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pre-xmas eve, fried fish, and potential mudslides

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Merry Christmas from Kush people

Talk about a great day.  Chalk this one up as one of the best in December.  It so happens that it fell on the day before Christmas Eve.

I guess when it rains for a week solid and then the sun pops out it is all “kites and sausages”, as my brother, Evan, would say.  My brother also says, “LTS”.  Like a Jersey Shore quote, except with my initials.  I forget what it means.  He just uses LTS in a sentence.  Like GTL.  Gym Tan Laundry.

I got some family in town so that rain was beginning to take a toll on morale.  God was trying to tell us all something, I think.  Funny though on Wednesday I witnessed a “Double Rainbow”.  The double rainbow is now famous from that moron on YouTube that creamed his pants in the desert over seeing one.  Click it if you want a laugh.

So yesterday the sun came out.  I started the morning crushing some Crossfit with my peeps at Dogtown.  Luckily Shana was there at the 8:30 class so she could tell me where in Malibu to get a bowl of chowder and some fish n’ chips for my dad.  That is all he wanted when we made the trip up the coast.  And to feel safe.  he wants to feel safe driving.  That was the plan.  First, to take Beav up the canyon and show her the view, and then go up the PCH far enough to get a fish sandwich from Neptune’s Net (thanks Shana).

Evan and I picked the elders up at 10am and headed up the PCH.  First stop was Temescal Canyon.  Please remember it had just rained 100 inches over the past six days so mudslides and hurricanes were on everyone’s minds.  I was sick of hearing about it.  After instilling enough confidence in Beav to go up the mountain we were finally on our way.  Evan had to re-park the car so he didn’t catch up to us until we reached the top.  Rattlesnakes were the big topic of conversation.  Evan and I witnessed a couple snakes a while back and it was frightening.  I wrote about them.  Read HERE.  I don’t think they come out when it’s cold though.

Temescal Canyon view of downtown LA

I made a quick decent, hung out with Dad for a few, and pulled the car up for the next leg of the trip.  Speaking of leg, Dad didn’t hike the mountain because he is not quite healed from his big fall off the roof this winter.  He is coming along, quite well actually.  The hike was for Beav, now the fish is for Pops.

We cruised the coast and it was beautiful.  It is crazy how much you start to appreciate nice weather when it disappears for a while.  We take it for granted here in California.

Neptune's Net off the PCH at County Line

We drove about 25 miles and then the road was closed.  Due to mudslides they closed the dang road.  BUT GUESS WHAT?!!!!  The fish place was about 25 yards before the road closed.  We made it to the county line and Neptune’s Net without a mudslide.  Must have been all the religious people praying when we walked in the restaurant.  A little startling.

Evan grubbin'

The fish was awesome.  Evan and I had a couple of fish sandwiches with onion rings while the elders has fish and chips and bowls of chowder.  The ocean view was outstanding.  The sun was shining.  Surfers were out.  A very tranquil feeling set in.  Satisfaction for sure.

View across the street from Neptune's Net, and some seagulls

We cruised back down the coast and stopped at Point Dume.  This is a dope-ass spot on the north side of Malibu.  There were huge waves.  We stopped and took photos and Dad took some video.  Father caught footage of a dude named Scotty Rose almost die on a SUP.  That was outrageous.  These guys were nuts.  This dude was Paddle-boarding on double overhead waves.  I got a pic but I am not sure if you can see him come out of the barrel.  Look for it on YouTube.  I am sure it will be a hit.

Point Doom in Malibu

Long story short, we headed back down the coast, caught a glimpse of the sunset, and topped the night off with the new Coen Brothers film, True Grit.  My buddy Paul Rae is in the movie and did a fine job.  Way to get your head blown off, Paul.  That was a hell of a film.  Very Very good.  So dang funny.  Damon, Brolin, and Bridges topped the cast while Barry Pepper played a great “Ned”.  I love Barry Pepper.  That girl who played “Mattie Ross” was awesome too.

Cheers to a f$^&in’ awesome pre-Christmas Eve.  Let’s see what today brings.  Off to Trader Joe’s for food for tomorrow.

Peace out my peoples and Happy Holidays,


  1. Sounds like a great time. The word elder kinda gets me, but that might just be me!! I am so glad you are spending this Christmas with family!! Love you!

  2. […] Net“, a great fried fish joint on the PCH just north of Malibu. Here’s an old BLOG (click the word) about it. The place is rad. I got the fish burger and split it. I totally wish I […]

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