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chasing chairlifts…almost blown away

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the car after twelve hours of snow

Another crazy day on the mountain.  I woke up to find 2-3 feet of snow on my car and still coming down strong.

I rose early at about 7am.  Went to sleep at 11pm.  I know, LAME…I told you all how tired I was from the holiday.  I slept so f$^&ing good.  All warm and cozy in a mountain bed all by myself.  I actually am excited to do it again tonight.

Today was bananas!  The mountain at Mammoth is/was getting pummeled.  I hot the mountain right at 8:30am when it opened.  The only chair open on our side  was 8.  I took a run and waited for Chris’s lazy ass to wake up.  The line was pretty long so by the time I was about to go up a second time he showed up.  I stepped out to meet him and then proceeded to wait again with him for 25 minutes.  I hate lines.  Especially at the mountain.  I will usually go in the single’s line and that moves pretty quickly.  That’s what I did the rest of the day.

We basically chased chairlifts all friggin’ day.  We caught Canyon chair, 16, right when it opened.  We were some of the first ones up.  That was worth the wait.  Got some nice Pow Pow (powder).  The top of the mountain was closed and will be until tomorrow sometime.  It is a blizzard out there!

Gettin' slizzard in the Blizzard...pre-video

We hit Canyon for a few runs and then headed over to Mill Valley to try to catch the other chairs that opened a bit higher.  We stopped for a hot chocolate and a beer.  Should have skipped the hot chocolate because rumors started floating around and everyone was saying they were closing most of the mountain.  Too much wind.  We tried to hustle out to catch the last chair up so we didn’t have to hike or take a bus back around but we were too late.  It stopped right in front of us.  Motha F#%^a.  Kind of funny though.  Who tries to catch the last chair up when they are closing because of danger?  Especially when a place in Michigan and  place in Maine had chairlifts blow off the railings yesterday.

We snuck up to Chair 21, a small hike from Mill, and headed back to Chair 8 which I was originally riding early in the morning.  They shut Canyon down right when we got back.  The winds at the top of the lifts must have been 55mph.  Check out this video.  This was out last time at the top for the day.  Crazy.

That’s the day so far.  It is about 1pm.  The Grizzly bar is going strong.

Grizzly cafe goes off in the blizzard

I am going to head back to the condo and chill before all the fools get here tonight.  My last night to relax.  Gonna hit the Hot Tub.  Maybe I will chat with ya tomorrow…



Vertigo, Magic Beans, and the POW POW

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Sierra Mountains at Mammoth Lakes

Talk about an epic day!  I was supposed to go up to Mammoth Mountain tomorrow but due to the twenty-plus feet of snow they got last week, I decided to make the trek a day early.  I left this morning.

I woke up at 3am to take a piss at my home in LA and decided I mine as well just leave for the mountains.  I had my alarm set for 4am.  Let me tell you I didn’t get to go to bed until midnight either.  After a week of work and family and holiday celebrating I was exhausted.  That didn’t matter though.

I loaded up the car with everything I would need until New Years Day, and then some.  I am a planner.  I already had purchased two iced coffees on Sunday morning and had them in the refrigerator waiting for me for the drive.  I packed on Sunday.  I was ready.  I just wasn’t sure if the sleep would be a factor.  I made this trip many times last year.  It was easy.  And peaceful.  And relaxing.

sunrise on Highway 14

The trip from LA to Mammoth is about five hours.  I sucked down one iced coffee the first thirty minutes and not long after I sucked down the other one.  Two hours into the trip and I already drank the equivalent of six cups of coffee.  That shit wasn’t even phasing me so I stopped at about 5:30am and got a hot coffee at the usual gas station of Highway 14 where you have to turn.  This brand of coffee was labeled “extreme” for extra caffeine.  Like I needed it.

The sun was starting to come up.  I thought that would help me but it didn’t.  I was fading fast.  Finally I gave in and pulled over for a ten-minute power nap.  I pulled up next to a semi and let the car run.  I think I worried about carbon monoxide poisoning and it didn’t help me sleep.

That was it.  That was all I needed.  A seven-minute nap.  After that I felt like a million bucks.  I was cruising.  Me and the road.  I called my best pal Justin in Detroit and chit chatted with him for a bit.  That was cool.  We were planning our trip to Lakeland this spring to see the Detroit Tigers during spring training.  More on that later.

The next thing you know I feel like I am on crack.  I am still tired but I feel like I am strung out on drugs.  But like the day after you do the drugs.

Whatever.  I made the most of it.  I usually enjoy the crap out of that ride but this time I am not going to lie, it was a little tough.

I got into Mammoth Lakes around 10am and everything started to fall into place.  I called our condo and they let me check in early.  The only problem was when I stopped to talk to the property manager I couldn’t communicate because I was so edgy from the coffee.  I really felt like I was on crack.  I had to tell her I was not on drugs and that I am fueled with coffee and that I was sorry and that she had nothing to worry about and her condo would be fine.  Ha!

I dropped off all the stuff at the condo, ate, stopped at Wave Rave to get some new lenses for my goggles so I could see, and WHAM BAM DAMN!  It starts to snow.

was freaking snowing I tell you

Timing couldn’t have been better.  My buddy Chris and his girl met me at Canyon lodge around 11am and we were riding in minutes.  And it was snowing.  A lot.  Snowing so much that it was fairly hard to see.  So much that I felt like I was on a boat or a cloud.  So much I wanted to barf my first, second, and third run.  Maybe it was the coffee or the lack of sleep and food.  Actually, I think it was the Vertigo caused by lack of vision and stability caused by the weather and zero visibility.

Vertigo was kicking in...I was losing it

But we were SO smart that we went to a great little part of the mountain off Broadway and Chair 1 and I got some vision back and found more fresh powder.  We rode the shit out of that area until we could do no more.

Me, Chris, and Ang...ridin'



Me and Foxy

I literally just stepped off the mountain and hour ago.  I rode my snowboard right up to the condo.  The road had snow on it so I was able to take the run all the way to the bottom.  It is dumping snow as I write this.  I am so glad I came up a day early.  I needed some alone time too.  I am going to sit here and watch the Vikings/Eagles game and hope to God that Percy Harvin and Jeremy Maclin do not accumulate 38 points between each other so I can win the Superbowl of my Fantasy Football League.  And then I am going to go to bed.


I am running on chocolate covered espresso beans that my brother introduced me to.  They sell them at Trader Joe’s.  This is dangerous.  I eat a lot of beans.  Those kinds of beans.

Is it the BEANS?

This week is going to rule.  My buddy Tanner gets here tomorrow, Liz and her friend on Friday, a ton of San Diego buddies, and my pals Devoy and Theron are DJ’ing at the NYE party at the Snow Creek Athletic Club Friday.  Oh and Leslie flies in Thursday.

I will keep you all posted.  I hope you all try to enjoy your holiday time as much as me.  You deserve it.  Everyone does.  I know I do.

Much love,

Lije and NBF

pre-xmas eve, fried fish, and potential mudslides

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Merry Christmas from Kush people

Talk about a great day.  Chalk this one up as one of the best in December.  It so happens that it fell on the day before Christmas Eve.

I guess when it rains for a week solid and then the sun pops out it is all “kites and sausages”, as my brother, Evan, would say.  My brother also says, “LTS”.  Like a Jersey Shore quote, except with my initials.  I forget what it means.  He just uses LTS in a sentence.  Like GTL.  Gym Tan Laundry.

I got some family in town so that rain was beginning to take a toll on morale.  God was trying to tell us all something, I think.  Funny though on Wednesday I witnessed a “Double Rainbow”.  The double rainbow is now famous from that moron on YouTube that creamed his pants in the desert over seeing one.  Click it if you want a laugh.

So yesterday the sun came out.  I started the morning crushing some Crossfit with my peeps at Dogtown.  Luckily Shana was there at the 8:30 class so she could tell me where in Malibu to get a bowl of chowder and some fish n’ chips for my dad.  That is all he wanted when we made the trip up the coast.  And to feel safe.  he wants to feel safe driving.  That was the plan.  First, to take Beav up the canyon and show her the view, and then go up the PCH far enough to get a fish sandwich from Neptune’s Net (thanks Shana).

Evan and I picked the elders up at 10am and headed up the PCH.  First stop was Temescal Canyon.  Please remember it had just rained 100 inches over the past six days so mudslides and hurricanes were on everyone’s minds.  I was sick of hearing about it.  After instilling enough confidence in Beav to go up the mountain we were finally on our way.  Evan had to re-park the car so he didn’t catch up to us until we reached the top.  Rattlesnakes were the big topic of conversation.  Evan and I witnessed a couple snakes a while back and it was frightening.  I wrote about them.  Read HERE.  I don’t think they come out when it’s cold though.

Temescal Canyon view of downtown LA

I made a quick decent, hung out with Dad for a few, and pulled the car up for the next leg of the trip.  Speaking of leg, Dad didn’t hike the mountain because he is not quite healed from his big fall off the roof this winter.  He is coming along, quite well actually.  The hike was for Beav, now the fish is for Pops.

We cruised the coast and it was beautiful.  It is crazy how much you start to appreciate nice weather when it disappears for a while.  We take it for granted here in California.

Neptune's Net off the PCH at County Line

We drove about 25 miles and then the road was closed.  Due to mudslides they closed the dang road.  BUT GUESS WHAT?!!!!  The fish place was about 25 yards before the road closed.  We made it to the county line and Neptune’s Net without a mudslide.  Must have been all the religious people praying when we walked in the restaurant.  A little startling.

Evan grubbin'

The fish was awesome.  Evan and I had a couple of fish sandwiches with onion rings while the elders has fish and chips and bowls of chowder.  The ocean view was outstanding.  The sun was shining.  Surfers were out.  A very tranquil feeling set in.  Satisfaction for sure.

View across the street from Neptune's Net, and some seagulls

We cruised back down the coast and stopped at Point Dume.  This is a dope-ass spot on the north side of Malibu.  There were huge waves.  We stopped and took photos and Dad took some video.  Father caught footage of a dude named Scotty Rose almost die on a SUP.  That was outrageous.  These guys were nuts.  This dude was Paddle-boarding on double overhead waves.  I got a pic but I am not sure if you can see him come out of the barrel.  Look for it on YouTube.  I am sure it will be a hit.

Point Doom in Malibu

Long story short, we headed back down the coast, caught a glimpse of the sunset, and topped the night off with the new Coen Brothers film, True Grit.  My buddy Paul Rae is in the movie and did a fine job.  Way to get your head blown off, Paul.  That was a hell of a film.  Very Very good.  So dang funny.  Damon, Brolin, and Bridges topped the cast while Barry Pepper played a great “Ned”.  I love Barry Pepper.  That girl who played “Mattie Ross” was awesome too.

Cheers to a f$^&in’ awesome pre-Christmas Eve.  Let’s see what today brings.  Off to Trader Joe’s for food for tomorrow.

Peace out my peoples and Happy Holidays,



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Time to break away...

Yo yo yo yo!

I have been gone for almost three weeks.  I was on track to writing at least once or twice a week, but I tell you, life gets ahold of you sometimes.

I have been on a few adventures, that’s for sure.  Every single one of them deserves their own separate blog.

I went to the Red Wings vs Kings game this last weekend with my pal, Sonia Rockwell.  “Big Ups” to my man Will Wright for hooking-it-up with the tickets!

Detroit lost but the poster was a hit.  Go Wings

I spent my Turkey Day  in Maui!  I have a buddy by the name of Keith Zielinski who has a house out there.  he is a real Estate guru.  if you ever need a house there look him up.  Pacific Shore Realty.  He puts me up, cooks me dinner, and takes care of me like a five-star hotel.  My wife outside of America.  I like to think Maui counts as leaving the country.  It is far and definitely doesn’t feel like I am in the USA.  I got SCUBA certified there and swam with some more sharks!  I got a nice video to edit so that will go up this week or next, hopefully.

"Big Beach" in Maui

Me and Lenny Schmidt shot some more little web gems for Baby Blues BBQ.  Here is the latest.  I truly believe this one to be funny.  You can find them all at or the Facebook page.

Lately, I have been editing Closing Doors. Yup, that’s right, I edited the film.  I was not an editor before this.  I had very basic skills on Final Cut Pro.  But, like I said in the last post, I took a tutorial on AVID and BAM!  I was not an editor before but I am now.  Thankfully, I am a quick learner.  Minus a couple of hold-ups, actually a giant f%&*ng hold-up (the 30-day trial for AVID stopped working on day 14), I am almost done with the edit.  “Thank you” people at AVID for saving me.  I will save the story for the “trials and tribulations” section of making a movie when I write my biography or accept my Oscar.  The last piece is the Score.  I am so grateful to have Lol Tolhurst from The CURE composing it!  Now that is cool.

OK, so now what?  I am almost finished with Closing Doors.  We are going to do a festival run.  I hope.  I think it’s pretty dang good.  It should do well.  So, minus submissions and some marketing, that project is in a holding pattern.  We still need help financially help to finish the project so if you want a perk, feel good about helping out, and be a part of a dope-ass film then check this out right HERE.

I am working on a TV Pilot with writer/director Ryan Philander and my producing partner Lauren Ziemski called Underbelly.  We have some super talented and “working” actors attached.  I will announce the names when the time is right.  We are still casting a couple of the roles.  Patience people.  We start shooting after the new year begins.  Not only producing it, but I will also be playing the role of Eric, an out-of-work actor in rehab, struggling with life and a cheating ex-girlfriend who we find out is pregnant with one of his best friends.  That is just episode 1.  Can’t wait to put the acting hat on again for something substantial.

Now for the big announcement!!  The big punch!  The motha f%&*in snake on a plane!  I am going to direct the teaser (Episode 1) of a 10 episode web project me and my partners in Texas are creating.  Yup, I am working with the Fu Man Kru once again and Jeff Grettler is playing “point”.  It is a high intensity thriller/horror in the realm of  Traffic meets Lost in a little dirty Border Town.  It will represent a feature film in length and could play out as that, but instead will play in 10 separate episodes in the Internet.  That’s about as much info as I can give at this point.  We have a little handshake deal with a company that wishes to stay anonymous for the time being.

How did I get to here?  Today?  Now?

I have done some projects.  I directed a feature called Alphonso Bow.  I produced a couple features with my partners in Texas, For Whom He Tolls and Stabbin’ Kabin.  I just directed the short film, Closing Doors.  They are all solid projects.  I am especially proud of each and every one of them.  I am excited about the new one, Underbelly.  It has a lot of potential.

I am having a wonderful time creating and I love my job.  I wear a lot of hats.  I want to get rid of some hats.  I want to Direct and I want to get paid for it.  I have talent.  I need to get noticed.  I have decided I have a Mentor.  He doesn’t know it.  Maybe he does.  It doesn’t matter if he does or doesn’t.

I went to my mentor on Monday and said “Yo, ____ , what the hell do I have to do to get to do what you do?  This is what I have done…How do I make the leap?  How do I get to the next level?  What the F%k do I do next?”  He replied to me, “Do the ‘Narc‘ version of your movie.  Do something that will knock people’s socks off.  You either got to do something really funny or really action packed or really f%&*in’ relevant.”  That’s when it hit me.  Why produce just a script for the web series?  Why not shoot the opening episode?  Why not you, Lije Sarki, direct the opening episode and show what you got?  Why not knock the doors off it?  Why not blow people away?  Then we have a teaser to pitch with the project (the already great idea).

So there you have it.  The next big thing for me is this teaser. This BIG teaser.  Lots of work ahead.  Shooting in the Winter/Spring 2011.

Muchas Gracias Mentor.

Lije and a bucket of Nuts…