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SKATE or DIE…or make movies

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Venice Skate Park


How rad is that photo?  A skatepark on the  beach?  The iPhone has this new setting called HDR where it takes three different exposures of the same photo.  I think it does it with a delay hence the trippy photo.  Regardless of how it does it, I am in love with it.

I was sitting at the skatepark at Windward in Venice the other day for quite a while.  It was super peaceful.  I just watched dudes skate.  I was reminiscing of the days when I used to do that.  I grew up on a skateboard.  I have ridden a skateboard since I was twelve years old.  I actually moved to California from Michigan when I was sixteen to try to have a career in it.  I thought I could have gone Pro.  Turns out I couldn’t even find a place to live at that age and I was forced back to Michigan to finish High School.  I tried though.  I really did.  I had a dishwashing job at some Hawaiian restaurant in Santa Barbara.  Hung out with a kid named Kai, whose father later f#$%ed me over for the little bit of money I moved there with.  My best friend fell into an old drug problem and bailed on me within a week of moving there.  I still tried though.  My best pal at the time John Methvin flew out to help me in driving my car back across the country.  But not without shredding the West Coast city by city and later getting robbed for our skateboards in San Francisco.  Wow, I could go on for days about this.  I need to.  This is a story that I will surely revisit.

Watching these dudes skate was fulfilling.  I posted a picture on Facebook and my buddy John, who I just mentioned, commented on it.  He said, “we gotta go skate!”  I said, “let’s do it.”  Funny that John, a best friend from High School, now lives in L.A. but we barely ever hang out.  Life moves forward.  It is weird like that.  Kinda sucks.  We used to kill it on a skateboard.  He still does.  I moved on with a different plan.  Or lack of plan.

I decided to go to college and then still move to California but with different intentions.  I am writing this little biography on how my career has gotten to where it is.  It isn’t very long but it’s very thorough.  I am going to start releasing it in pieces next week on the BLOG I think.  My career is young but it is interesting how it got to be what it is and how I definitely now know what I am supposed to be doing.  Focus baby.  First almost homeless in San Diego, then Grad school, then drug dealer, then actor, and now a filmmaker.  I will fill you all in before you know it.


Phillip, Christina, Dave, and Lije for Zipcar


Yesterday I had a nice little print job as “talent” for Zipcar.  Have you heard of them?  They are in like fourteen major cities.  San Diego, San Fran, Boston, yada yada…I just learned about them yesterday.  You sign up for an account online.  There is even an iPhone application that tells you where the different garages are.  And you can rent them by the hour.  Like $15 for an hour for a BMW.  They have different cars and you just pick what you want from what is available and use it and return it.  So awesome!  I can’t wait to use one.  If L.A. had them I would sell my car.




I met some new pals, Phillip, Christina, and Dave the photographer.  He was a freaking riot!  Dude was so funny.  The shoot was hilarious.  So quick and easy too.

That’s all I got.  Look for the BIO to start rolling out next week.  Have a great weekend!  F#$% the Pro Bowl!


P.S.  My feature I did a couple years back, Alphonso Bow, might have some BIG news very very soon…fingers crossed.  Like it on Facebook by clicking this sentence.


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