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L.A. shows up! not true what they say…rain or shine

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the crowd...watching CLOSING DOORS...look at the lemons!

This city actually shows up!  I swear it’s hard to get a crowd out to see anything around here and sometimes it feels like support is lacking, but I want to say those thoughts I have at times are so f#$%ing wrong!  I am more than grateful and so dang impressed by the loyalty of my friends and their friends and just regular friggin’ people.

the crowd at Baby Blues BBQ

I showed my short film, Closing Doors, last night at Baby Blues BBQ in West Hollywood.  I threw a little cast and crew party and invited some others to privately view the short.  I was treating it as the last little fundraiser to get us through the festival circuit too.  A 100 people must have shown up!!!  Insane.  Grateful.  Impressed.

the screen!

I actually bartended through the party.  It’s not like I could find someone else to work and donate their time to give the money made to the film.  Actually I am wrong.  Celso stepped up and helped me sling some drinks!  Shout out to you, my friend.

waiting to begin...

I am going to make this short and sweet.  Come see the film if it comes close to you.  I will leave you all with pleads for donations for now and strictly give you the successes of the project.  Success #2 came last night to a huge crowd..  I am going to try to remember everyone who came and tag them in this post.  If I miss you I am sorry and please tell me!  The fundraiser portion raised over $1000.  Woooohooooo!!  Thanks everyone!

chad, hot liz, and her friend

We are off to Tampa in two days to show the film at a really great film festival called The Gasparilla Film Fest (GIFF).  I will also be hitting some Detroit Tiger spring training baseball games.  Don’t worry, the film fund is not paying for the trip.  Hehe.

the bar...pre-movie

As for the film itself, this little story written by William Wanek has gotten such an awesome response.  People have cried.  Lots have laughed.  Everyone has been full of compliments.  I could not have done this without a great little story.  I owe that to you, Bill.  Love you brother.  So many people relate to this story and the actors did a hell of a job bringing it to life.  And to my cast and crew, you all deserve a HUGE thanks for making this little film that we shot in ten hours one day really come to life!

more screen...

It is pretty F#$%ING good!  I love you all.  Peep the photos from last night and be very jealous that you didn’t attend.  And once again, “thank you all who came to the screening last night and to everyone who made the night so memorable!”  I will not forget it.  I woke up so damn happy this morning.  So relived that I did a good job.  Thanks.  We did a good job.


Lije and the NUT BUCKET TEAM


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