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the Queen Mary busted us up on Halloween

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woah...the entrance to the Queen Mary


A couple of days ago I was searching around for things to do on Halloween, exploring options like the Corn Maze at Pierce College and the Haunted Hayride (I did it last night).  I ran across one of my buddies talking about going to the Queen Mary.  I didn’t really have any interest in doing it so I asked him if he wanted to go to the Corn Maze.  I told him I heard the  maze had dudes with chainsaws that chase you around.  That was all I needed to hear.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  He got excited about it, but by the time communication was at full-force it was 9PM.  Freakin’ Facebook.  The Corn Maze ends at 10PM.  Fortunately, the Queen Mary was open til Midnight.  I hopped online and did some quick research and in minutes I was like, “Dude, Let’s Roll!”  Online it talks about twenty-foot flames and seven different mazes and 166 monsters and all the other shit that will get you fired up to get scared.

I had high expectations though.  The Queen Mary is supposed to be haunted already.  So Ryan snagged me around 9:30 and we cruised down to Long Beach.  We were convinced to going on a Wednesday was the thing to do since the lines on the weekends would be insane and it also might get a little ghetto down there.

We made it down therewith the quickness.  There was barely anyone there.  There were roped off spots for lines for miles but they were empty.  I couldn’t imagine waiting for this stuff.  It was set up like Disneyland.  We cruised up, paid our $35(steeeeeep) for a ticket and rolled passed through security.  But not before getting patted down for weapons and bombs.  It made me feel safer, sort of.


safety first


There are two ways to be scared in real life.

#1  The element of surprise.  Someone sneaks up on you and catches you when you are not looking or not expecting it.  That lasts for the time being.  The moment.  You get scared and then you move on.  Then you might get scared again and then you move on.  After a while it is hard to get scared in that sort of fashion.

Right when we got to the park we went in the first maze.  It was dark and there were monsters hired to scare you everywhere.


metal fingers

We kept jumping and getting a little freaked out.  The very first monster that came out friggin’ hit my hand and snapped my finger.  Either that or I hit myself with my own finger.  It still hurts today.  Oh, and the second monster kicked me in the shin.  That hurts too.  The first maze was dark so it was more scary than the others.  But it was only scary in the #1 sort of way.


#2  The type of, “Could this shit REALLY happen to me?” at another time in life.  Like a psycho stabbing his family or a worker at the theme park going nuts and actually killing a patron.  Your house being haunted like Paranormal Activity.  So, going though these mazes over and over and having these hired monsters stare you down and follow you super close, #2 thoughts start to go through my head.  Like what if these people go nuts and stab someone.  We got patted down by security, but who patted THEM down?


#2 kind of scary


We made it though every maze, seven total, in about an hour.  There were no lines and barely anyone there.  We lucked out because of no one there, it made it more scary since everyone we ran into was a monster.  Not really any normal folk.

The second maze was the most fun and scary.  It was called The Village.  I just remember it being full of cool stuff and really long and monsters that would fly by you on their knees skidding across the ground!  The mazes on the Queen Mary were cool too.  But not because they were scary.  I was bored by then.  But the ship was cool.  You cannot recreate that.  You could see deep and down into the ship’s underneath and out the little round windows into the ocean.  That was creepy, not the monsters.  It was like roaming around in the Titanic.

We were in one of the mazes in the Queen Mary and passed these two girl monsters and Ryan goes, “The blonde one is hot,” and I felt bad immediately and was like, “Dude, you can’t compliment one girl monster when the other is right next to her.  That’s f%^&ed up!  You are going to make the other monster feel bad.”

We were a bit jumpy the whole time even though we got kind of used to it.  After two mazes the rest were just different scenery.

Ryan kept jumping into this defense Karate stance every time he would get startled.  Pretty funny because even though he looked like an idiot and knew it, he kept defaulting to the Kung-Fu-arms-crossed and knees-bent stance.  Idiot.

We topped it off with some funnel cake and a strawberry lemonade.  I wanted to get a picture of the twenty-foot flames so I stood there trying to time my blackberry right for at least a couple of minutes.  Ryan was like, “Dude, just go to Burning Man.”  I said I had no interest in going to Burning Man.  I got the picture.


20-foot flames


I will leave you with a question.  How many monsters get punched in the face just off of people’s reactions to getting scared.  I want that statistic.  I know I almost punched a couple monsters.  But not on purpose.

Happy Halloween,


Nut Bucket Films is going to do a Horror Film next.


Waterfalls in Malibu…by The Finest

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the falls...


My fantasy sports name is “Malibu’s Finest”.  Mark Ribel helped come up with that ten years ago when I moved to California.  He said I talked like a Californian before I even moved there and used to always mock me saying things about Malibu and enunciating “a”‘s as “ah”‘s.  Ya know, surfer talk.  So all football and baseball fantasy teams get this, Malibu’s Finest.

Anyway, I took my brother, Evan, and his visitor friend, Lindsay, up to Malibu to try to find this waterfall I went to a while back.

It was pretty easy to remember so take quick notes.  Drive up the PCH until you get near the end of the Malibu coast.  After Pepperdine and Cher’s house but before Point Doom.  You are going to pass this restaurant called Goeffrey’s.  I guess it’s pretty nice and it’s right on the water.  It will be on your left.  Just after it there is a little parking lot on the right at.  Just park and walk up that road through the neighborhood to the end (about a half mile up) and follow the trail in.  You will find your way if you just keep taking the turns on the trail that follow the dried up river.  We found some keys along the trail on the way in.  Note:  Don’t leave your keys as bread crumbs to find your way back.  Thing is, we forgot to tell the five different people we saw that there were keys hanging from a bush at the beginning.  Oh well, hope they made it out all right.  Hope  it wasn’t a sign of a struggle.  That’s a little freaky.

Eventually the river will lead you to the first little pond of sulfur-smelling goodness.  There used to be a little bit of water flowing here but it has since dried up.  You can wash your hands here.


sulfur pond


This is where it gets fun.  Now we get to do some rock climbing.  I led the way with Lindsay second and Evan following.  It is tricky but reminded me of the old days in Kentucky climbing the sides of the riverbeds that were cut out from the layered rock.  Cool stuff.  And very pretty.


Evan and Lindsay at the first up and up...


Of course Evan had a walking stick.  So stupid.  Like he needs a walking stick.  So glad the frigging thing broke on his way back down.  All it did was slow him down.  The view from the valley we walked though to get to the rocks was awesome.


the valley in...


OK, so now we are on the second leg up the mountain.  It is pretty easy to figure out which way to go.  Mostly because there is only one way TO go.  Follow the water up either on the right or left.  You will figure it out.  There are some ropes to assist you where need be.  Just make sure they don’t break.  And make sure the trees don’t rip out of the ground either.  Oh, and don’t let the boulders fall on your head from the person climbing ahead of you.  This happened on the way down with me and Lindsay.  Poor Evan had to stay below afraid of being pummeled by boulders.  True story.  He said he was going to yell “Fire!” if there was a boulder falling.  I was like, why don’t you say “Rock!”?  He said fire was proven to be most effective.  Hopefully the person that lost the keys wasn’t yelling “Fire!”


rope assisting the climb...really? a stick?



the top...boulder city...just past the peak of the waterfall


You will know when you get to the end because you will see this.  So pretty and so much better in real life.  The only thing wrong with it today was the topless photo shoot that was going on with the Lane Bryant model.  We all caught a little glimpse but not on purpose, of course.  She was kind of hot.  Not gonna lie.


under the falls...



the the waterfall


So there you have it folks.  Just pack plenty of apples and bananas, take your time, don’t lose your keys, watch out for horse shit, beware of other people, boulders, your own crew, and plan for a couple of hours out of your day.  Oh, and if one of your male crew members doesn’t grow a vagina you might be able to climb all the way to the top together.

I left a note on two different cars when we got back.  I think it was the shooting crew’s keys.  They were from Indiana.  Go figure.

Next is Maui…


Two-on-One with Dave Rodriguez and Brendan Coughlin…stars of CLOSING DOORS

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A quick catch-up for all you readers that don’t know.  We shot a little film last week called Closing Doors.  It is a film about growing up, becoming a man, and shutting the door on the old ways.  We were ever-so-grateful to get such a great cast which included our stars, Brendan Coughlin and Dave Rodriguez.  I switched their order here and in the title of the blog so no one can complain about who is “first-billed.”  They were both as equally valuable, and have now become great friends to me (Lije) and most of the rest of the crew.  I had gotten to know Dave pretty well over the last year.  We just had never worked together before.  Brendan, I met about a week before we started casting.  We have some mutual friends.  He came in and read for the role and knocked it out of the park.  Both introductions are due to the location of Baby Blues BBQ.  That place is the mecca for all business happenings.  Deals are signed and dreams come true there everyday.

I went up to Dave’s pad in the hills and sat down with Brendan and Dave to talk a little bit about the film, life, and whatever the f$%* else we want to talk about.


Dave Rodriguez (left) Brendan Coughlin (right)


NBF:  How do you guys know each other?

Brendan:  We fell in love about a month ago.

Dave:  No, It’s been five weeks already.  But you are shitty with dates and stuff.

Brendan:  Um, We started with Nut Bucket Films doing Closing Doors and Lije the director brought us all together.

NBF:  What attracted you to the project?

Brendan:  The script.  Which Lije brought to me at Baby Blues BBQ.  Pretty cool part for a young punk who tries to flip it around.

NBF:  So you liked the script?

Brendan:  Loved it.  Hated the director though.


they laugh...


NBF:  Dave, you are a director first.  I pretty established one at that (I actually approached Dave to look for a “name” actor to play the role  of the father, and then Dave read the script).  What attracted you to the script?

Dave:  I guess the most profound reason was that I am a Dad and it just kind of hit home,  Just certain elements to the script and how I would react if I did have a daughter.  I have a son so I just felt it was something I needed to do and wanted to do so it was an exciting opportunity.

NBF:  You are a director, why do you want to act?

Dave:  I think every director wants to act.  I mean, you are a director (to Lije).

NBF (Lije):  Yeah, but I acted first.  Then I wanted to direct.

Dave:  I don’t know if I would want to pursue it like you guys do with the auditioning and the classes and that kind of stuff, but if there is a role that I could do well in and I could sell and be compelling then I would do it.

NBF:  So you just want to show up and be awesome whenever you are called upon.

Dave:  Yeah, basically.  Like when I direct.

Brendan:  Why Not!  Seriously…

NBF:  So you guys shot Closing Doors.  What did you like about the shoot?  How’d it go?

Dave:  I thought it was really professional.  It ran really smoothly.  You were great.  In light of the fact you were dealing with two high-maintenance people.  You were awesome.  The crew was amazing and fast.  We didn’t hang around waiting for a long time.  It was a wonderful experience.

Brendan:  Yeah.  Quick, easy, in and out.  You were actually extremely professional.

NBF:  Now we are like the three amigos.  Brendan wants to shoot this Rusted Root video, “Send Me On My Way”

Brendan:  Yeah, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, it’s gonna be amazing.  (See photo of excitement).  I can’t wait.




NBF:  Can you sum the music video up in thirty seconds?

Brendan:  No. You really have to hear the music to understand.  Otherwise it is just me and Lije running through sunflower fields, high-fivin’ and shit.  You are gonna think that’s…you hear the music and it’s like, phhhh, amazing.  And Dave’s at the end, like, playing God.  You can’t beat that.

Dave:  I already started growing a beard.

NBF:  Who’s directing?

Brendan:  I was going to give Dave the job but I didn’t want to hurt Lije’s feelings.

NBF (Lije):  No it’s fine.  It’s my turn to act.

NBF:  Brendan, what did you eat for breakfast?

Brendan:  Today I didn’t eat (It is 3pm).  I am trying to get shit done.

NBF:  What did you eat for breakfast, Dave?

Dave:  A banana, two bottles of water, and one bottle of Gatorade, and mutli-vitamins with fish oil, a salad pill and a fruit pill.

NBF:  You guys are not from L.A.  Where are you from?

Brendan:  New York.

Dave:  Saturn.

NBF:  (Ignoring Dave).  You guys are both from similar areas?

Dave:  I grew up first in the Bronx and then in Long Island and you (to Brendan) are from Long Island City, right?

Brendan:  Yeah, Long Island City, then Upstate, Westchester.

NBF:  That explains why you guys chose to really accentuate your accents during the shoot.

Dave:  Did we?  it ‘s kind of hard not to when you start going off on somebody.  It is kind of tough to hold back.

Brendan:  Goes hand in hand.

NBF:  Who’s your favorite actor/dirtector?  You do you look up to?

Brendan:  Robin Williams.  He is creatively genius.  Amazing to watch.  Keeps you on your toes.

Dave:  As a director I would love to work with Denzel Washington.  He is incredible in whatever he does.  He doesn’t know how to do anything bad.  I don’t really consider myself an actor but if i could be like a guy, I would say probably the obvious guy, Robert Dinero.

NBF:  If you could have a drink with anyone and ask them anything, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Dave:  Dead or alive?

NBF:  Anyone.  God, if you want.

Dave:  It would be Orson Wells.

NBF:  What would you ask him?

Dave:  Why he did everything he did?  What compelled him to do so many things?  He was an actor.  He was a director.  He made a couple of historical classics.  He is definitely a guy I would want to grab some coffee with.  Even though I don’t drink coffee.

NBF:  What would you drink?

Dave:  Johnny Walker Black.  On the rocks.

Brendan (In response to question):  My ex-girlfriend.  “Why?”  Would be the entire conversation.  And it wouldn’t be coffee.  It would be a shit-ton of booze.

Dave:  Did she break up with you?

Brendan:  Yes.

Dave:  Want to hug it out?

NBF:  Brendan, what is your drink of choice?

Brendan:  Margarita, rocks, salt and any white tequila.  What’s your drink of choice?

NBF (Lije):  I am a vodka guy.  Vodka to the house.  F$%*’in Vodka all day every day.  Shtrong.  No ice.  Shtraight.  Drink that shit out the bottle, Nicolas Cage style,  Leaving motha f&*^’in Las Vegas.

NBF:  Brendan, give me two things you could say about Dave.

Brendan:  Extremely professional and a genuine f$%*’in cat.

NBF:  Dave, give me two things about Brendan.

Dave:  He is so talented it’s nauseating.

Brendan:  Why you gotta “one-up” me?

Dave:  And he’s a real guy.

NBF:  One thing you could say about your director?  Bad or good.  (See photo)


more laughing


Dave:  Passionate.  You’re passionate.

Brendan:  Visionary.

Cut to a quick “mocking” of Director:

NBF:  If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you stuff in your pocket to take with you?

Brendan:  An 8-ball, a flask, and a joint.

NBF:  You would be f$%*ed after your first day.

Brendan:  No, no, no, no.  Three things I would take?  Definitely a gun to end it.

Dave:  A knife.  A lighter.  And a string and a hook.

Brendan:  Wow that’s smart.  I am going the opposite way.  I am trying to think how can I have the most fun with fitting shit in my pocket.

Dave:  You are on a deserted island.  What are you gonna do?

Brendan:  Party by myself.

Dave:  Do blow on your own?  This is fun?

NBF:  Who is your #1 girl?  Your all time favorite?  Mine is Lindsey Lohan.  I love her.

Dave:  Scarlett Johansson.  I just think she is incredibly sexy.

Brendan:  Marilyn Monroe.

NBF:  Why?

Dave:  Cuz she’s dead.  And he doesn’t have to deal with her.

Brendan:  Because I have masturbated to her more times than to any other female on this planet.

Dave:  That’s a good f$%*in’ answer.

NBF:  Geez.  I don’t know who that is for me.

Brendan:  Wait, you are going to cut some of this out, right?

NBF:  Dave, tell me something you are afraid of.

Dave:  My biggest fear?  I know what it is but I have to phrase this the right way.  Is not succeeding in the manner that I want to succeed.

NBF:  Brendan, what are you afraid of?

Brendan:  Transvestites.  Deep, dark waters.

NBF:  What’s something that you really love?

Brendan:  Dozer (See photo).  Dozer is a pitbull-mastiff.  I rescued him.  Saved his little ass about a year and a half ago.


Dozer, B's dog...


Dave:  There are four people who I love.  Anthony, Brendan, Colin, and Mitchell.  I love them more than anything in this world.

Brendan:  Great names.  Especially the Brendan one.

NBF:  Here is a little clip of the guys and the pup.

NBF:  What’s your favorite holiday?

Brendan:  Well, it’s going to be Thanksgiving because we are doing a Mexican orphan trip to Mexico.  We have a house.  You (to Lije) are coming too, right?

NBF (Lije):  Going to Maui for the Maui invitational bud.  Go Michigan State Spartans!

Dave:  My birthday.  Because I get the most attention and I require a lot of it.

NBF:  What’s your favorite part about L.A.?

Dave:  The weather.

Brendan:  Same.

NBF:  Tell me something that I might not know about you by looking at you or getting to know you.  Like, for me, you would never think that I have a school-teaching degree.  You wouldn’t know that.

Dave:  You’re right.  Nah, I wouldn’t.  That’s a safe assumption.  (Everyone laughs).  Did you know that I was a cop?

NBF:  I did.  But you told me a while back.  But safe to say most other people might not think that.  A lot of your work is with crime, kids, social issues, so it doesn’t totally surprise me.

Brendan:  I work with foster kids.  I have done that for about two years now.  And, that I am sittin’ on mad cheddar.

Dave (Mockingly):  That I got six figures in my checking account.

NBF:  Brendan, what’s in store for you for the next month?

Brendan:  Leaving for Baton Rouge this week to go shoot a comedy called Zombie Hamlet.  It is about two movie producers that go to Louisiana to shoot a Zombie movie.  It is shot mockumentary style.  Everything goes terribly wrong.  I play an over-eager town’s kid who will try everything and anything to make it on set.  Oh, and I just shot Criminal Minds opposite of Forest Whitaker.

NBF:  Who are you supposed to stay away from in Baton Rouge?

Brendan:  Uhhh, I don’t know.

NBF:  Vanessa Evigan.

Brendan:  Oh yeah.  Lije says to stay away from her.  Ha.  Lije fell in love with her two years ago and blah blah blah.  The difference is, I tell them, Lije.

NBF:  I fall in love two times per week.  Anyways, Dave, what’s up with you for the next month?

Dave:  I just wrapped a music video (See the super sexy photo we took on our visit to Dave’s set last week.  Photo by E. Michael Sarki) a few days ago.  I am getting ready to do another one in a few weeks.  I am directing a short with Paul Ben-Victor called The Wolf and the Sheep.  I have written a couple of feature-length screenplays and I am attached to do a big action-thriller called The Exchange with Mary Jane Skalski and Damon Lane producing next year.  Talk about sittin’ on mad cheddar.


Dave's Music Video of artist Timothy Bloom, photo by E. Michael Sarki



Dave's Music Video of artist Timothy Bloom, photo by E. Michael Sarki





On the music video set with Dave R.




Brendan:  Closing Doors.  It ain’t easy being greasy.

NBF:  Thanks guys.  Looking forward to the future.  And we will all keep you posted on the status of Closing Doors.


Lije and Nut Bucket Films.


Lije, the Director


SUP’ing with the SHARKS…For REAL…mini-attack

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out in Malibu...with the brother a couple of weeks back.


What a week!!!  I know it has been a few days since the last Nut Bucket attempt to entertain the mind but we have been quite busy on this side of the planet.  Last week we wrapped up the shoot of Closing Doors.  I can say now that I think we have a pretty good little film.  I spent the latter portion of last week watching all the footage and making notes in an attempt to help our editor out as much as possible.  For now it is out of my hands and in hers.  Thank you Stacey.  Looking towards a “first cut” in the next week or two.  We are searching for music for the opening sequence and closing song.  If any of you artists know anyone that would like to submit their ideas, send them my way.  The opening will be a heavy punk/rock tune while the character drives a ’66 Chevelle and the closing will be a heartfelt tune about becoming a man.  It would be really cool if the name of the song was “Closing Doors“.  HA!  Or, that might be a bit cheese-like.

SO, after the week of post, was a busy Friday with my actor friend, Sonia.  We shot a scene from There’s Something About Mary” for a class that we partake in.  It was actually quite funny.  The whole “I work with retards” bit.  Class was good.  That movie is a classic.  There are lots of pretty people in that John Rosenfeld Acting Studio.  Cheers Johnny.

Saturday morning I had plans to go SUP’ing (Stand-Up-Paddleboarding).  I got my normal six hours of sleep Friday night and was pretty fired up about getting out on the water.  It was a beautiful day Saturday.  Amazing actually.  About 80 degrees and all sunshine.  The water was glassy and no wind.  Some decent waves.  I was all prepped too.  I went and picked up a new SUP board from my friends over at Santa Monica Ski & Sport.  Denny and Mark hooked it up.  I had been riding this big ole’ floaty ten-footer but Mark loaned me his nine-footer.  I needed more maneuverability.  More surfability.  So anyways, Mark hooked me up after I went a got a new  board rack for my car.  I need to shout out to Rack Solid and Kyle for that.  They are good people over there in Santa Monica/Venice right up on Lincoln.  I will use this thing all winter for the trips to Mammoth.  Kyle was straight up.  No bullshitting.

Back to the SUP.  My little Facebook crush showed up at about 10AM to head out into the water.  I hung out with her once before this so the virtual thing is no more.  Fantasy over.  Reality.  I guess the real reason I picked up the extra paddleboard was for her but I would like to think that it was because I wanted to ride a smaller one.  Yup.  That’s what I will say.  I am good and convincing myself.  Nice talk Lije.  Good stuff.

We walked right out across my street to Venice Beach.  We went right out  in between the Washington pier and the big lifeguard station at Venice Blvd.  That’s where I always go to surf and paddleboard.  A quick lesson in getting on the water and past the break and we were off and running.  I mean paddling.  The waves weren’t too big so it was pretty easy to get out there.  SHE was one the ten-footer so balancing wasn’t too tough.  It was her first time though so it took a second to get used to but she is pretty athletic and surfs so it wasn’t too bad.

Let me remind you that last time I was out here I was paddling around with dolphins.  It was the record-setting day in L.A. with 112 degree heat on Sept. 25th, I believe.  I need a waterproof camera.  For the dolphins I missed and the ^&%# I am about the tell you about.

This day would be a different one to remember.  It was about ten minutes into the ride and I was a bit ahead of the girl.  Maybe twenty feet.  I saw what I thought was a little fish jump or move or something just ahead of me.  I didn’t say anything and paddled toward it to see what it was.  I got a little closer and I saw the bigger figure.  My first thought was, “Awwww sweet…another dolphin…I am so lucky…twice in a row.”  WELL, I got even closer and the thing didn’t look like a dolphin anymore.  It was grey and big.  Anywhere from 8 to 20 feet long.  I can’t quite recall because of the “shock” factor.  I saw the gills next.  They were like sideways shutters.  Then the fin.  Straight Mutha F^&%kin’ triangles.  There were no dolphin-like curves on this thing’s fins.  So, while time stood still, I contemplated what to do.  I have now identified this beast as a SHARK.  In fact, it was  GREAT WHITE SHARK.  This photo is very similar to what I saw.


well, hello mr. shark...


Did I panic?  No.  Let me remind you that we were pretty far out in the water.  We were at least to the end of the pier, but in the middle of the pier and Lifeguard Station.  In the middle of the ocean.  Panicking would have done nothing.  I calmingly said, “Hey girl, don’t freak out, but there is a big-ass SHARK here right in front of me, looking at me, wanting to eat me, and you should start paddling towards shore as fast as you can.”  She did not respond.  I think she was shocked as well.  I know she was actually because I turned around for a split second to see her holding her paddle and balancing will a scared face and tears forming in her eyes.

It was time to be a man.  While the SHARK stared at me I stared back.  He moved to the side, and then I moved to the side.  We were in a stand-off.  He turned to his side to show me his size, trying to frighten me, but I would have no fear.  I decided I must make a move.  I grabbed my paddle and thrust it into the water.  Paddle first.  A stabbing motion.  The SHARK was about ten feet away from me so I couldn’t quite reach him.  I didn’t really want to harm him anyway.  I just wanted him to know who was boss.  Let me remind you I was on the nine-foot SUP and balancing was a bitch.  I almost fell off, especially combining riding skills and  a battling stance at the same time.  After my jab at the beast, he did a little waddle and said good-bye.  He was on to bigger or smaller and better things.


another view


What easily could have gotten ugly turned into one of the greatest moments of my life.  Sharks and snakes are two of my biggest fears.  Since starting this blog, I have gone head to head with both.  Kind of symbolic don’t you think?  I am learning new things about myself everyday.  I love it.  I love my life.  I hope you all love yours.  If you don’t, do something else.  Here is an old post to reflect.

Believe it or not, SHE recovered from the encounter rather quickly and we continued to paddle around.  We went all  the way to the Marina and back.  Four miles.  I have an injury.  Not from the SHARK.  But from riding waves.  That nine-foot SUP is amazing.  I fell in love.  I don’t want to take it back.  After I write this I must call Mark and tell him he can’t have his board back.

After boarding we went to the house and watched Michigan State beat up on Michigan.  Then yesterday the Detroit Lions conquered.  What a weekend!!

What’s in store for this week?  That interview you all have been waiting for will be this week.  With D’Rod, the acclaimed director.

This is my story of becoming a man.  I will leave you with a little video to show you what really goes on under the water out here.  Crazy.  I might actually paddleboard today.


post-shooting…snowfall…dreams are true…thanks Seagulls

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I woke up today to see some major news on Facebook.  Looks like it started snowing in Mammoth yesterday.  CRAZY!  It is only October 5th.  I will leave a little video at the end of this for all you “Boardheads”.  My favorite parts of the year are winter trips to Mammoth and riding fresh pow-pow in the gnar-gnar. I usually try to get up for Thanksgiving to open up the season, BUT looks like I will get to go a bit early this year.  Plus, Maui is in the books for “Turkey Day” this year.

Snow in Mammoth means rain in L.A.  It’s raining right now.  I rode my beach cruiser for some coffee and came back soaked.  I sort of like it.  It doesn’t happen often so it’s kind of nice.  I have had a hell of a few weeks so this is very relaxing.  We shot Closing Doors this last weekend and I guess I really didn’t realize how exhausted I was until yesterday.  I feel great today and well-rested but I think I blacked out on Monday from lack of sleep.

I am beginning to sift through all the footage today and add to the notes so we can hand off to Stacey tomorrow and get this thing edited.  We are looking at a month at most until we have a picture lock, barring no setbacks, of course.  Here is a sneak photo of the car we used in the opening scene of the film.  So DOPE!


key to my heart


I will throw in a little teaser still frame from the actual footage.  But don’t tell anyone!


opening sequence...


That car was insane.  So loud and so cool.  Confidence just gets taken to a new level with a car like that.  You feel invincible and just plain awesome, at least I do standing next to it.

The shoot went very smoothly.  We did about thirty set-ups in a day.  Dave and Brendan were on point.  Our beautiful woman, Nicole Zeoli, was just that…Beautiful.  We have a nice little crew and I am sure we want to work together again very soon.  Brendan actually wants to do a music video remake of the Rusted Root song “Send me On My Way.”  You should have heard this kid explaining it.  Me and him running through fields of dandelions and smacking each other with them.  Dave playing GOD.  Ending up mountain-climbing and landing in Africa with gazelles.  He is a weird dude.  He was drunk too so…maybe even on acid.  Just look at him…

dude, you crazy

Yesterday I did some catching up on life.  Talked to my sister who is in Mexico with her kid.  Went downtown on a date.  Well, sort of a date.  Not really, I guess.  She will probably never read this so let’s be honest.  I have had this stupid little Facebook crush for too long.  So, we finally met up.  It was cool actually.  Real people are way better than virtual.  This was sort of opposite of the new film, Catfish.  We are supposed to go to Thailand together.  I guess we will see what happens.  I need to edit this film first.  That reminds me, PLEASE look into donating to the project.  We still need some funding to get us through post production and to take it on the road.  Seriously you guys, $25 from 40 more people would be amazing.  That little donation gets you a DVD before it’s released, AND your name on the official shirt and movie poster.  There are higher and lower perks for different donations so check it out HERE or just donate HERE.  Thanks for letting me throw in that little pitch.

I went and got a Mani-Pedi yesterday too.  That was probably the best part about the day, except the date.  But it might not have been a date so don’t call it a date.  I don’t want to act all crazy.  Nothing like “Toe Heaven” getting the calluses scrubbed off your feet.  Man, that tickles me so much every time.  And the calf massages and the arms too.  I feel really great today.


those are sexy feet


William Wanek, the writer for Closing Doors, emailed me and told me we are doing a little horror short next.  Tyrus, costumer, was in the car and we both got super excited.  I have NOT done a horror.  I have acted in and produced two (For Whome He Tolls and Stabbin’ Kabin) but never directed.  That excites me.  Oh, the future is so promising.  The wind blows too hard and I get excited these days if you know what I mean.  It has been a while.  Btw, Tyrus is now costuming for Dave on his music video.  Seeeeeeee, work creates more work and contacts.  “You’re welcome Tyrus” and “Thank you Tyrus.”  Oh, Trevor is working on it too.  “You’re welcome Trevor” and “Thank you Trevor.”

Let me just top this off with showing you how cute my best friend’s kid is.  Olivia, you rock!  And to all the nieces and nephews I have, please grow up nice and sweet and smart and funny and not like any of your parents.  Just kidding.  I love you all.




Looking forward to the next interview.  If you didn’t read the first one, go HERE.  This next one is with Dave Rodriguez and Brendan Coughlin, the two stars of Closing Doors.  Look for it Thursday or Friday.  I will be heading downtown to the set of the music video Dave is directing.  Stepping into his domain.

Oh and playoff baseball starts today.  How can you not be fired up about rain and playoff baseball!!  I got the Reds all the way.

Here is that little snowboarding video, so f^&%in get excited for the season.  Who wants to go to Mammoth?



Seagull $h*! shows positive forecast…Closing Doors

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battle wounds

I was out running on the beach a minute ago, thinking, freeing the mind before the shoot tomorrow, and getting some exercise.  Next thing I knew I was getting pummled from above.  Bam! First it hit my eye, then cheek, to the arm and chest, and last a little on my foot.  I flock of seagulls let it rip.  Plastered with their finest turds.  I was shocked for about a half of a second and then it hit me!  The thought hit me.  Not more turds.  GOOD LUCK!!!!!

When seagulls crap on you it is good luck.  At least that is what I was told as a youngster.  I remember the old days in East Tawas, MI when Dad got crapped on at the beach.  He said it was good luck.  I don’t know what luck came from that day back then but I will take the luck today.

Nut Bucket is shooting a film tomorrow.  It is a great little project and if you haven’t heard about it yet click HERE.  Or let me tell you really quick.

I want to give a pre-shoot “Thank You” to everyone on board for making this come to life.  First off, William, you wrote a mean little story.  Well done.  I will bring it to life for ya.  Dave and Brendan, you guys are gonna knock it out of the park.  Christine, thanks for being my wingman.  Your skills are very complementary.  Stephanie, cannot wait for your show Sunday.  Everyone please go and check it out.  Here is a LINK.  Trevor, it is a long and windy road and you are here to stay.  Mike and Andrew, thanks for jumping on board so last-minute.  Your skills are a necessity.  Dave Navarro, the other one, can’t wait to see how pretty you make this.  Tom, thanks for the house and letting me ask you a thousand questions and rescheduling over and over.  Stacey, I am so pleased to have you edit this mutha’.  I wanted you from the get go.  Just had to have things fall into place.  Jessica and Matt, the 1966 Chevelle is gonna be so dang sexy.  Lance, my new buddy, don’t know how you draw so fast but whipping up storyboards in 24 hours is freaking amazing.  Evan and Morgan, no need to fire up the grill, just shoot away.  Chad, you have been there from the beginning.  We started this dream.  Love ya buddy.  Tyrus, you rule and you know it, don’t forget the wedding rings.  Is she really married?  Dang!  Ducky, wtf are you doing again?  Kidding.  Can’t wait to get you and Flomaire together.  OMG I almost forgot!  BABY BLUES BBQ.  Without you guys none of this would have ever happened.  And, we get to eat BBQ tomorrow for lunch!!!!  I love you Rick and Danny!

If I missed anyone I apologize.  Thanks to everyone I missed and to everyone who has donated their hard-earned cash to the project so far.  If you want to get involved go to HERE and donate!  It is easy.  $25 gets you a DVD of the film and your name on the official shirt and movie poster.  It is almost like you make money on the deal.

If you want more proof of my luck, here is a close up.

seagull poop

Muchas Gracias,

Lije and crew of NBF!!

wish us luck tomorrow…