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Seagull $h*! shows positive forecast…Closing Doors

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battle wounds

I was out running on the beach a minute ago, thinking, freeing the mind before the shoot tomorrow, and getting some exercise.  Next thing I knew I was getting pummled from above.  Bam! First it hit my eye, then cheek, to the arm and chest, and last a little on my foot.  I flock of seagulls let it rip.  Plastered with their finest turds.  I was shocked for about a half of a second and then it hit me!  The thought hit me.  Not more turds.  GOOD LUCK!!!!!

When seagulls crap on you it is good luck.  At least that is what I was told as a youngster.  I remember the old days in East Tawas, MI when Dad got crapped on at the beach.  He said it was good luck.  I don’t know what luck came from that day back then but I will take the luck today.

Nut Bucket is shooting a film tomorrow.  It is a great little project and if you haven’t heard about it yet click HERE.  Or let me tell you really quick.

I want to give a pre-shoot “Thank You” to everyone on board for making this come to life.  First off, William, you wrote a mean little story.  Well done.  I will bring it to life for ya.  Dave and Brendan, you guys are gonna knock it out of the park.  Christine, thanks for being my wingman.  Your skills are very complementary.  Stephanie, cannot wait for your show Sunday.  Everyone please go and check it out.  Here is a LINK.  Trevor, it is a long and windy road and you are here to stay.  Mike and Andrew, thanks for jumping on board so last-minute.  Your skills are a necessity.  Dave Navarro, the other one, can’t wait to see how pretty you make this.  Tom, thanks for the house and letting me ask you a thousand questions and rescheduling over and over.  Stacey, I am so pleased to have you edit this mutha’.  I wanted you from the get go.  Just had to have things fall into place.  Jessica and Matt, the 1966 Chevelle is gonna be so dang sexy.  Lance, my new buddy, don’t know how you draw so fast but whipping up storyboards in 24 hours is freaking amazing.  Evan and Morgan, no need to fire up the grill, just shoot away.  Chad, you have been there from the beginning.  We started this dream.  Love ya buddy.  Tyrus, you rule and you know it, don’t forget the wedding rings.  Is she really married?  Dang!  Ducky, wtf are you doing again?  Kidding.  Can’t wait to get you and Flomaire together.  OMG I almost forgot!  BABY BLUES BBQ.  Without you guys none of this would have ever happened.  And, we get to eat BBQ tomorrow for lunch!!!!  I love you Rick and Danny!

If I missed anyone I apologize.  Thanks to everyone I missed and to everyone who has donated their hard-earned cash to the project so far.  If you want to get involved go to HERE and donate!  It is easy.  $25 gets you a DVD of the film and your name on the official shirt and movie poster.  It is almost like you make money on the deal.

If you want more proof of my luck, here is a close up.

seagull poop

Muchas Gracias,

Lije and crew of NBF!!

wish us luck tomorrow…


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