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Closing Doors!…plead for help and festival update

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"Official" movie poster for CLOSING DOORS...constantly updating

I am going to make this short and sweet.  We need more money.  Not a lot.  Quite a little, from a lot of people.  We are almost to the $2000 mark for funds raised.  With the festival run ahead we will need at least a couple thousand more.  Any little bit will help.  If you give $25 bucks you get your name on the poster.  Look at all the names on the poster!  So much thanks to those who have already donated.  We are also making a really cool t-shirt that will have all the names on them as well.  ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE BECAUSE WE ARE SPONSORED BY A NON-PROFIT “SPONSOR A FILMMAKER” PROGRAM FROM “PATRON OF THE ARTS”.


Quick link to donate ——>  click this sentence HERE

Here is a quick rundown of what you get for donating:

$25 – name on t-shirt and poster AND DVD copy of the film.

$50 – name in film credits at the end of the movie.  plus all lower perks.

$100 – associate producer credit and mention in press release!  This just lowered from $500!!!  plus all lower perks.

$500 – you are now an executive producer of the film.  you will be listed on IMDB.

$1000 – you can come to any festival you like.  basically can do whatever you want within reason.  Lije will be your slave for a day.

Quick link to donate ——>  click this sentence HERE

A quick rundown of what has been happening with the film:

Lije has been submitting to a ton of festivals.  There is a list of them CLICK HERE.  Just recently added to list of submissions:  Newport Beach, Palm Springs Shortfest, and Detroit Independent.

Closing Doors has officially been selected to the Gasparilla Film Festival and the Detroit Independent Film Festival.  That is 2 for 2 you guys!  Very awesome!  And we are honored to attend both of them.

I wish I had a trailer so I could show everyone the film but the dang this is only 10 minutes long and I wouldn’t want to ruin it.  I can guarantee we will be attending a festival near you over the next year.  This film will do well.  it is a great project.  Everyone will have the chance to attend a screening.  Please help us out and donate.  Anything is appreciated.

Closing Doors is a coming-of-age story of a father struggling to find his way and let go of the past in order to raise the daughter he loves.  “like” us on Facebook

Quick link to donate ——>  click this sentence HERE

Much love,

your Director,

Lije Sarki


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