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VIVA MEXICO! laughter, tears, and reckless abandon

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Family and crew getting ready to Zipline! Thx Michael!

What a trip.  Literally.  But also like, “What a trip?!”, like meaning like it did in the 70’s.  Like trippy man.  Whatever.  You get the point.

My sister lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  I went down there last week for a few days to meet up her and some other family (other sister, mother, and their significant others).  I also took a lady friend.  But it was not like a romantic getaway or anything.  Just a vacation to catch up, reunite, and make up for some lost time.  And enjoy friggin’ Mexico.  Who doesn’t like to go to Mexico?

My sister has lived down there for a few years minus a short stint back in the US, so she is pretty dialed in.  She set us up with this place called “Angel’s Rest” to stay at.  Click on it to look at pics.

View from "Angel's Rest". Where we slept.

It was kind of like an upper class hostel.  There were about ten rooms in the three-story castle.  Castle.  Ha.  It was great.  It was actually up on the side of the hill, a short walk from town.  A couple of miles.  My sister’s house was about a mile down the hill right off the beach so we were really really close and it made things pretty easy.

This “Angel’s” place was dope though.  $25 bucks a night per room.  My other sister shared a bathroom with me and my lady friend so it was pretty private.  People just kind of wandered in and out of the place.  Joe lived there, Liza, Liza’s son, some other Mexican dude, and some really nice older lady.

Our wonderful chef and sweetest lady EVER!

The older lady might not of lived there.  She was rad though because she cooked us two different meals.  We had pastor tacos(pork) with tortilla soup one night and chorizo and eggs one morning.  We gave her a list of what we wanted and some cash the day before and then the next day she would whip these amazing meals up for us!  AWESOME.  And she was the sweetest little thing ever.

There were also three levels and a pool to jump into at “Angel’s”.  We did a lot of hangin’ on the top level.  My sister’s boyfriend and I might have done a bit too much hangin’ one night but ya know, shit happens.  Hearts open up, your mind starts to make your mouth diarrhea, and BAM!, you start talking about family and past and childhood and all types of crap.  Whatever.  I call it bonding.  I never met the dude before and we were sharing.  I may have hurt some feelings, and have since apologized, but all the makes for a stronger family.  I love them all.

OK, now the fun stuff.  I am going to highlight two main events that were a huge part of making this trip spectacular.  Like I said, my sister had lived down there for about three years so she knows a lot people.  On day 2 she had this dude, Jimbo from Arkansas, pick us up in his pick-up truck.

Piled in Jimbo's pick-up truck

Jimbo from Arkansas

A lot of us.  Maybe seven?  Now Jimbo is a true redneck.  He was cool as shit.  That’s what he says too, “Cool as shit.”  All the time.  We all piled in his truck and drove up into the mountains.  We later transferred to a bus, I guess cuz it gets a bit too dangerous.  I preferred the truck.  That bus made me want to barf sitting in the frigging back the whole time going back and forth for an hour, winding f#$%ing roads.  Ugh.  The reward was worth it.  ZIPLINE!  My sister’s friend, Michael, owns this Canopy/Zipline tour that is insane.  It is called, Los Veranos Canopy Tour.  We had a full day of zipping through forests, swimming with leaches, and playing with monkeys.  Check the vids!

Thanks to Michael, Joe, and Jimbo for that!  And all the dudes working at that place.  Oh and thanks guys for forming that line of people to get me from hanging off the side of that cliff I fell down trying to take a piss on the side of the road.  Almost died I tell you.  Funny now though.  It was amazing.  I try not to use that word, amazing, very much.  It is super played out these days.  But this deserves it.

The next highlight was Jimbo once again piling us into his truck and cruising the opposite direction up to this private beach.  I forgot the name.  This wasn’t as long of a ride, nor was it as windy of a road.  This was just a fun, wind in your hair, beer commercial, kind of ride.  Just before we got to the beach we stopped to look at some crocodiles and took a picture with a giant tree.  Thanks tree.  And thanks crocs for not scaring the shit out of me because of the fence.

The tree near the crocs...

When we got there, the beach was awesome.  It was fairly quiet and there were all these huts and people cooking and some tables and chairs set up out in between the little huts and the water.  We claimed our spot and the cutest little old mexican dude came up and took our order.  He wanted to know how many people were eating.  There were seven I think.  I always say seven.  or fourteen if it is a larger group.  My sister’s baby made the trip with us too!  She is the cutest thing ever.  Well, so are the kids of my other sister.  I don’t want to piss anyone off.  They are all freaking adorable.  Anyways, the little dude showed back up two hours later with this huge full fish.  He brought tortillas and salsa and we picked at it with our fingers and made the raddest little tacos.  It was unreal.  So insanely good.  A taste of heaven.

the FISH and the BEACH

I don’t want to forget to mention the flat tire we got on the way home from the beach.  I seriously don’t remember how we got home.  Some of the stories blend together for me.  Maybe another bus?  I bet Jimbo’s truck is still down there.  By the strip club that Eddie and I went to.  The strip club that almost made Eddie single.  Me too.

The trip was truly awesome.  I could go on for days about it.  Gay beaches, nights on the town with my sister, doing the worm at the club, acting to be Penelope Cruz (not me), a night dancing with the family we stayed with, tacos, tons of f#$%ing tacos, so many tacos, I must have eaten 47 tacos, wearing a “Hecho in Mexico” shirt I bought of the  street and almost getting a beat down for doing so, almost buying the shortest shorts ever, Oxxo markets, strip cubs, Te Limon, Mila, Jai, Leah, Chelsea, Mom, Terri, Eddie, Leah’s friends, Jimbo, Joe, Liza, and anyone else forgot.

The trip was unreal and thank you everyone for making it amazing.  Mom, we have now moved forward.  It is an obstacle that needed to be overcome.  I love you for that.

I cried in Mexico, I did shit I probably shouldn’t have but no regrets, I laughed more than anything else.  VIVA MEXICO!

I came back with some more inspiration.  More than I had when I left.  To be  a better man.  To tell a better story.  The story that I will be working on for years.  I am just gonna to try to tell it better.



Here are some bonus pics.  Thx for reading…

swimming with the leeches...could explain why I am alone

party time with la familia de Puerto Vallarta

Lije's next race is the Derby


so cute...we found Wilson

the face says a 1000 words

hot chicks

my best pal on the trip...he never judged me once.

sick view from the beach by sister's place

beautiful ladies of PV

I can't believe I am posting this picture...


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