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whale watching and my NFL picks

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actually made in Traverse City, but close enough

I am going to try to write everyday.  “They” say to write everyday.  For the BLOG, ya know?

I don’t write unless I feel like writing.  Maybe three times a week, maximum.  It is hard.  I am so dang busy with life.  Maintaining a BLOG is a commitment.  It is like a girlfriend or a kid.  Maybe not a kid.  It needs attention.  You have got to keep the relationship fresh.  No one wants repetition.  Unless you repeatedly BLOG about the super cool shit.  That is good repetition.  You have to do something nice for it once in a while.  Maybe throw up a video or change the theme.  This is all very new to me.  I just started writing this thing in August.  I try to keep it relevant.  I talk about life, work, and the hustle.

As we hit the 15-day mark in January I feel I have never been more on track in my entire life.  I am happier than I have ever been.  My career is plowing ahead as a filmmaker.  The acting world has been lucrative as of late.  I love my roommate and living where I live.  A half of a block off the beach in Venice, CA.  Big bonus, I got Lindsey Lohan as my neighbor.  And most of all, I got a fu#%&ng iPhone!!!  My life is synced up.  I don’t know why I fought the change for so long.  I am stubborn.  I will try to be less stubborn.  It is complete for now.  OMG, and on my bike ride up the coast yesterday, not only did I see dolphins just kicking it in the water, I saw whales!  It was crazy.  I have never seen them in real life unexpectedly like that.  It was so true to the feeling yesterday.

the whale is in the middle...

I have a three-year plan including a TV Pilot, A feature-length thriller/horror for the Internet with my boy, Jeff Grettler from the Fu Man Kru, and my life-project feature film that just came to me on Christmas Day, a film that will knock socks off.  This bad boy is gonna make an emotional impact on the world.  This is my passion project.  I am lucky enough to be working with my childhood friend to write/make the fu#%er.  I have not felt so good and powerful about anything in my life yet.

Friends are not like what they used to be.  I grew up in Michigan and had a tight-knit crew before heading off to college.  Those were the ride-or-die types of Peoples.  I have been doing a lot of reminiscing lately.  Mainly because I am writing this movie and studying a bunch great films that I love and it is bringing back so many memories.  I wish I could still have those relationships I had in the 90’s.  But there is something about just remembering them that makes me happy.  The shit that we would do, the fun and trouble we would get into, and how it drove me to be the man I am today.  Hell of a story.  I would give some shout-outs but they know who they are.  Plus, I need to save it for the movie.

It is a 78 degree day here in Los Angeles.  The sun is shining and there are bluebird skies.  Tyler is heading over to give me a lesson on the Canon 7D that I just bought.  Nut Bucket is shooting the Pilot, Underbelly, on it.  I shot Closing Doors on it.  It is a hell of a pretty camera and relatively inexpensive.  I ordered sound equipment yesterday so we should be all set for our little guerilla filming crew.

worth posting...beautiful day on 1.14.11

Closing Doors got into its first film festival yesterday.  It got into the first one it could have gotten a response from.  1 for 1 so far.  We are happy as hell about it.  I will announce in a day or two when all the dust clears and it is set in stone.

Most of all today, I am fired up to watch some NFL playoffs!  My picks for the weekend are as follows.  I hope I don’t offend anyone.  I got the Ravens and Packers winning today.  I got the Jets covering tomorrow.  And I got the Bears destroying the Seahawks.  Sorry Hawks but you had your game.  This is a Superbowl defense that the Bears are runnin’ with.  Even if Cutler sucks balls they will still put on a “beat down”.

Oh, and since I tell you people everything, I met a chick.  I am really into her.

Peace out,

The “NBF”

P.S.  This is my boy Cooper.  I miss the fellow.  He is getting older.  I have known him since I was in college.  In the 90’s.  I love you Cooper.  See you this summer.

Cooper aka Copper...baddest doggie on planet Earth.


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