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Life’s a BEACH…zero downtime.

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photo by E Michael Sarki.

Well I wanted to quickly let everyone know that I have not won a million dollars and gone on vacation to Africa to help cure world hunger.  I would LOVE to.  I really would.  That is something my sister did.  Minus the million bucks.

Or Life’s a Peach.

I did NOT book a recurring role on Mad Men.

I have not gotten eaten by a shark paddle-boarding.

I am trying to get my online SCUBA certification done in the next 24 hours.  This is easy but it is time-consuming.  If they didn’t make you take a quiz every three questions!  WTF!  My friend has a friend who knows someone who has a friend that has a cousin that might know how to do the open-water portion of the certification progress once I get to Maui on Monday.  I got another friend who is going to take me to Catalina when I get back to do some scuba diving with the GREAT WHITE SHARK, in a cage of course.

Michigan State University will be in Maui for the Maui Invitational Monday through Wednesday.  I will be attending those games!  HOLLA!!!

I am spending Thanksgiving in Maui.  Well deserved.  Thankfully my pal Keith  has a house there and accommodations are fantastic.  He has a bunch of toys to play with as well.

I have been sitting in front of a laptop editing Closing Doors for 18 of the last 24 hours.  I had also spent the last three days before that setting up my laptop with AVID media composer while taking an extreme crash course in editing on AVID.

I am familiar with Final Cut Pro, but that does me no good when the project was edited by the first two people on AVID.  Unless I start from scratch.  Which would be more time-consuming.

I have had two different editors on Closing Doors so far.  They are both talented as hell and I love them dearly but I have NOT gotten to see the cut I wanted or envisioned as of yet.  The big reason for that.  MONEY!

We have low/no budget for this project and we have no money to pay people for their time, so they have little or no time to help out for free, so we get the best of what we can get from them in the shortest amount of time.  We also get help via NYC and an external office which means I am not present at the time of editing to make changes and share my lovely opinion of how I see the film playing out.

NOW I AM EDITING THE FILM.  These are NOT complaints!!  i am actually really enjoying this.  I just wish I knew a few extra shortcuts but they are coming along the way.

It is cool though.  If you are going to be a true filmmaker you should be able to do it from the beginning to the end.

I just received a new camera two days ago.  A Canon 7D.

So theoretically if I find a sound guy I can shoot a film and finish it all by myself, with a sound guy.  And then I will need some color correction and some score and some music.  But that is close to doing it by myself.

I also have a few other jobs.  One is producing this Pilot called Underbelly with Lauren Ziemski and Ryan Philander.  Ryan wrote and will direct.  I am acting in it.  So is Lauren.  Ryan took a stab at editing Closing Doors.  He is a super talented editor.  He did a great job and I got a lot of ideas from his work.  I am hoping he will make a hybrid between his vision and mine when he gets back from NYC.  It is a Tit for Tat situation.

Speaking of a Tit for Tat situation, you can still donate to the film!  We need your help.  We have a few thousand bucks left to spend on submissions and marketing and it is almost time to spend it.  it you give a measly $25 you get a copy of the DVD and your name on the t-shirt (official) and movie poster (official).  Come on people!!!  That is the best deal on the planet.  Click HERE.  There are a bunch of other perks at the link below.  Also, you can write the donation off!  We are sponsored by a non-profit.  I know you all have taxes to write of for the end or the year.

or here

I am trying to get a trailer together to give everyone a taste of the film.  Soon enough!

OK, enough rambling, I need to go back to editing.

I got a haircut.

Love you all,




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Tit for Tat is a 1935 short comedy film starring Laurel and Hardy. It was the only direct sequel they made, following the story of the previous year’s Them Thar HillsTit for Tat was also nominated for the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film (Comedy), but did not win.

Pretty coincidental how Wikipedia has this information.  See how it says the film was nominated for an Academy Award for Live Action Short?  That’s the same expectation I have for the film, Closing Doors.  Except I want to win!

The film is coming together really nicely.  Sorry I have not been able to show more.  There is a surprise ending so I can’t even show photography stills of the film just yet.

I bring up Tit for Tat because we need to raise money.  We are at about 1/4 funded.  The beautiful thing is that funding has gotten us almost all of the way through post-production.  Problem is, the most expensive part is the road to come.  We have festival submissions, marketing, and transportation to and from.  We are smart and budget very wisely so please trust us with your cash money!!  Proof is in the fact we are almost through post-production only spending 1/4 of our budget.

We need your help.  A Tit for a Tat.  If you all give us some $$ then we will give you some perks.  The best deal we have is this one.

$25 donation gets you a DVD of the movie before it is released AND your name on the official t-shirt and movie poster of Closing Doors. Maybe I can bribe you with this photo we might use for the movie poster?  Your name will go up right in the corner!!!!  Sweet deal.

photo by Morgan Arnold

It is a no-brainer.  Especially if you are a fan of Nut Bucket Films or Brendan Coughlin and Dave Rodriguez (leads of Closing Doors) or even the film itself.  Here is the link.  Click $25

Just go in a enter how much you want to give.  You can give more Tit and get more Tat?

Here are some other Tats for your Tit…

Click $50Name in film credits.  And all of lower donation perks.  Yes, your name will roll in the credits at the end of the movie.  Everyone will know you helped out.  Plus you get all the stuff the lower donations get.

Here are some more Tats if you are really generous.

Click $100 – Receive a mention in the first Closing Doors Press Release. And all of lower donation perks.

Click $500Associate Producer Credit. And all of lower donation perks.

Click $1000— Invitation to the set and can have your “look” at the first “cut” (throw in your two cents). Plus all the lower perks.

All right, if you are strapped for cash and can only give a $10 spot then just do it!  It all helps.  Seriously!  We need it.  $10 will get you mentioned on our blog and social media sites.  And of course invited to anything and everything that Closing Doors does!

And, just so you know we are legit.  We are sponsored by PATRON OF THE ARTS (POTA).  This is a program designed to help filmmakers fund their projects.  It is similar to sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter but the beautiful thing with POTA is that it is a non-profit organization so EVERY DONATION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  YOU CAN WRITE THE DONATION OFF!!!  Click POTA to read more about the program.


Thanks for your time today,

Lije and Nut Bucket Films

follow Nut Bucket Films and Closing Doors on Facebook.

for a more detailed description of the film and the people involved, please go HERE.

STARS are born…Lije and Lenny gettin’ DIRTY

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suck it Lenny!

The football season is half over.  That sucks.  I guess I should say we have half left!  Keep it positive!  I hate to bring it up.  No one wants to think about football being half over.  Baseball is over.  That’s not good.  Soon all we will have is the NBA.  NBA is only good in the 4th quarter or in June.  Maybe I am bitter because the Pistons are terrible.  Although they did win yesterday against the Bobcats.  We have NHL too.  I love NHL.  I wish I had more time to watch it.  And we have college basketball soon.  OK, I guess we have plenty of sports.  We are all good.  Nevermind the “freak out” session.

The thing that is most significant about the football season being half over is Lije and Lenny have officially released eight webisodes!!!  That’s right!  Football Sundays at Baby Blues BBQ is on episode 8!  If you have not seen any of them, please check yourself.  Join the Facebook group and follow the BBQ…

To help everyone out and get caught up I am going to post all the videos here today.  They are each about a minute long.  Eight minutes of your life should get you a few laughs.  Please comment and let us know what you like or don’t.  Actually don’t tell us what you dislike.  You can find all the videos on Lenny’s youtube page as well as Nut Bucket’s youtube page.

We have a really good time shooting these things.  Lenny is a real funny dude.  Lucky for me, I just have to work off of him.  Lenny does stand up and you should follow his Facebook page too so maybe one day you can check out one of his shows.

And for the final plug, we shoot these down at Baby Blues BBQ.  If you love BBQ or sports or both, or just getting drunk at a cool bar, then get your ass down to West Hollywood and hang out with us.  There are a bunch of TV’s and we have all the packages and all the channels.  There is a whole crew there.  Sean, Noah, Lisa, Beau, Maggie, Jana, Marie, Kate, Rick, Danny, Pakala, Amanda, Julianne, and yours truly.  If I missed someone, please kick me in the shin next time I see you.  Oh, and a shout out to Nut Bucket Films for keeping it real.  Nut Bucket has a new movie coming out soon called Closing Doors.  Follow us on Facebook!

So here they are…from the beginning.

Episode 1 “the original”

Episode 2 “Part Dos”

Episode 3 “XXX Sauce”

Episode 4 “Hot Maggie”

Episode 5 “The Rash”

Episode 6 “Pie?”

Episode 7 “Phone Number?”

Episode 8 “Bears First”

Hope you enjoy,


Bye Bye Buckley…so fly like a G6

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Kasey, I love you and will miss you...

Today was a good day.  It has been unreal weather here in Los Angeles this week.  I swear it must have been 95 degrees at the beach today.  So beautiful.  All that weather we missed this summer has been packed into this week.  So I have tried to pack in a little summer fun myself.

summer lovin in November

I got to get out on the SUP (Stand-Up-Paddleboard) a couple of times this week.  There were some nice waves in town.  That’s how I started the day today.  A nice SUP session.  I wore a wetsuit though.  Well sort of.  I tied the top part around my waist instead of pulling my arms through.  It was so nice out I had too.  The water was still chilly so I needed the legs covered as well as the “you know what.”  The problem was, I bailed pretty hard into a wave and it pulled my suit down to my ankles.  I was left in the suit of “birth.”  Pretty funny.  I struggled rather quickly to get the dang thing back on, ass out in the air and all.  A mini beached whale.

Today I had plans to help my old roommate, Kasey, move all her stuff into a POD.  She is moving east to Nashville and Austin.  I think she will be stationed in Austin but doing all of her band-type stuff in Nashville.  She is half of a very talented duo called, MISS WILLIE BROWN.  They are on the cusp of being a very well-know band.  Her and Amanda Watkins are a force to be reckoned with.  If you have not had a chance to check them out you should.  Just click on the link.  Kasey also had a large supporting role in the last film I directed, Alphonso Bow.  She is so talented as an actor it is ridiculous.  She is arguably as talented a singer.  I will be putting her in another movie as soon as I can.

I got to have coffee with her yesterday and show her the first cut of the film Closing Doors. I always go to Kasey for advice and opinion.  She is a smart girl and no bullshit.  I took what she had to say and used it.

I like to say Kasey rescued me from a shitty relationship I had years ago.  I was in a downward spiral and she was there for me.  I am forever grateful for that.  She has continued to be one of the most valued friends and important people in my life.  I am going to miss her.

Thing is, I spent more time with her today than I have in months.  I realized that is what happens when people move away or get busy with life.  You start to cherish the moments you get to have.  I do that with a lot of things these days.  I don’t have a lot of free time.  I know it seems like I do just because I share it all with the world, or whoever wishes to read it.  But I really do cherish every moment.  It is important I think.

which box is first??

I rode Amanda’s bike to Kasey’s house to help her move.  She is taking the bike to Austin.  There goes our extra bike.  Sorry Evan.  Liz met over at the apartment too.  We had to haul a bunch of boxes  and instruments down three flights of stairs and strategically fill the POD.  No problem.  Broke a little sweat and had some fun.  The heaviest thing was a keyboard that was packed in a coffin.  Liz and I handled that.  "after" photoSee video.  I said goodbye to Memphis, the hairless cat, and that was the end of the apartment.

Kasey treated me to a Mani-Pedi at Toe Heaven.  My favorite spot on Main St. in Santa Monica.  We had a blast.  We talked about all types of shit.  Heavy shit.  I know this sounds like things that two girls are supposed to do.  But dudes need to do this stuff also.


Kasey's toes...

Kasey is like another sister to me.  And since my sisters live in Michigan, she makes a fine sub.

We had some coffee again afterwards and then Kasey dropped me back home.  I was starving so I ate some veggies and some pork and the cookie I got.  I am seriously addicted to sweets.  I am in trouble.  It is a good thing I stay so active.  I told a friend of mine the other day that if it was cool to be fat I would be sooooo fat.  I love to eat.

I took a nap.  I play softball in about thirty minutes.  We better win tonight.  I played two days ago and still can’t move my legs.  It is from that freakin’ Crossfit I do.  That shit is hardcore.  5 pull-ups then 10 push-ups then 15 squats.  As many rounds as you can for 20 minutes.  I can;t move my legs.  I did 19 rounds.  See what you can do.

The point of today’s blog was to give mad props to Kasey Buckley.  I love you.  I will miss you.  You are so very dear to my heart and i will always be there for you.  Now go kick some country ass.  So fly like a G6.  My favorite song on the radio.  Unless Miss Willie Brown is on there.



The West Hollywood Shit-Show…Halloween

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I don’t know how else to explain it.  It is chaos.  Hundreds of thousands of people swarm the streets in West Hollywood, CA and celebrate the day of the dead.  I think that’s why Halloween came about.  Who cares.  Halloween is an excuse to party, get dressed up, and look as slutty as possible.  In West Hollywood it goes for guys and girls alike.

I was dressed as Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down.  If you haven’t seen the show, you need to.  If you have, watch it again.  The best part of my day was Kenny taking over my mind.

I started out watching football at Baby Blues BBQ with my pals Brandon, Brian, and Bob.  The Detroit Lions won!  My day was already amazing.  I have been told we all use that word too much.  Amazing.  I am going to try to only use it when it’s really necessary.  A Lions victory is f#$King AMAZING though.  Kenny Powers would say so.  Kenny did get traded to the Detroit Tigers from the Churros in Mexico.  I would say that is a step in the right direction.

The beginning

I began talking like an insecure prick all day.  Problem is, I laugh too much.  And being around my friends I found it hard to hold it in.  Throughout the day I got better.  I have to admit it was fun.  Talking raunchy and vulgar and way out of my element…Brandon and Bob laughed a lot.  They were lame and had no costumes, therefore they get no photos.  Except Brandon showed up as Brad Childress, the coach of the Vikings.  But they lost so his shame ruined Halloween for him.


At about 6PM we started the walk to the madness.  What happens is the city closes off the streets on Santa Monica Blvd. for about a mile long in between La Cienega and Doheny.  There are DJ set-ups and bars overflowing in the streets, music pumping, freaks all over the place, gay and straight together, and Asian people everywhere taking photos!  Now that was funny shit.

natives and village people…haggared

We met up with some hot Native American-type chicks (Sarah and Tara and Brian), a new friend Alix, and cruised down Santa Monica Blvd.  I was amazed.  I just kept taking photos with my Blackberry.  I should have brought a real camera.  It was worthy.  I am sure you can find a ton of great shots online.  This event is world renown.  Here are a bunch of pics.


the crowd was enormous

fat hooters chick hula-hooping

this shit scares me

We made our way almost to the end and stopped into East West lounge.  Funny spot, because about five years ago I helped open the place.  I didn’t last long.  I got shit-faced one night and they let me go.  Those were the old days though.  It was nice to go back.  I didn’t know anyone working so they must have cleaned house.  We were all shit-faced back in the day.  The Halloween crew regrouped at East West, some of us did some shots, used the pisser, and got ready for wave Dos.

The energy out there was crazy.  It just made you want to jump around and act like you were on drugs.  Most people probably were.  I was dancing in the streets.  I think I might have thought I was on Extacy at one point.

Kenny dancing on Extacy

Everyone was happy as hell.  I don’t want to say it, but for three seconds I felt a little bit of that energy I felt at Coachella.  That’s it though.  Three seconds.  Sorry Coachella.  You are my favorite.

the chicken was greasy

We left East West and made our way back down the strip and headed to the Belmont.  It is a restaurant off the street with a sweet patio where you can watch the madness from afar.  Look at this sign for parking.  This is taking advantage of the situation.  Bullshit I say.

Tara and $50 parking?? WTF!

From there we hung and drank and had some food.  Their Mac n’ Cheese is insane.  So freakin’ good.  I ran into a bunch of pals there.

Nick Swardson and Kenny Powers

Nick, Pete, Andrew, Brandon and Bob again, and Tara’s brother.

Pete “Run” and Kenny

Tara’s brother was a pretty good Zombie.  I love Zombies.  I wanted to make Kenny into a Zombie.  Maybe next year.  I want to try to do Kenny next year without breaking.  Yeah, I got a  year to practice.

Alix and Tara’s brother, The Zombie

The Belmont was the end of my Halloween.  It was 11pm and I had started at 9am.  I am sure there was more freakness to have.  Voyeur had a nice party going on went I went back to get my car.  Traffic was f#$@ed.  But guess what, I still made it to get Froyo before the place closed!  That’s right Mother F#@#ers, I am f#$@ing addicted to Froyo.  I wrote about the Froyo problem.  Check it out HERE

Happy Halloween,

Kenny Powers aka Lije