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undercover cops take Disneyland.

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Walter’s Press Box might look like a shithole from the outside. And the inside. But we could not have picked a better place to watch the games last night.

After the Tigers got a spanking at Disneyworld we cruised back to Tampa in our all black Crown Vic. This car we rented is dope. Everyone thinks we are undercover cops. At least I feel like they do. That’s all that matters is that I think they think that and it becomes my reality. Our drive back to Tampa was half that of our drive to Disney. Traffic was gone and I was going 80. People drive fast here.

We researched places to watch the game on Yelp on the way back and Walter’s won us over. The service was awesome. There were about 50 people working and about 50 people watching sports. Sit where you want. That’s what the sign says. About a billion TV’s and the volume was on the Kentucky game, NOT Florida State. We are in friggin’ Florida. WTF? I was happy though. I spent some time growing up in Kentucky so my heart was with them. So was most of the bar.

We ate their legendary wings and slurped some watered down cocktails and beers from the bottle with blue mountains. I am used to watching games on the west coast so having the last basketball game go until 1am was crazy. Way too late! Great day and night again though.

The last thing we did before bed was fill out our breakfast order to hang on the door. As I write this I am full. We ate at 9am and now I will get ready for yet another Tigers game. Today we are back in Lakeland, home of the Detroit Tigers, and we take on the Phillies. Let’s hope to see a great pitching matchup. The season starts in less than a week so pitchers are pitching more innings. Phillies have about the best squad in the league.

Tonight CLOSING DOORS premieres in Florida at the Gasparilla Film Fest. The GIFF! We are excited and we have a big night of hangin’ with the festival peeps. check the CLOSING DOORS page

So I leave you now today for another day in Florida. Actually I never leave you. I am always posting on Facebook and droppin’ Twitter bombs. Follow @nutbucketfilms or nut bucket’s Facebook

I just want to let you all know that Florida has helped me make some life decisions and business moves that all will be proud of. Keep you posted. I am getting smarter. And always learning.

Much love,





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