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Bicycle Accident with a FOOTBALL reaction

In Uncategorized on January 23, 2011 at 11:21 am

Boardwalk at by E. Michael Sarki

So I  was going for a quick run before I get ready to enjoy today’s football playoffs.  I am just cruising right along the boardwalk in Venice.  I run on the bike side of the boardwalk because there are too many dang people on the walking side.  It was not very busy and I have my iPod on and I vaguely hear this crash behind me.  I turn around, still in stride, and see that one of four dudes has crashed and bailed into the cement.

Immediately one guy starts calling me “mother f$%&er” and whatever else he can think of and tells me to get off the bike path and run on the other path and basically go to hell.  I was listening to DMX at the time so I replied in a similar manner as him.  His stupid-ass buddy is the guy who slipped on the sand with his ten-speed bike and skinny tires.  I was pissed that he was pissed at me.  He fell long before I had anything to do with it.  He kept bitching so I stopped and came back at him.  I was ready to buck down with all four of them.  Think it was the DMX because I am far from a fighter.  I was just feeling it today.  Could be the thought of football in a few hours.  Could have been anything.  But for one minute this morning I was a tough guy.  He scurried back to his three buddies and didn’t do shit.

I kept running, laughing, and preaching to everyone watching that it was that idiot’s fault for slipping on the sand.  People seemed to agree.  Later the guys all passed me, mouths shut, and I realized when I saw the guy peddling that he was very uncoordinated and that that was obviously why he fell.

I now write this quickly before I head out the door.  I am sorry “guys on bikes”.  I feel bad.  That is not my person.  I apologize for showing no compassion for the fall.  But don’t call me a “mother f$%&er” for no reason.

Today’s picks for NFL.  I got the Bears and the Jets to cover to spread in one bet, and them both winning in the other.

Now since we are talking about fighting and being an idiot, I will leave you with a video of a dude trying to body slam a cop.  I got this on video in Colorado.

Have a great Sunday everyone!



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