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Eminem, Bush, and half of Outkast…at 112 degrees

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Epicenter 2010.  That’s what they called it.  I guess because it was in the epicenter of California.  It was the same distance in every direction to any place that really mattered.  So people came from everywhere like San Diego and uh, Los Angeles.  I was expecting a mini-Coachella.  Or I guess that is what I had hopes of.  They had other things in mind.

My friend Kelsey and I set out on our journey around noon Saturday the 25th of September, 2010.  I asked her to go see Eminem with me about two weeks back.  People heard about his huge shows in Detroit and NYC and maybe influenced the draw to see him perform live.  I was supposed to be in Detroit for the show but had to sell my tickets last-minute to shoot our film Closing Doors.  Turns out we had to push the shoot anyway.  Oh well.  This was my “make-up”.  Eminem at Epicenter 2010.

We started to leave Venice and right away I got pulled over for not yielding to a baby stroller at a cross-walk.  I told the cop I didn’t even see a stroller.  That was the point I guess.  He told me I was the last of three cars that didn’t yield, so I got to get pulled over.  Lucky me.  He let me go!  Good start to the day.  We drove the hour drive rocking out to some old school hip hop and “like a G6” on 93.5 while pursuing some new “Facebook” crush Kelsey dragged me into.  Well she didn’t drag me.  I was championing it.  It was pretty funny actually.  I have been single for quite sometime now and the lack of female companionship may be taking a toll on my mental state.  Anyways, we had fun being 12 years-old.

On the drive out it just kept getting hotter.  We had the windows down at first and I kept hitting the exterior temp button to watch the degrees climb.  We were like “OMG”.  It just kept going.  90, 95, 105, 108…by the time we pulled in it was (see photo).  We had to put the windows up and crank the AC.


We made it!  It was hot.  The parking lot was pretty empty.  The crowd was interesting to say the least.  A little trashy.  We were in the desert.  KROQ put on the show so we thought it had to be somewhat good.  Time will tell.

We went to go into the racetrack at Fontana and turns out it is in the parking lot outside of the racetrack.  Damn.  I was so fired up to be inside of a real racetrack.  Never been.  First we had to give our tickets that I bought off Craigslist to the attendant.  He scanned them and they said we were already inside.  WTF!  How could we already be inside.  We just got there.  I was F^&$%ing pissed!  We got scammed by some USC student.  Well that is what he told me he was.  I was almost late for a meeting when I met that kid.  Bastard.  We went to customer service and the sweet lady gave us real tickets only if we promised to kill our friend that sold us the fakes.  We promised.  Mark, you are dead when I find you.  Anyways, we got in!  We were happy.  And we were hot as f&^k.

little quiet at first

The show was a little empty but we got there in time to see Big Boi from Outkast.  The show started and then stopped because the turntables were too hot and melting the records I guess.  It was hot.  I said that already.  Big Boi was dope!  We were like, “This is going to be fun, only five more hours of this heat surrounded by concrete until Eminem goes on…”

We killed some time eating little balls of ice cream and standing in front of misters.  We laid in a twenty-foot area of grass we found.  I swear I don’t know how we made it through those few hours.  I blacked out for at least an hour-and-a-half just from the heat.

blacked out

new friend

The sun started to go down and we headed over to the stage to see Bush.  Bush?  Really?  I haven’t even heard them in years.  On our walk over some dude told Kelsey she looked like Megan Fox.  Her day was made.  Except she was bummed that the guy wasn’t cuter.  Oh well.  She did NOT think the same about Bush’s singer, Gavin Rossdale.  He was attractive.  Even I thought so.  And he is very good live.  They actually put on a great show.  Kelsey said she is going to put them on the iPod.  I think I heard them say they have a new album coming out on Christmas.  Get ready…

Oh Gavin, we love you!

awesome...almost Eminem time

It finally got crowded there.  I guess everyone else was smart and waited until the sun went down to head to the show.  Not us.  We went and saw a quick glimpse of House of Pain just before the Eminem show was going to start.  They were good too!  This little concert series turned out all right.  The place was packed.  We weasel’d our way close to the front of the stage and waited for Eminem to go on.  It was a long wait.  We would cherish the breeze as it came every few minutes.  We were sweating alongside our new friends Kayla, Mike, and J-wow.  Kayla was having an anxiety attack.  That reminded me of the two kids you dropped during the Bush show.  One started to do the robot.  I thought it was odd because it was Bush and people don’t do the robot during Bush.  He was actually convulsing.  Kelsey had to go get paramedics twice during Bush.  The second guy that passed out was out for at least a whole minute.  Then he stood up and said he was fine, and just need a “nap”.  He dropped for a second time.  Crazy!

Eminem came out and everyone went wild!!!!!!!!  It was nuts!  He had D12 with him.  He played all the new stuff and the old stuff.  He dedicated a lot to Proof, the member that had passed.

to Proof...

I loved the old stuff the most and I think the crowd did too.  Kelsey is a new fan!  I wish I had more pictures and videos of it but the speakers were so loud it blew out my phone and the lights were so bright it screwed up my pics.


Anyways, you have got to see him if he comes back to L.A.  I heard he is going to be here soon.  My buddy Dylan texted me last night and said he was coming.  So keep your ears and eyes out.  I will leave a little video at the end of this and you can watch it if you like.  Quality of sound will suck but who cares, just mute it.  You will get the point.  Eminem finished with an encore performance of “Lose Yourself”.  I like to think it is my theme song and I am sure a lot of others do too.  It is what I play when I need to get pumped up or inspired.

Mike and Kayla...our new friends

That’s it!  We were on our way out and someone was yelling my name.  I was like, “There is no way I know someone way the hell out here.”  It was Matty Matt.  Matty is a house music dude but happened to be out here with his business partner for a band that was to play on Day 2 of the festival.  He was going to cab it to downtown Fontana which would ould have taken him a year.  We gave him a ride but not without a price to pay.  I hope your finger feels better after Kelsey rolled it up in the back window.  THAT WAS FUNNY.  Matty, good luck on Day 2 when the real heat wave sets in.  I heard it was 139 degrees that Sunday.  Maybe a rumor but we actually set a record in L.A. the following Monday at 113 degrees, so it doesn’t surprise me.

Overall status of trip = “F%$king Awesome!”

Eminem, I love you.  I want to you to be in my next movie, Get She Water, and I will be in touch.



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