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pig races at the fair? seriously…

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who won here?

I would like to say that if you have never been to a fair and live in Southern California, get your ass to Pomona and go to the LA County Fair.  It is amazing.

This fair is classy.  I grew up in Michigan and remember the fairs I used to go to.  They were grimy, dirty, and full of farmers and fat people.  The only farmer at this one was the one from Idaho who was hosting the pig races, which were one of my favorite parts of the day.  Except my pig sucked and I lost the bet.

Let me give you a quick rundown of what we did in four hours.

I picked my pals Dan and Jacq up in West Hollywood and cruised the short forty-five minute drive to Pomona.  No traffic.  If there was traffic it would have been a nightmare, so plan accordingly.

We got to the fair a little after 1pm and headed straight to the horse races.  YES!  They had a friggin’ racetrack you can gamble at just like Hollywood Park and Santa Anita.  Not as nice, but still awesome.  So we bet on the first two races.  I got lucky and hit a Trifecta in the second race and won a whopping $13.60 on a $2 bet.  Still a winner, so it felt good.

Next we wasted some money/tickets on a some carnival games.  Crazy thing is that there were not actual tickets.  It was a card that they scanned.  All the booths had scanners like at Target!  No money transactions.  Oh the technology.  At a fair?  Seriously?  The first round of carny games yielded no prizes.  We would head to the pig races and return later.  But not without stopping at a giant slide!


A couple little side bets at the pig races made Jacq a winner.  And we all got blisters from the two-mile walk to get to them.  I wore boots thinking it would be dirty and muddy like the fairs I was used to.  Oh and it was hot for the first time in two months in L.A.  We were all a sweaty mess.  The pig races are fixed.  Those pigs definitely finish in the same order every time.  But it is for the kids.  Do it for the kids.  Lots of singing and dancing.  We needed to move on.

Scar is in the lead...

On the walk back to the games I needed a giant Turkey leg to eat.  I spotted one earlier they looked phenomenal.  The BBQ sauce was amazing as well.  It took me about twenty minutes to eat the thing and at about mid-turkey leg, Dan was shooting baskets trying to win Jacq a giant pug.  He couldn’t do finish job so he asked me to take a shot.  I put the leg down, wiped my hands, and took two shots.  I made the second.  See the above photo.  What a production!  Dan financed, I was talent, and we marketed to Jacquelyn.  I went back to eating my Turkey leg moments later.  A Nut Bucket production…


We wrapped up the day with a few photos of more funny stuff and I ate a caramel apple.  Get to the fair!  I am seriously planning on going back next week.  Could have spent all day there.

real farmers

Now here is something to think about.  We went during the day on a Thursday.  Normal people were there.  Not a ton of kids.  And not super busy.  I wonder what the nighttime is like?  We missed “Boyz to Men” performing at night.  Real bummer.  “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday”.

I love the fair,



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