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Premiere at the Uptown 8

For those of you who read this Blog, sorry I have been short on recent posts!  It has been a hell of a week and a half.

Last week was full of shooting the Pilot, Underbelly.  I was doing a little acting and a lot of producing and very little sleeping.  It was worth it though!  We got to shoot so many great people and we have a hell of a cast.  You can go to our Facebook page and read more about it and become a fan!  Here are a couple stills…

Phil, Reid, Lauren, and Sonia

Reid Scott and Andy Dick

After shooting all week I hopped on a red-eye to Detroit to premiere my short film, Closing Doors, at the Detroit Independent Film Fest (DIFF).  It was my second year attending it and let me be the one to tell you that they kick ass!  In one year they have grown a huge audience and several new venues.  I was lucky to have a great screening time at the Birmingham Uptown 8, the nice rich part of Detroit.  Thanks to Robert Butler for that!  He is the director of the festival and a solid dude and excellent filmmaker.  Props to Aaron Karns too.

In thirty-six hours in the “D” I managed to do a ton of shit.  My best pal Justing picked me up from the airport at 9am and we headed back to his house to play with his daughter Olivia.  She is going on two years old and is much more fun than she was last time I visited.  She is so cute and so friggin’ happy.  She has a liking to me too.  She kept following me around the house and I’m not even very nice.

J and ILater we headed into town and did some shopping.  I bought a bunch of “Made in Detroit” gear.  Kid Rock’s company.  I realized while I was trying on the clothes that some of them were Alternative Apparel.  My pal Greg Alterman owns that company so I supported heavily with some purchases.  I actually went to Greg’s fashion event Tuesday to celebrate the new line coming out but that’s another story.  Ran into a ton of old friends.  Just like at his birthday.  Whatever.  Getting sidetracked.

My pals Stone and Canoy at the film screening

We packed up the car with people and hit the screening of the film.  Movie started at 5pm.  The theatre was packed.  I had never seen anything like it at all the festivals I have attended.  It was awesome!  I had some college buddies come to the screening too.  We had the entire back row of the theatre.  The show was sold-out!  The experience could not have been better except for the fact I wanted to gouge my eyes out while watching the first of the four films.  We screened third.  Lot’s of laughs and a chick next to me was actually balling her eyes out at the end of the film.  It made me proud to get such a great reaction to the film.  There were a lot of great comments after the screening.  Good times all around.

We hit Dick O Dow’s after for some grub and pints.  The closing night party for DIFF was there too.  It started at 10PM so by the time we finished eating and drinking the festival peeps showed up and I got to do some more mingling with the “movie” types.  Kudos To Rob and Aaron for putting on such a great show.  And to everyone who helped them!

I was exhausted by Sunday and didn’t fly out until the evening so Justin and I headed up to Mario’s to watch the last of the college hoops games.  We always go to Mario’s.  It is like our little watering hole.  Shitty music, bad food, and boring people.  But nobody bothers us.  That’s how we like it.  Just us.  Sitting there.  Not talking really.  Didn’t need to.  Just hangin’.  Like buds do.  I needed it oh so bad.  Check out this review of Mario’s on yelp.  Hilarious!

“Dear Kat:

If you’re reading this, I’m sorry, but after this weekend, your dining out recommendation credentials have been revoked.  On Friday, we hit Station 885 and then on Saturday, we hit this place: East Side Mario’s. C’mon!  Are you trying to kill me?

Now, I am ready to accept responsibility and acknowledge the truth:  I brought this on myself.  I forgot to make reservations at Izakaya Sanpei and they couldn’t take our table of eight.  There, I said it.  IT’S MY FAULT I HAD TO EAT AT EAST SIDE MARIO’S EVERYONE.  Are you happy?

But the fact remains…you said this place was good…and well, I feel like you lied to me.  This place sucks and deep down inside, I think you know it sucks.   This place is everything I hate in a restaurant.  Let’s start with the “ambiance.”  This place is decorated like a ShowBiz Pizza minus the creepy singing animitrons.  It’s obscenely loud and full of children, some of whom were singing.   I wanted to jam a fork in my eye.

Now let’s move on to the menu.  Once again, I will take responsibility and say I have some weird ass dietary restrictions, but all I wanted was a vegetarian salad.  That’s all I need.  They have three salads at this place and all of them have meat and/or fish.  While they have lots of stuff on the menu, none of it even approaches healthy.  In the end, I got a Caesar  and called it a day.  In all honesty, I shouldn’t complain about the food because I didn’t really eat it and it doesn’t matter…because I wouldn’t come back to eat here if the food tasted like it was beamed down from heaven and was simultaneously calorie free.  Why?

THE SERVICE!  My salad (Caesar) had four ingredients.  The seven other people we were dining with all got their lavish dishes and had eaten half of it by the time I got my salad.

This place is cheap so it gets a star for that and I’ll give them another one for being able to immediately seat a table of eight and as an acknowledgment that I was cranky on the night in question.



Me at Dick's

I realized taking that trip that I need to bust over there more often.  It’s an easy flight and a quick hang.  I am gonna start doing it every other month.  Tiger games and hangin with J.  Nothing better.

This week has not slowed down at all.  A little more shooting and some auditions.  I am prepping the secret screening of Closing Doors at Baby Blues BBQ on Monday the 21st!.  Come down if you are in the neighborhood.  Here is a link to the party invite.  CLICK HERE

I am off to Tampa next week to take the film to the Gasparilla Film Fest (GIFF).  This I have been told it is going to be insanity.  I guess they host a hell of a party.  Justing is meeting me down there and we are going to a bunch of Detroit Tiger spring training games at the same time.  Hells yes!  Get excited people.  Life is good.  Enjoy it.  And say something for the peeps across the ocean.  That is so sad and even a positive thought might help.  Much love,


Uptown 8

the packed lobby!



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