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It is clearly time for an update on the status of the film, Closing Doors.  Let’s start with the most recent stuff since a lot of you keep up with it already.  Let me jump into the snow to show you how excited I am.

The film is completed.  Yup, I finished editing the f#%$er and, oh man, it was a ride.  I will save the trials and tribulations for the acceptance speech.  Or the DVD “special extras”.  I am really proud of it and want to thank everyone who has been involved so far.  I am keeping good track on Facebook and in the credits so I promise no one will be missed.

We have officially entered the festival circuit.  We got a few “late” submissions into a couple of the “Top 10” fests and also some community festivals that we felt were right for the film.  This movie has been funded by all those I addressed at the start of this post, therefore I feel they should get to know exactly what is going on.  So here are the festivals so far.

The kinda big ones:  Tribeca, SXSW, Seattle, LA Film Fest, and Cleveland.

The “other big one” goodies:  Aspen, Athens, Martha’s Vineyard, Atlanta, Ashland, USA Film Fest, Gasparilla, and Nashville.

I want to give a broad “thanks” to all of the festivals that I mentioned.  They have all been very responsive to the film and to my emails.  And most of them have helped in one way or another.

We are in consideration for a couple already.

Closing Doors stars Dave Rodriguez, a super talented director and filmmaker, and Brendan Coughlin, a very talented actor.  Here is an interview with them:

Closing Doors is a coming-of-age story of a father struggling to find his way and let go of the past, in order to raise the daughter he loves.

We have been able to get this far because of the donated time from the wonderful cast and crew, the $$$$ donated from the crowds, and of course the awesome staff over at Nut Bucket Films.  They are working their juevos rancheros off everyday.

We need to raise more money.  It seems like every week someone new and special hops on the “Closing Doors” train and gives a helping hand.  If you want to be that person, all you have to do it click this link and donate as little at $10.  Below.

If that is too slow or doesn’t work, go HERE.

$25 gets you more free stuff regarding the film and perks to go with it.  $50 gets you more than $25 and so on.  To check out the different perks, click HERE.  I listed them all.  All from an old BLOG where you can find out even more about the movie and the road already travelled.

And lastly, please pass it around to anyone who might want to help.


Lije and NBF

  1. […] Closing Doors got into its first film festival yesterday.  It got into the first one it could have gotten a response from.  1 for 1 so far.  We are happy as hell about it.  I will announce in a day or two when all the dust clears and it is set in stone. […]

  2. […] has been submitting to a ton of festivals.  There is a list of them CLICK HERE.  Just recently added to list of submissions:  Newport Beach, Palm Springs Shortfest, and Detroit […]

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