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You’re F#%*in out…and I’m F#%*in’ in!

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see you in Kenny

See you in Lakeland, FL biatches!!

I just purchased spring training baseball tickets for the Detroit Tigers.  I am so fired up!  I have always wanted to go to spring training.  I have never been.  And Kenny Powers plays for them now, so it is PERF.

might even do a little boating...ha!

So here is the plan people!  I am flying my favorite, Virgin Airlines, right into Orlando!  They really are the best.  We arrive in FL on Thurs. the 24th of March and head straight to see the Nat’s at Joker Merchant Stadium.  That’s a home game for the Tigers.  I hope that dude, Strasburg, has a miracle healing session so we can see him pitch against the new and improved, Ricky Porcello.  Friday, we head to Kissimmee to the home of the Atlanta Braves to watch a little “roar” session up there.  Chipper, we are coming for ya, ya douchebag.  And I hope that dude that looks like Pedro Cerrano from Major League, Jason Heyward, is there too.  He is Monster.  “F#%k you Jobu.” Saturday, oh good ole’ Saturday, this is the one…the top dog of them all…the one to make you cream  in your pants. The Tigers at home against the Phillies!!!  Woohoo!  “Bring it f#%*ing on Cliff Lee!”  This is where we see the new and unstoppable Justin Verlander take it to the house at home in Lakeland.  Sunday will be a chill day in Houston’s home in Kissimmee again.  Those tickets are not available yet.  Everything moves slower in Texas.  And is supposedly bigger.  But we are in Florida, so WTF?

Detroit, you should be paying me to document this.  Or at least pay for the expenses.  I would gladly do this for free.  I love you Tigers and cannot wait for this special little trip with my best pal, Justin E’dog, straight out of Livonia, MI.  I want to thank his wife, Mel, for letting me steal him.  And his lovely daughter for allowing these memories to be born so they with have some shit to talk about when she is growing up.

Florida deserves a big thanks.  Shana Marie, out of Tampa, “Thanks” to you for hooking up the dope-ass hotel room for us to stay at in Tampa.  Oh, and regardless of the film in the festival or not, we will be at all the parties and dancing our asses off in the streets of Tampa!!  Woohoo, party time, excellent, yeah!

Tampa, this is coming for ya...

Oh, and yes, it gets better.  The GIFF (Gasparilla Film Fest) is strongly considering Closing Doors for their festival this year.  Guess what?  It falls on the exact same dates as this dang trip!

Check out my Film. “like’ it on Facebook.  Check out the festival.  Check out the best baseball team of 2011.  Check out Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland, and Kissimmee.  Yanks, we might even stop in your hood on Friday night to see you play.

If you can’t tell I am excited, you are retarded, a little.  Love and respect…Detroit, please acquire a future Hall of Famer before March 24th…



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