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Two-on-One with Dave Rodriguez and Brendan Coughlin…stars of CLOSING DOORS

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A quick catch-up for all you readers that don’t know.  We shot a little film last week called Closing Doors.  It is a film about growing up, becoming a man, and shutting the door on the old ways.  We were ever-so-grateful to get such a great cast which included our stars, Brendan Coughlin and Dave Rodriguez.  I switched their order here and in the title of the blog so no one can complain about who is “first-billed.”  They were both as equally valuable, and have now become great friends to me (Lije) and most of the rest of the crew.  I had gotten to know Dave pretty well over the last year.  We just had never worked together before.  Brendan, I met about a week before we started casting.  We have some mutual friends.  He came in and read for the role and knocked it out of the park.  Both introductions are due to the location of Baby Blues BBQ.  That place is the mecca for all business happenings.  Deals are signed and dreams come true there everyday.

I went up to Dave’s pad in the hills and sat down with Brendan and Dave to talk a little bit about the film, life, and whatever the f$%* else we want to talk about.


Dave Rodriguez (left) Brendan Coughlin (right)


NBF:  How do you guys know each other?

Brendan:  We fell in love about a month ago.

Dave:  No, It’s been five weeks already.  But you are shitty with dates and stuff.

Brendan:  Um, We started with Nut Bucket Films doing Closing Doors and Lije the director brought us all together.

NBF:  What attracted you to the project?

Brendan:  The script.  Which Lije brought to me at Baby Blues BBQ.  Pretty cool part for a young punk who tries to flip it around.

NBF:  So you liked the script?

Brendan:  Loved it.  Hated the director though.


they laugh...


NBF:  Dave, you are a director first.  I pretty established one at that (I actually approached Dave to look for a “name” actor to play the role  of the father, and then Dave read the script).  What attracted you to the script?

Dave:  I guess the most profound reason was that I am a Dad and it just kind of hit home,  Just certain elements to the script and how I would react if I did have a daughter.  I have a son so I just felt it was something I needed to do and wanted to do so it was an exciting opportunity.

NBF:  You are a director, why do you want to act?

Dave:  I think every director wants to act.  I mean, you are a director (to Lije).

NBF (Lije):  Yeah, but I acted first.  Then I wanted to direct.

Dave:  I don’t know if I would want to pursue it like you guys do with the auditioning and the classes and that kind of stuff, but if there is a role that I could do well in and I could sell and be compelling then I would do it.

NBF:  So you just want to show up and be awesome whenever you are called upon.

Dave:  Yeah, basically.  Like when I direct.

Brendan:  Why Not!  Seriously…

NBF:  So you guys shot Closing Doors.  What did you like about the shoot?  How’d it go?

Dave:  I thought it was really professional.  It ran really smoothly.  You were great.  In light of the fact you were dealing with two high-maintenance people.  You were awesome.  The crew was amazing and fast.  We didn’t hang around waiting for a long time.  It was a wonderful experience.

Brendan:  Yeah.  Quick, easy, in and out.  You were actually extremely professional.

NBF:  Now we are like the three amigos.  Brendan wants to shoot this Rusted Root video, “Send Me On My Way”

Brendan:  Yeah, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, it’s gonna be amazing.  (See photo of excitement).  I can’t wait.




NBF:  Can you sum the music video up in thirty seconds?

Brendan:  No. You really have to hear the music to understand.  Otherwise it is just me and Lije running through sunflower fields, high-fivin’ and shit.  You are gonna think that’s…you hear the music and it’s like, phhhh, amazing.  And Dave’s at the end, like, playing God.  You can’t beat that.

Dave:  I already started growing a beard.

NBF:  Who’s directing?

Brendan:  I was going to give Dave the job but I didn’t want to hurt Lije’s feelings.

NBF (Lije):  No it’s fine.  It’s my turn to act.

NBF:  Brendan, what did you eat for breakfast?

Brendan:  Today I didn’t eat (It is 3pm).  I am trying to get shit done.

NBF:  What did you eat for breakfast, Dave?

Dave:  A banana, two bottles of water, and one bottle of Gatorade, and mutli-vitamins with fish oil, a salad pill and a fruit pill.

NBF:  You guys are not from L.A.  Where are you from?

Brendan:  New York.

Dave:  Saturn.

NBF:  (Ignoring Dave).  You guys are both from similar areas?

Dave:  I grew up first in the Bronx and then in Long Island and you (to Brendan) are from Long Island City, right?

Brendan:  Yeah, Long Island City, then Upstate, Westchester.

NBF:  That explains why you guys chose to really accentuate your accents during the shoot.

Dave:  Did we?  it ‘s kind of hard not to when you start going off on somebody.  It is kind of tough to hold back.

Brendan:  Goes hand in hand.

NBF:  Who’s your favorite actor/dirtector?  You do you look up to?

Brendan:  Robin Williams.  He is creatively genius.  Amazing to watch.  Keeps you on your toes.

Dave:  As a director I would love to work with Denzel Washington.  He is incredible in whatever he does.  He doesn’t know how to do anything bad.  I don’t really consider myself an actor but if i could be like a guy, I would say probably the obvious guy, Robert Dinero.

NBF:  If you could have a drink with anyone and ask them anything, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Dave:  Dead or alive?

NBF:  Anyone.  God, if you want.

Dave:  It would be Orson Wells.

NBF:  What would you ask him?

Dave:  Why he did everything he did?  What compelled him to do so many things?  He was an actor.  He was a director.  He made a couple of historical classics.  He is definitely a guy I would want to grab some coffee with.  Even though I don’t drink coffee.

NBF:  What would you drink?

Dave:  Johnny Walker Black.  On the rocks.

Brendan (In response to question):  My ex-girlfriend.  “Why?”  Would be the entire conversation.  And it wouldn’t be coffee.  It would be a shit-ton of booze.

Dave:  Did she break up with you?

Brendan:  Yes.

Dave:  Want to hug it out?

NBF:  Brendan, what is your drink of choice?

Brendan:  Margarita, rocks, salt and any white tequila.  What’s your drink of choice?

NBF (Lije):  I am a vodka guy.  Vodka to the house.  F$%*’in Vodka all day every day.  Shtrong.  No ice.  Shtraight.  Drink that shit out the bottle, Nicolas Cage style,  Leaving motha f&*^’in Las Vegas.

NBF:  Brendan, give me two things you could say about Dave.

Brendan:  Extremely professional and a genuine f$%*’in cat.

NBF:  Dave, give me two things about Brendan.

Dave:  He is so talented it’s nauseating.

Brendan:  Why you gotta “one-up” me?

Dave:  And he’s a real guy.

NBF:  One thing you could say about your director?  Bad or good.  (See photo)


more laughing


Dave:  Passionate.  You’re passionate.

Brendan:  Visionary.

Cut to a quick “mocking” of Director:

NBF:  If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you stuff in your pocket to take with you?

Brendan:  An 8-ball, a flask, and a joint.

NBF:  You would be f$%*ed after your first day.

Brendan:  No, no, no, no.  Three things I would take?  Definitely a gun to end it.

Dave:  A knife.  A lighter.  And a string and a hook.

Brendan:  Wow that’s smart.  I am going the opposite way.  I am trying to think how can I have the most fun with fitting shit in my pocket.

Dave:  You are on a deserted island.  What are you gonna do?

Brendan:  Party by myself.

Dave:  Do blow on your own?  This is fun?

NBF:  Who is your #1 girl?  Your all time favorite?  Mine is Lindsey Lohan.  I love her.

Dave:  Scarlett Johansson.  I just think she is incredibly sexy.

Brendan:  Marilyn Monroe.

NBF:  Why?

Dave:  Cuz she’s dead.  And he doesn’t have to deal with her.

Brendan:  Because I have masturbated to her more times than to any other female on this planet.

Dave:  That’s a good f$%*in’ answer.

NBF:  Geez.  I don’t know who that is for me.

Brendan:  Wait, you are going to cut some of this out, right?

NBF:  Dave, tell me something you are afraid of.

Dave:  My biggest fear?  I know what it is but I have to phrase this the right way.  Is not succeeding in the manner that I want to succeed.

NBF:  Brendan, what are you afraid of?

Brendan:  Transvestites.  Deep, dark waters.

NBF:  What’s something that you really love?

Brendan:  Dozer (See photo).  Dozer is a pitbull-mastiff.  I rescued him.  Saved his little ass about a year and a half ago.


Dozer, B's dog...


Dave:  There are four people who I love.  Anthony, Brendan, Colin, and Mitchell.  I love them more than anything in this world.

Brendan:  Great names.  Especially the Brendan one.

NBF:  Here is a little clip of the guys and the pup.

NBF:  What’s your favorite holiday?

Brendan:  Well, it’s going to be Thanksgiving because we are doing a Mexican orphan trip to Mexico.  We have a house.  You (to Lije) are coming too, right?

NBF (Lije):  Going to Maui for the Maui invitational bud.  Go Michigan State Spartans!

Dave:  My birthday.  Because I get the most attention and I require a lot of it.

NBF:  What’s your favorite part about L.A.?

Dave:  The weather.

Brendan:  Same.

NBF:  Tell me something that I might not know about you by looking at you or getting to know you.  Like, for me, you would never think that I have a school-teaching degree.  You wouldn’t know that.

Dave:  You’re right.  Nah, I wouldn’t.  That’s a safe assumption.  (Everyone laughs).  Did you know that I was a cop?

NBF:  I did.  But you told me a while back.  But safe to say most other people might not think that.  A lot of your work is with crime, kids, social issues, so it doesn’t totally surprise me.

Brendan:  I work with foster kids.  I have done that for about two years now.  And, that I am sittin’ on mad cheddar.

Dave (Mockingly):  That I got six figures in my checking account.

NBF:  Brendan, what’s in store for you for the next month?

Brendan:  Leaving for Baton Rouge this week to go shoot a comedy called Zombie Hamlet.  It is about two movie producers that go to Louisiana to shoot a Zombie movie.  It is shot mockumentary style.  Everything goes terribly wrong.  I play an over-eager town’s kid who will try everything and anything to make it on set.  Oh, and I just shot Criminal Minds opposite of Forest Whitaker.

NBF:  Who are you supposed to stay away from in Baton Rouge?

Brendan:  Uhhh, I don’t know.

NBF:  Vanessa Evigan.

Brendan:  Oh yeah.  Lije says to stay away from her.  Ha.  Lije fell in love with her two years ago and blah blah blah.  The difference is, I tell them, Lije.

NBF:  I fall in love two times per week.  Anyways, Dave, what’s up with you for the next month?

Dave:  I just wrapped a music video (See the super sexy photo we took on our visit to Dave’s set last week.  Photo by E. Michael Sarki) a few days ago.  I am getting ready to do another one in a few weeks.  I am directing a short with Paul Ben-Victor called The Wolf and the Sheep.  I have written a couple of feature-length screenplays and I am attached to do a big action-thriller called The Exchange with Mary Jane Skalski and Damon Lane producing next year.  Talk about sittin’ on mad cheddar.


Dave's Music Video of artist Timothy Bloom, photo by E. Michael Sarki



Dave's Music Video of artist Timothy Bloom, photo by E. Michael Sarki





On the music video set with Dave R.




Brendan:  Closing Doors.  It ain’t easy being greasy.

NBF:  Thanks guys.  Looking forward to the future.  And we will all keep you posted on the status of Closing Doors.


Lije and Nut Bucket Films.


Lije, the Director


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