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SO and SO at “The Hotel Cafe” and G-Money’s bday at “Kibitz”

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rollin' around town on a Saturday night...

You know?  Just another typical Saturday night.  This weekend I actually had a little bit of social fun.  For about four hours.  I headed out to see  Jay Dumchowski and Amie Miriello’s band at the Hotel Cafe.  They go by the name of “So and So“.  I was supposed to go to my buddy Greg’s birthday party around the same time but said “eff it” and headed to see the band I can usually never see due to life conflicts.  Greg’s wouldn’t get started on time anyway.  And Drew was going to be there.  That’s a huge bonus.

"SO and SO" at the HOTEL CAFE

I will make this short and sweet.  Amie’s voice is unreal.  I am gonna throw up a video of a song I recorded while I was there.  Jay (on the guitar) gave me permission, so Amie, if you are pissed, I am sorry, ahead of time.  They were short a keyboardist I believe but I think they were still quite awesome.  Their music has done some things.  I think they have a song on the TV show, One Tree Hill.

Check them out!  

After the show at Hotel Cafe I headed over to the Kibitz Room.  The place is on Fairfax in West Hollywood.  I have been to a ton of watering holes over there but never once to this place.  It is super grunge but very cool.  It sits right connected to Canters bakery and deli.  You can see the bakery thru plexiglass.  Weird.  But I guess they can’t see you in the bar.  I have never sat at a bar and watched people eat croissants before.  Well, I didn’t watch them the whole time.  Just for a second.  The booths are like booths at a diner.  The spot where the band plays looks like what it would look like in your garage during band practice.  Actually it just looks like a garage.  And sounds like band practice.  Very cool.  I am not talking trash.

view from the door at the "Kibitz Room"

Greg and I

I ran in to so many people I had not seen in forever.  My pal Brett Cranston who own’s the Hudson.  The Hudson is  bar that is a half of a block away from Baby Blues BBQ.  A place that I am at four times a week (Baby Blues BBQ).  Crazy I haven’t seen the guy in months.  Check out both Baby Blues and The Hudson.  Both are bomb-ass spots to watch sports and eat grub.

the bar at "Kibitz Room"

The Kibitz party was for my pal Greg.  It was his birthday.  He is the proud owner of Alternative Apparel.  Shop there.  The clothes are rad.  The material is more rad.  The owner it the most rad.  The King.  I won’t say the age because I can’t remember he is so old.  I hope he reads this one day.  Greg, I am going to give you a “beat down” on the basketball court this weekend.  Matty, Brett, Gavin, and Keith, I will see you on the basketball court.  Good to see you.  And Gable, you too!

This is the secret to finding out if anyone reads your blog.  Just talk shit on it.  And see if they respond.  He he.  I love ya Greg and it is great to know we have so many mutual friends.  Means that good peoples roll with good peoples.

That was my fun for the week.  I will rap a little tomorrow about what is going on with the films and projects.  A lot of great stuff has happened this week but why waste all the sharing in one post.

Love you all,



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