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Tiger blood, what Charlie?

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There is something very unique about a spring training baseball game. It’s sort of like a mix between a high school baseball game and an MLB game. It’s like not very serious at all. There are kids playing pick-up games in the grass and real players jogging in the outfield during the game.

It’s pretty effing sweet. No pressure. Just hangin out. It doesn’t matter if you miss an inning chit chatting it up with some other Michiganders or just wandering around the tiny ballpark called Joker Marchant Stadium. The place is full of characters and crazies and lots older REAL baseball fans. It’s cool. Bottom line.

We capped off the day yesterday at Fly Bar. We had to go pick up our festival passes from Shana and meet a couple folks from the festival. We made the visit short and sweet, had some fish tacos that were unreal, and chatted it up with a crazy dude living Mardi Gras without it actually being Mardi Gras. I guess Gasparilla is Tampa’s version of it.

The festival sure seems like it is throwing a giant party. We are happy as hell to be here. Freaking sweet time in Flo’Rida.

Off to the white sands of Clearwater and a 30-mile bridge. Then Tigers/Braves at Disney. Then who knows. We do whatever the f$&k we want.






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