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SUP’ing with the SHARKS…For REAL…mini-attack

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out in Malibu...with the brother a couple of weeks back.


What a week!!!  I know it has been a few days since the last Nut Bucket attempt to entertain the mind but we have been quite busy on this side of the planet.  Last week we wrapped up the shoot of Closing Doors.  I can say now that I think we have a pretty good little film.  I spent the latter portion of last week watching all the footage and making notes in an attempt to help our editor out as much as possible.  For now it is out of my hands and in hers.  Thank you Stacey.  Looking towards a “first cut” in the next week or two.  We are searching for music for the opening sequence and closing song.  If any of you artists know anyone that would like to submit their ideas, send them my way.  The opening will be a heavy punk/rock tune while the character drives a ’66 Chevelle and the closing will be a heartfelt tune about becoming a man.  It would be really cool if the name of the song was “Closing Doors“.  HA!  Or, that might be a bit cheese-like.

SO, after the week of post, was a busy Friday with my actor friend, Sonia.  We shot a scene from There’s Something About Mary” for a class that we partake in.  It was actually quite funny.  The whole “I work with retards” bit.  Class was good.  That movie is a classic.  There are lots of pretty people in that John Rosenfeld Acting Studio.  Cheers Johnny.

Saturday morning I had plans to go SUP’ing (Stand-Up-Paddleboarding).  I got my normal six hours of sleep Friday night and was pretty fired up about getting out on the water.  It was a beautiful day Saturday.  Amazing actually.  About 80 degrees and all sunshine.  The water was glassy and no wind.  Some decent waves.  I was all prepped too.  I went and picked up a new SUP board from my friends over at Santa Monica Ski & Sport.  Denny and Mark hooked it up.  I had been riding this big ole’ floaty ten-footer but Mark loaned me his nine-footer.  I needed more maneuverability.  More surfability.  So anyways, Mark hooked me up after I went a got a new  board rack for my car.  I need to shout out to Rack Solid and Kyle for that.  They are good people over there in Santa Monica/Venice right up on Lincoln.  I will use this thing all winter for the trips to Mammoth.  Kyle was straight up.  No bullshitting.

Back to the SUP.  My little Facebook crush showed up at about 10AM to head out into the water.  I hung out with her once before this so the virtual thing is no more.  Fantasy over.  Reality.  I guess the real reason I picked up the extra paddleboard was for her but I would like to think that it was because I wanted to ride a smaller one.  Yup.  That’s what I will say.  I am good and convincing myself.  Nice talk Lije.  Good stuff.

We walked right out across my street to Venice Beach.  We went right out  in between the Washington pier and the big lifeguard station at Venice Blvd.  That’s where I always go to surf and paddleboard.  A quick lesson in getting on the water and past the break and we were off and running.  I mean paddling.  The waves weren’t too big so it was pretty easy to get out there.  SHE was one the ten-footer so balancing wasn’t too tough.  It was her first time though so it took a second to get used to but she is pretty athletic and surfs so it wasn’t too bad.

Let me remind you that last time I was out here I was paddling around with dolphins.  It was the record-setting day in L.A. with 112 degree heat on Sept. 25th, I believe.  I need a waterproof camera.  For the dolphins I missed and the ^&%# I am about the tell you about.

This day would be a different one to remember.  It was about ten minutes into the ride and I was a bit ahead of the girl.  Maybe twenty feet.  I saw what I thought was a little fish jump or move or something just ahead of me.  I didn’t say anything and paddled toward it to see what it was.  I got a little closer and I saw the bigger figure.  My first thought was, “Awwww sweet…another dolphin…I am so lucky…twice in a row.”  WELL, I got even closer and the thing didn’t look like a dolphin anymore.  It was grey and big.  Anywhere from 8 to 20 feet long.  I can’t quite recall because of the “shock” factor.  I saw the gills next.  They were like sideways shutters.  Then the fin.  Straight Mutha F^&%kin’ triangles.  There were no dolphin-like curves on this thing’s fins.  So, while time stood still, I contemplated what to do.  I have now identified this beast as a SHARK.  In fact, it was  GREAT WHITE SHARK.  This photo is very similar to what I saw.


well, hello mr. shark...


Did I panic?  No.  Let me remind you that we were pretty far out in the water.  We were at least to the end of the pier, but in the middle of the pier and Lifeguard Station.  In the middle of the ocean.  Panicking would have done nothing.  I calmingly said, “Hey girl, don’t freak out, but there is a big-ass SHARK here right in front of me, looking at me, wanting to eat me, and you should start paddling towards shore as fast as you can.”  She did not respond.  I think she was shocked as well.  I know she was actually because I turned around for a split second to see her holding her paddle and balancing will a scared face and tears forming in her eyes.

It was time to be a man.  While the SHARK stared at me I stared back.  He moved to the side, and then I moved to the side.  We were in a stand-off.  He turned to his side to show me his size, trying to frighten me, but I would have no fear.  I decided I must make a move.  I grabbed my paddle and thrust it into the water.  Paddle first.  A stabbing motion.  The SHARK was about ten feet away from me so I couldn’t quite reach him.  I didn’t really want to harm him anyway.  I just wanted him to know who was boss.  Let me remind you I was on the nine-foot SUP and balancing was a bitch.  I almost fell off, especially combining riding skills and  a battling stance at the same time.  After my jab at the beast, he did a little waddle and said good-bye.  He was on to bigger or smaller and better things.


another view


What easily could have gotten ugly turned into one of the greatest moments of my life.  Sharks and snakes are two of my biggest fears.  Since starting this blog, I have gone head to head with both.  Kind of symbolic don’t you think?  I am learning new things about myself everyday.  I love it.  I love my life.  I hope you all love yours.  If you don’t, do something else.  Here is an old post to reflect.

Believe it or not, SHE recovered from the encounter rather quickly and we continued to paddle around.  We went all  the way to the Marina and back.  Four miles.  I have an injury.  Not from the SHARK.  But from riding waves.  That nine-foot SUP is amazing.  I fell in love.  I don’t want to take it back.  After I write this I must call Mark and tell him he can’t have his board back.

After boarding we went to the house and watched Michigan State beat up on Michigan.  Then yesterday the Detroit Lions conquered.  What a weekend!!

What’s in store for this week?  That interview you all have been waiting for will be this week.  With D’Rod, the acclaimed director.

This is my story of becoming a man.  I will leave you with a little video to show you what really goes on under the water out here.  Crazy.  I might actually paddleboard today.


  1. OMG I would have sh#$t my pants, I am so glad you both are safe.
    That was a hard read for mom!!

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