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Lije Sarki as "JC Sedwick" in SUPERHEROES

At least for a day.  At least for two hours.  Twice so far I have played a Superhero.  My name is JC Sedwick and I have the power of “mind control”.  But I am also working on other abilities like “levitation”.

That’s what I did on Sunday.  Bright and early in the middle of the streets of Beverly Hills.  Screaming, “Pick a card, any card…I this your card??”  And then I saved an old man from being ran over by a truck.

Lije and shoot

I was acting  in a nice little project written and directed by my pal Bentley Montes.  It is a fun little project he put together and he offered me one of the roles as one of the superheroes.  I study with Bentley at John Rosenfeld Studios, an acting studio.

Lije and Steve (on left) and pal

That acting studio has been responsible for a lot of recent connections in my filmmaking/acting career.  I met my producer for Closing Doors there.  I met some of my cast for the Pilot, Underbelly, that we are shooting now.  I have become a better Director by watching my teacher, John, work/teach.  I have become a better actor by getting to practice every week.  That’s what it is all about.  Practice.

It was about a year and a half in between me making a film.  The time between Alphonso Bow and Closing Doors was nearly two years.  Granted there was a lot going on with Alphonso Bow and I was basically the only one left to work on it.  The festival circuit and then the release.  Then the un-release.  And now the soon-to-be announcement of some great news for Alphonso Bow!  It takes time and energy finishing a project.  But after shooting Closing Doors I realized I need to be making at least a film a year.  I need to keep fresh and keep my skill-set on point.   Plus making movies is fun (tagline).  And I believe I have been doing a pretty good job.  Maybe not “Superhero” good but pretty darn good.  A lot of my recent inspiration has come from knowing I have completed another project.  And they keep getting better.

The next two days are crucial.  I am going to start posting some of my filmmaker Bio from the last three or four years as soon as I finish it.  But more importantly, we shoot one of the scenes I am acting in on Wednesday from the Pilot, Underbelly.  I am really looking forward to it.  It is actually my favorite scene in the entire script.  Maybe because I am in it.  No really, the script is great and we have some really wonderful actors attached to the project and hoping to attach the final few after next week by using some of the footage we have already shot.  Maybe I can give you all a taste with some photos later in the week.  Maybe.

I wanna give a shout-out to Tim McCarthy.  You are a good dude.  I had a great time hanging with you this weekend and seeing your little boys.  You too Rick.  Have fun in Disneyland.

sweet and short today,



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