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Waterfalls in Malibu…by The Finest

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the falls...


My fantasy sports name is “Malibu’s Finest”.  Mark Ribel helped come up with that ten years ago when I moved to California.  He said I talked like a Californian before I even moved there and used to always mock me saying things about Malibu and enunciating “a”‘s as “ah”‘s.  Ya know, surfer talk.  So all football and baseball fantasy teams get this, Malibu’s Finest.

Anyway, I took my brother, Evan, and his visitor friend, Lindsay, up to Malibu to try to find this waterfall I went to a while back.

It was pretty easy to remember so take quick notes.  Drive up the PCH until you get near the end of the Malibu coast.  After Pepperdine and Cher’s house but before Point Doom.  You are going to pass this restaurant called Goeffrey’s.  I guess it’s pretty nice and it’s right on the water.  It will be on your left.  Just after it there is a little parking lot on the right at.  Just park and walk up that road through the neighborhood to the end (about a half mile up) and follow the trail in.  You will find your way if you just keep taking the turns on the trail that follow the dried up river.  We found some keys along the trail on the way in.  Note:  Don’t leave your keys as bread crumbs to find your way back.  Thing is, we forgot to tell the five different people we saw that there were keys hanging from a bush at the beginning.  Oh well, hope they made it out all right.  Hope  it wasn’t a sign of a struggle.  That’s a little freaky.

Eventually the river will lead you to the first little pond of sulfur-smelling goodness.  There used to be a little bit of water flowing here but it has since dried up.  You can wash your hands here.


sulfur pond


This is where it gets fun.  Now we get to do some rock climbing.  I led the way with Lindsay second and Evan following.  It is tricky but reminded me of the old days in Kentucky climbing the sides of the riverbeds that were cut out from the layered rock.  Cool stuff.  And very pretty.


Evan and Lindsay at the first up and up...


Of course Evan had a walking stick.  So stupid.  Like he needs a walking stick.  So glad the frigging thing broke on his way back down.  All it did was slow him down.  The view from the valley we walked though to get to the rocks was awesome.


the valley in...


OK, so now we are on the second leg up the mountain.  It is pretty easy to figure out which way to go.  Mostly because there is only one way TO go.  Follow the water up either on the right or left.  You will figure it out.  There are some ropes to assist you where need be.  Just make sure they don’t break.  And make sure the trees don’t rip out of the ground either.  Oh, and don’t let the boulders fall on your head from the person climbing ahead of you.  This happened on the way down with me and Lindsay.  Poor Evan had to stay below afraid of being pummeled by boulders.  True story.  He said he was going to yell “Fire!” if there was a boulder falling.  I was like, why don’t you say “Rock!”?  He said fire was proven to be most effective.  Hopefully the person that lost the keys wasn’t yelling “Fire!”


rope assisting the climb...really? a stick?



the top...boulder city...just past the peak of the waterfall


You will know when you get to the end because you will see this.  So pretty and so much better in real life.  The only thing wrong with it today was the topless photo shoot that was going on with the Lane Bryant model.  We all caught a little glimpse but not on purpose, of course.  She was kind of hot.  Not gonna lie.


under the falls...



the the waterfall


So there you have it folks.  Just pack plenty of apples and bananas, take your time, don’t lose your keys, watch out for horse shit, beware of other people, boulders, your own crew, and plan for a couple of hours out of your day.  Oh, and if one of your male crew members doesn’t grow a vagina you might be able to climb all the way to the top together.

I left a note on two different cars when we got back.  I think it was the shooting crew’s keys.  They were from Indiana.  Go figure.

Next is Maui…


  1. Looks like quite the adventure. What falls did you and I walk up? That was also an adventure!!

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