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chasing chairlifts…almost blown away

In Uncategorized on December 29, 2010 at 3:39 pm

the car after twelve hours of snow

Another crazy day on the mountain.  I woke up to find 2-3 feet of snow on my car and still coming down strong.

I rose early at about 7am.  Went to sleep at 11pm.  I know, LAME…I told you all how tired I was from the holiday.  I slept so f$^&ing good.  All warm and cozy in a mountain bed all by myself.  I actually am excited to do it again tonight.

Today was bananas!  The mountain at Mammoth is/was getting pummeled.  I hot the mountain right at 8:30am when it opened.  The only chair open on our side  was 8.  I took a run and waited for Chris’s lazy ass to wake up.  The line was pretty long so by the time I was about to go up a second time he showed up.  I stepped out to meet him and then proceeded to wait again with him for 25 minutes.  I hate lines.  Especially at the mountain.  I will usually go in the single’s line and that moves pretty quickly.  That’s what I did the rest of the day.

We basically chased chairlifts all friggin’ day.  We caught Canyon chair, 16, right when it opened.  We were some of the first ones up.  That was worth the wait.  Got some nice Pow Pow (powder).  The top of the mountain was closed and will be until tomorrow sometime.  It is a blizzard out there!

Gettin' slizzard in the Blizzard...pre-video

We hit Canyon for a few runs and then headed over to Mill Valley to try to catch the other chairs that opened a bit higher.  We stopped for a hot chocolate and a beer.  Should have skipped the hot chocolate because rumors started floating around and everyone was saying they were closing most of the mountain.  Too much wind.  We tried to hustle out to catch the last chair up so we didn’t have to hike or take a bus back around but we were too late.  It stopped right in front of us.  Motha F#%^a.  Kind of funny though.  Who tries to catch the last chair up when they are closing because of danger?  Especially when a place in Michigan and  place in Maine had chairlifts blow off the railings yesterday.

We snuck up to Chair 21, a small hike from Mill, and headed back to Chair 8 which I was originally riding early in the morning.  They shut Canyon down right when we got back.  The winds at the top of the lifts must have been 55mph.  Check out this video.  This was out last time at the top for the day.  Crazy.

That’s the day so far.  It is about 1pm.  The Grizzly bar is going strong.

Grizzly cafe goes off in the blizzard

I am going to head back to the condo and chill before all the fools get here tonight.  My last night to relax.  Gonna hit the Hot Tub.  Maybe I will chat with ya tomorrow…


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