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The West Hollywood Shit-Show…Halloween

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I don’t know how else to explain it.  It is chaos.  Hundreds of thousands of people swarm the streets in West Hollywood, CA and celebrate the day of the dead.  I think that’s why Halloween came about.  Who cares.  Halloween is an excuse to party, get dressed up, and look as slutty as possible.  In West Hollywood it goes for guys and girls alike.

I was dressed as Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down.  If you haven’t seen the show, you need to.  If you have, watch it again.  The best part of my day was Kenny taking over my mind.

I started out watching football at Baby Blues BBQ with my pals Brandon, Brian, and Bob.  The Detroit Lions won!  My day was already amazing.  I have been told we all use that word too much.  Amazing.  I am going to try to only use it when it’s really necessary.  A Lions victory is f#$King AMAZING though.  Kenny Powers would say so.  Kenny did get traded to the Detroit Tigers from the Churros in Mexico.  I would say that is a step in the right direction.

The beginning

I began talking like an insecure prick all day.  Problem is, I laugh too much.  And being around my friends I found it hard to hold it in.  Throughout the day I got better.  I have to admit it was fun.  Talking raunchy and vulgar and way out of my element…Brandon and Bob laughed a lot.  They were lame and had no costumes, therefore they get no photos.  Except Brandon showed up as Brad Childress, the coach of the Vikings.  But they lost so his shame ruined Halloween for him.


At about 6PM we started the walk to the madness.  What happens is the city closes off the streets on Santa Monica Blvd. for about a mile long in between La Cienega and Doheny.  There are DJ set-ups and bars overflowing in the streets, music pumping, freaks all over the place, gay and straight together, and Asian people everywhere taking photos!  Now that was funny shit.

natives and village people…haggared

We met up with some hot Native American-type chicks (Sarah and Tara and Brian), a new friend Alix, and cruised down Santa Monica Blvd.  I was amazed.  I just kept taking photos with my Blackberry.  I should have brought a real camera.  It was worthy.  I am sure you can find a ton of great shots online.  This event is world renown.  Here are a bunch of pics.


the crowd was enormous

fat hooters chick hula-hooping

this shit scares me

We made our way almost to the end and stopped into East West lounge.  Funny spot, because about five years ago I helped open the place.  I didn’t last long.  I got shit-faced one night and they let me go.  Those were the old days though.  It was nice to go back.  I didn’t know anyone working so they must have cleaned house.  We were all shit-faced back in the day.  The Halloween crew regrouped at East West, some of us did some shots, used the pisser, and got ready for wave Dos.

The energy out there was crazy.  It just made you want to jump around and act like you were on drugs.  Most people probably were.  I was dancing in the streets.  I think I might have thought I was on Extacy at one point.

Kenny dancing on Extacy

Everyone was happy as hell.  I don’t want to say it, but for three seconds I felt a little bit of that energy I felt at Coachella.  That’s it though.  Three seconds.  Sorry Coachella.  You are my favorite.

the chicken was greasy

We left East West and made our way back down the strip and headed to the Belmont.  It is a restaurant off the street with a sweet patio where you can watch the madness from afar.  Look at this sign for parking.  This is taking advantage of the situation.  Bullshit I say.

Tara and $50 parking?? WTF!

From there we hung and drank and had some food.  Their Mac n’ Cheese is insane.  So freakin’ good.  I ran into a bunch of pals there.

Nick Swardson and Kenny Powers

Nick, Pete, Andrew, Brandon and Bob again, and Tara’s brother.

Pete “Run” and Kenny

Tara’s brother was a pretty good Zombie.  I love Zombies.  I wanted to make Kenny into a Zombie.  Maybe next year.  I want to try to do Kenny next year without breaking.  Yeah, I got a  year to practice.

Alix and Tara’s brother, The Zombie

The Belmont was the end of my Halloween.  It was 11pm and I had started at 9am.  I am sure there was more freakness to have.  Voyeur had a nice party going on went I went back to get my car.  Traffic was f#$@ed.  But guess what, I still made it to get Froyo before the place closed!  That’s right Mother F#@#ers, I am f#$@ing addicted to Froyo.  I wrote about the Froyo problem.  Check it out HERE

Happy Halloween,

Kenny Powers aka Lije


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