15th I was going every day. I was leaving bars and nights out with friends just to get to the yogurt stop before it closed at 11PM. I would say I was tired or had stuff to do and end up on my couch eating sixteen ounces of yogurt. Probably eight ounces of yogurt and eight ounces of toppings.

Well July 15th I took forty days off. My life was much harder. It took the first two weeks to get out of my system. I would forget about it until someone around me would bring it up. That was the hardest part. Just being around it drove me crazy!

It is now September and I am back at it again. My friend Suzanne said to take it in moderation. Reward yourself. So once a week I reward myself. Last Wednesday I ate it three times in one day. Overkill I know but I only get one day a week. Wednesdays are the happiest days of my life. Guess what today is? Wednesday.

Do you love Froyo?


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