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Beautiful GIRLS make you run faster…

In Uncategorized on February 6, 2011 at 12:30 pm

Tawny, Andrea, Lije, and race

Plus I love the film, Beautiful Girls, so I had to say that.  One of my favorites.

I got up this morning at 6am.  Picked up Beau, a ‘duder’ I work with, got a coffee, went to the bathroom about four times, and then we were off to the races.  Oh yeah, I made a little beef brisket omelet before I snagged Beau so I could power up for the 10K race.

That’s where we headed.  Down to Redondo Beach for the Superbowl 10K.  I didn’t even know about until last week when one of the girls from work, Tawny, told me all the girls from work were doing it.  I was sold.  So was Beau, obviously.

We got down there about 7AM and picked up our free t-shirts that we will never wear and met up with everyone.  Ten minutes before the race starts I decide to run back to my car to drop off all my shit.  It was freezing in the morning but ended up warming up right before the race.  And then I f#$%ing had to go to the bathroom again!  I was going a million miles per hour before the dang race even started.

The Baby Blue BBQ crew before the race

I was amped up!  Eminem in the headphones.  5000 people.  And they’re off!

The race was a little uphill at the beginning.  I was cruising.  I left the girls and Beau at the start.  I was averaging around 7:30/mile for the first couple miles.  I was passing people and then they would pass me back.  It is crazy running with so many people.  the energy just drives you.  Awesome.  So I hit the halfway mark and was feeling good.  When you run back it looped around so I could see all the people behind me now.  I high-fived Beau and got a sudden surge of energy.

I was cruising.  Got my miles down to around 7:00/mile min.  For some reason there was no five-mile marker.  I thought the fourth mile was just super long.  I passed a guy and said, “Where the hell are we?”  He said we just passed 9K.  I was like, “Heck yes!”  I was farther than I thought.

I was sprinting.  I must have done that last mile in 6 minutes.  Crazy.  I am going to look up my time right now.  Still haven’t looked.  I have probably been blowing smoke this whole BLOG.  Let’s see.  The results are in and the winner is…Lije @ 45:07.  34th place out of 284 in my men’s division.  Not bad.  7:24min/mile.  Saweeeeet!!!!

Well!  I can tell you that I beat this girl dressed up as Wonderwoman.  She was my mark.  When I hit that last Kilometer all I wanted to do was pass her.  She passed me a while back and all I wanted to do was pass her.  I did.  It was an amazing finish.

we finished!!!

We all met up and took some pics and talked about our experiences.  Beau was super sweaty.  The girls looked hot.  Liz, Andrea, Tawny, and another one I didn’t know.  Some dudes too.  All repping Baby Blues BBQ!  The mecca for everything cool in L.A.

Go Packers!

Have a great Superbowl…I will post my time when it’s up…not that you all care.

Oh, and Rick McCarthy, Justin Bieber, and Lindsey Lohan…I thought about all of you while I was running.



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