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post-shooting…snowfall…dreams are true…thanks Seagulls

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I woke up today to see some major news on Facebook.  Looks like it started snowing in Mammoth yesterday.  CRAZY!  It is only October 5th.  I will leave a little video at the end of this for all you “Boardheads”.  My favorite parts of the year are winter trips to Mammoth and riding fresh pow-pow in the gnar-gnar. I usually try to get up for Thanksgiving to open up the season, BUT looks like I will get to go a bit early this year.  Plus, Maui is in the books for “Turkey Day” this year.

Snow in Mammoth means rain in L.A.  It’s raining right now.  I rode my beach cruiser for some coffee and came back soaked.  I sort of like it.  It doesn’t happen often so it’s kind of nice.  I have had a hell of a few weeks so this is very relaxing.  We shot Closing Doors this last weekend and I guess I really didn’t realize how exhausted I was until yesterday.  I feel great today and well-rested but I think I blacked out on Monday from lack of sleep.

I am beginning to sift through all the footage today and add to the notes so we can hand off to Stacey tomorrow and get this thing edited.  We are looking at a month at most until we have a picture lock, barring no setbacks, of course.  Here is a sneak photo of the car we used in the opening scene of the film.  So DOPE!


key to my heart


I will throw in a little teaser still frame from the actual footage.  But don’t tell anyone!


opening sequence...


That car was insane.  So loud and so cool.  Confidence just gets taken to a new level with a car like that.  You feel invincible and just plain awesome, at least I do standing next to it.

The shoot went very smoothly.  We did about thirty set-ups in a day.  Dave and Brendan were on point.  Our beautiful woman, Nicole Zeoli, was just that…Beautiful.  We have a nice little crew and I am sure we want to work together again very soon.  Brendan actually wants to do a music video remake of the Rusted Root song “Send me On My Way.”  You should have heard this kid explaining it.  Me and him running through fields of dandelions and smacking each other with them.  Dave playing GOD.  Ending up mountain-climbing and landing in Africa with gazelles.  He is a weird dude.  He was drunk too so…maybe even on acid.  Just look at him…

dude, you crazy

Yesterday I did some catching up on life.  Talked to my sister who is in Mexico with her kid.  Went downtown on a date.  Well, sort of a date.  Not really, I guess.  She will probably never read this so let’s be honest.  I have had this stupid little Facebook crush for too long.  So, we finally met up.  It was cool actually.  Real people are way better than virtual.  This was sort of opposite of the new film, Catfish.  We are supposed to go to Thailand together.  I guess we will see what happens.  I need to edit this film first.  That reminds me, PLEASE look into donating to the project.  We still need some funding to get us through post production and to take it on the road.  Seriously you guys, $25 from 40 more people would be amazing.  That little donation gets you a DVD before it’s released, AND your name on the official shirt and movie poster.  There are higher and lower perks for different donations so check it out HERE or just donate HERE.  Thanks for letting me throw in that little pitch.

I went and got a Mani-Pedi yesterday too.  That was probably the best part about the day, except the date.  But it might not have been a date so don’t call it a date.  I don’t want to act all crazy.  Nothing like “Toe Heaven” getting the calluses scrubbed off your feet.  Man, that tickles me so much every time.  And the calf massages and the arms too.  I feel really great today.


those are sexy feet


William Wanek, the writer for Closing Doors, emailed me and told me we are doing a little horror short next.  Tyrus, costumer, was in the car and we both got super excited.  I have NOT done a horror.  I have acted in and produced two (For Whome He Tolls and Stabbin’ Kabin) but never directed.  That excites me.  Oh, the future is so promising.  The wind blows too hard and I get excited these days if you know what I mean.  It has been a while.  Btw, Tyrus is now costuming for Dave on his music video.  Seeeeeeee, work creates more work and contacts.  “You’re welcome Tyrus” and “Thank you Tyrus.”  Oh, Trevor is working on it too.  “You’re welcome Trevor” and “Thank you Trevor.”

Let me just top this off with showing you how cute my best friend’s kid is.  Olivia, you rock!  And to all the nieces and nephews I have, please grow up nice and sweet and smart and funny and not like any of your parents.  Just kidding.  I love you all.




Looking forward to the next interview.  If you didn’t read the first one, go HERE.  This next one is with Dave Rodriguez and Brendan Coughlin, the two stars of Closing Doors.  Look for it Thursday or Friday.  I will be heading downtown to the set of the music video Dave is directing.  Stepping into his domain.

Oh and playoff baseball starts today.  How can you not be fired up about rain and playoff baseball!!  I got the Reds all the way.

Here is that little snowboarding video, so f^&%in get excited for the season.  Who wants to go to Mammoth?




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