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Bye Bye Buckley…so fly like a G6

In Uncategorized on November 4, 2010 at 6:58 pm

Kasey, I love you and will miss you...

Today was a good day.  It has been unreal weather here in Los Angeles this week.  I swear it must have been 95 degrees at the beach today.  So beautiful.  All that weather we missed this summer has been packed into this week.  So I have tried to pack in a little summer fun myself.

summer lovin in November

I got to get out on the SUP (Stand-Up-Paddleboard) a couple of times this week.  There were some nice waves in town.  That’s how I started the day today.  A nice SUP session.  I wore a wetsuit though.  Well sort of.  I tied the top part around my waist instead of pulling my arms through.  It was so nice out I had too.  The water was still chilly so I needed the legs covered as well as the “you know what.”  The problem was, I bailed pretty hard into a wave and it pulled my suit down to my ankles.  I was left in the suit of “birth.”  Pretty funny.  I struggled rather quickly to get the dang thing back on, ass out in the air and all.  A mini beached whale.

Today I had plans to help my old roommate, Kasey, move all her stuff into a POD.  She is moving east to Nashville and Austin.  I think she will be stationed in Austin but doing all of her band-type stuff in Nashville.  She is half of a very talented duo called, MISS WILLIE BROWN.  They are on the cusp of being a very well-know band.  Her and Amanda Watkins are a force to be reckoned with.  If you have not had a chance to check them out you should.  Just click on the link.  Kasey also had a large supporting role in the last film I directed, Alphonso Bow.  She is so talented as an actor it is ridiculous.  She is arguably as talented a singer.  I will be putting her in another movie as soon as I can.

I got to have coffee with her yesterday and show her the first cut of the film Closing Doors. I always go to Kasey for advice and opinion.  She is a smart girl and no bullshit.  I took what she had to say and used it.

I like to say Kasey rescued me from a shitty relationship I had years ago.  I was in a downward spiral and she was there for me.  I am forever grateful for that.  She has continued to be one of the most valued friends and important people in my life.  I am going to miss her.

Thing is, I spent more time with her today than I have in months.  I realized that is what happens when people move away or get busy with life.  You start to cherish the moments you get to have.  I do that with a lot of things these days.  I don’t have a lot of free time.  I know it seems like I do just because I share it all with the world, or whoever wishes to read it.  But I really do cherish every moment.  It is important I think.

which box is first??

I rode Amanda’s bike to Kasey’s house to help her move.  She is taking the bike to Austin.  There goes our extra bike.  Sorry Evan.  Liz met over at the apartment too.  We had to haul a bunch of boxes  and instruments down three flights of stairs and strategically fill the POD.  No problem.  Broke a little sweat and had some fun.  The heaviest thing was a keyboard that was packed in a coffin.  Liz and I handled that.  "after" photoSee video.  I said goodbye to Memphis, the hairless cat, and that was the end of the apartment.

Kasey treated me to a Mani-Pedi at Toe Heaven.  My favorite spot on Main St. in Santa Monica.  We had a blast.  We talked about all types of shit.  Heavy shit.  I know this sounds like things that two girls are supposed to do.  But dudes need to do this stuff also.


Kasey's toes...

Kasey is like another sister to me.  And since my sisters live in Michigan, she makes a fine sub.

We had some coffee again afterwards and then Kasey dropped me back home.  I was starving so I ate some veggies and some pork and the cookie I got.  I am seriously addicted to sweets.  I am in trouble.  It is a good thing I stay so active.  I told a friend of mine the other day that if it was cool to be fat I would be sooooo fat.  I love to eat.

I took a nap.  I play softball in about thirty minutes.  We better win tonight.  I played two days ago and still can’t move my legs.  It is from that freakin’ Crossfit I do.  That shit is hardcore.  5 pull-ups then 10 push-ups then 15 squats.  As many rounds as you can for 20 minutes.  I can;t move my legs.  I did 19 rounds.  See what you can do.

The point of today’s blog was to give mad props to Kasey Buckley.  I love you.  I will miss you.  You are so very dear to my heart and i will always be there for you.  Now go kick some country ass.  So fly like a G6.  My favorite song on the radio.  Unless Miss Willie Brown is on there.




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