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STARS are born…Lije and Lenny gettin’ DIRTY

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suck it Lenny!

The football season is half over.  That sucks.  I guess I should say we have half left!  Keep it positive!  I hate to bring it up.  No one wants to think about football being half over.  Baseball is over.  That’s not good.  Soon all we will have is the NBA.  NBA is only good in the 4th quarter or in June.  Maybe I am bitter because the Pistons are terrible.  Although they did win yesterday against the Bobcats.  We have NHL too.  I love NHL.  I wish I had more time to watch it.  And we have college basketball soon.  OK, I guess we have plenty of sports.  We are all good.  Nevermind the “freak out” session.

The thing that is most significant about the football season being half over is Lije and Lenny have officially released eight webisodes!!!  That’s right!  Football Sundays at Baby Blues BBQ is on episode 8!  If you have not seen any of them, please check yourself.  Join the Facebook group and follow the BBQ…

To help everyone out and get caught up I am going to post all the videos here today.  They are each about a minute long.  Eight minutes of your life should get you a few laughs.  Please comment and let us know what you like or don’t.  Actually don’t tell us what you dislike.  You can find all the videos on Lenny’s youtube page as well as Nut Bucket’s youtube page.

We have a really good time shooting these things.  Lenny is a real funny dude.  Lucky for me, I just have to work off of him.  Lenny does stand up and you should follow his Facebook page too so maybe one day you can check out one of his shows.

And for the final plug, we shoot these down at Baby Blues BBQ.  If you love BBQ or sports or both, or just getting drunk at a cool bar, then get your ass down to West Hollywood and hang out with us.  There are a bunch of TV’s and we have all the packages and all the channels.  There is a whole crew there.  Sean, Noah, Lisa, Beau, Maggie, Jana, Marie, Kate, Rick, Danny, Pakala, Amanda, Julianne, and yours truly.  If I missed someone, please kick me in the shin next time I see you.  Oh, and a shout out to Nut Bucket Films for keeping it real.  Nut Bucket has a new movie coming out soon called Closing Doors.  Follow us on Facebook!

So here they are…from the beginning.

Episode 1 “the original”

Episode 2 “Part Dos”

Episode 3 “XXX Sauce”

Episode 4 “Hot Maggie”

Episode 5 “The Rash”

Episode 6 “Pie?”

Episode 7 “Phone Number?”

Episode 8 “Bears First”

Hope you enjoy,



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