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Baseball at the Whale’s Vagina

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That’s what San Diego stands for. Hope I didn’t offend anyone.

Last weekend we were off and running down to meet up with about 40 rowdy Phillie fans, some of which I am friends with, and our buddy Nick Swardson, who was set to throw the first pitch at the baseball game. What an adventure this turned out to be.

The drive down was easy. Scotty had the helm and I just played with my phone. It was a beautiful day. We got down the the hotel and immediately ran into our pals Pete and Nick. After that was the pool at Hotel Solamar. That’s where shit hit the fan. As the afternoon progressed it was taken over by Phillie fanatics. Got to admit I was afraid but they turned out to be all right.

A little poolside fun and then to the Fleetwood. My buddy Aaron owns the place so we wanted to say “what up” before we headed over to the game. Oh, and I needed to buy a Padre hat since I couldn’t possibly root for the Phillies. The hat later got me on to the Jumbo Tron. The girls came up to me during the game and asked me if I would be kind enough to be the “jack in the box” hat guy and of course, I did. I really can’t remember what inning it was but shortly after it my pals started texting me to let me know what kind of a dumbass I looked like. Well deserved. I picked the wrong hat too! Boo’s from everyone. Oh well. Win some lose some.

Before the game started we got to go down on the field as Nick’s little entourage. That was fun. I took about a thousand pictures and videos so I will share the best ones. Luckily my battery died so I couldn’t really photograph anything after the game. No one wants to see that debauchery anyways. A lot of it included breakdancing and doing the “worm”. And it wasn’t just me this time.

The game was awesome. I can’t remember who won but that wasn’t important. The important thing was that my buddy Jason from Fortune 421 clothing met up with us and hooked me and some buddies up with t-shirts. His mom met us down at the bar and delivered.

I ended up running into Petey on the street at about 1AM and he said he was jetting back to L.A. so I hopped in the car. Another weekend with a trip lasting less than 24 hours. Work awaited and that’s how I do it. Jam it in as fast as I can. Enjoy the pictures people…

This is truly a “nut bucket” weekend.

Cheers, Lije










L.A.’s badass hike

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My legs are scraped to shit and I am in my bed recovering. But holy moly this hike was rad.

About an hour from my house in Venice stands Los Angeles’s highest peak. And my lady and I were off to conquer it. We departed for Mount Lukens at about 7am this morning. We were under time constraints, of course. I had researched and found that the hike with no breaks was about four hours. It was supposed to be eight miles round trip and at an elevation of about 3200 feet above where we were planning to park. Dude, that’s like hiking the ski resort, Mammoth Mountain.

Plans. They never go like they are supposed to. I found out last minute that we are required to have a day pass to go into the Angeles Forest. Nah, we didn’t get one. That meant we couldn’t leave the car by the gate so right away our plan was foiled. Luckily we found a Christian camp down river to hide the car at. It was a little creepy though. A bunch of empty trailers with laundry outside and a smoking fire pit. So we left a note on the car with ten bucks attached and ventured up river. It was a nice a friendly note.

Seeing how we parked about a mile downriver we had to cling to the side of the river for a ways before reaching what I read was the right spot to cross. The river was freakin flowing man. All this rain out here made for flow-age and lots of green on the usually brown mountains. The green made for a lot of scrapes too I would later find out. Never wear shorts to hike unknown territory. Oh and wear sunscreen. Duh.

After scouting the river for a while we picked a spot, took of the shoes, and waded through. Pretty strong and I almost lost my lady but we made it. All we could see was a mountain with no top There was no neon post marking a trail so I grabbed my phone and started looking at pictures to see where the hell the trail started. I always do my research and prepare. Makes me a good producer. Smiles. After a bit we finally found the tiny trail. It was so grown over it was barely recognizable.

We were off. Up the mountain we go. Zig and zag and zig and zag. My first concern was all the buzzing around my head. Bees! They were everywhere and all I could think was, “did I tell anyone I was going hiking?”. 127 hours all over again. Then I started thinking about mountain lions and all types of shit. This made us move fast. Or at least I was moving fast and she was following. Up and up. Every time we turned a corner another mountain.

This place was beautiful though. Hugging the cliff and holding hands so no one would fall. I kept thinking that my mom would love this hike but I would have to tie a rope around her waist attached to mine cuz she would probably fall off the side. We got up about a 1000 feet and then looking down it was a straight drop. It’s not like if you fell and something would stop your tumble. If you fall you’re done. All the way down. So by the time you are up 2000 feet that’s a near-death experience.

Here’s a video for ya:

We loosened up though. Passing waterfalls along the way and more in the distance and more boulders we just kept cranking. Time was ticking though. We had to be back to Venice by 2pm. It was 10:30 now and the hike was running out of trail.

We basically guessed half the time on which way to go. Into the wild. Every time you run out of trail just turn around and it’s going the other way. The rain grew it over so much. And sticking out of all the green were a ton of burnt trees. The fire a few years back wrecked that mountain. But it made for a dope scent and some great photos. Always turning a negative to a positive.

Sweating my balls off and time running out we had to turn around. We didn’t want to, really. Life was calling. Duties. Appointments.

We really thought it was gonna be tough going back down but we cruised like we had done it a hundred times. We vouch to go back. With a crew to share the experience. And first and foremost make it to the dang top. I swear we must have only been another 30 minutes from the peak. Motha F$&@a!! Oh well. Next time.

I didn’t even know if the effing car would be there. Trekking down we ended up going a different way, naturally. Still came to the river though. Except now I basically wanted to jump in. My legs were so scraped it’s like they were steaming. Nothing sounded better than cold water. So I said f$&k taking my shoes off, I am wading through the river. We needed a wash anyway. Felt so good.

Back to camp we made it. It was only 10:47am. We could have made the top. I know it. When we actually got back to cell phone service we found out the appoint was moved to 4pm. SOB. Oh well now we get to go back and do it again. Ya know, pack a lunch, instead of eating old chicken wings from the night before. Yeah I did that. A hot wing on a hot day is pretty f$&@ing gross.

I am gonna give you the link to the write-up I used to find this place. It’s pretty accurate so use it. Don’t use mine! Enjoy the pics. And thank you “gf” for coming with me.

The link I used…CLICK HERE

The “nut bucket”












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Man on a mission. Just getting the ole car washed with the Wednesday special. Twenty bucks for inside and out on Lincoln Blvd in Venice. Corner street Ashland. I usually do it myself but I always neglect the inside. It looks like I have five kids with all the crumbs in it. Gross. Got to have clean living to motivate for the productive shit. I spent yesterday doing some spring cleaning at home.

These last two months have been nuts. I have been out of town like eight times. Some for fun some for work. And some I can’t figure out why the f$&k I even went.

Last weekend I went to Mexico for a wedding. I am not responsible enough to go for one day. Less than 24 hours was the trip. That killed me. That drive off no sleep. Sara was flying to Paris the next day so we charged back same day. Took till Tuesday to get back on my feet.

There are so many sports on TV right now I can hardly handle it. Hockey playoffs, go Wings, NBA, and baseball. I followed my baseball team to Oakland last Thursday. Got to watch Phil Coke eat up the A’s and meet some new friends. Too bad Phil sucked it last night against the Mariners.

I followed my team (Tigers) to Florida in March, hit Mexico, went to San Diego to meet some parents, and have been shooting the shit out of the Pilot, Underbelly. Oh, and I went location scouting to the Mojave to find the place for my next project. Not to mention some baseball games in LA to celebrate birthdays and a couple shows for entertainment. Most importantly took my short film, Closing Doors to a couple of film festivals. I was exhausted. From all of 2011. Out of fuel. Enough coffee couldn’t cure it.

So I had one final loss of my self-control and I am back baby. Well it is final for now. I am human. I lose control. Probably happen again soon.

Doing a little acting showcase tomorrow to sharpen the skills with my pal Anna. Hopefully wrapping Underbelly by April 30th seeing how I take one more trip to Catalina for some scuba diving and fun at the end of the month. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…

I don’t have much else. Well I do but it’s more blah blah blah what the eff did Lije do last week type shit and some other stuff a bit too personal for now. Maybe soon though. Nothing super exciting but forward progress. Mind is clear. Life is good.

Congrats Meghan and Scott. See some pics poolside. My friend Sara said she never saw me so happy. A smile says a thousand words is true I guess. If I only could have lasted a little longer.

Hope u feel good too.







Burger Killer Destroyer Eater Rater

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Me, the eater...

I am on a mission to find the best burger in the city of Los Angeles.  Wait, NO, I want to find the best burger in the world.  I am assuming it will be in America but if anyone knows of one in another country that can hold its own then please let me know.  Here is the way this is gonna to work.  I should have taken photos of the first four that I ate, but I didn’t decide to do this until yesterday and it’s too late.  You will just have to trust me.

I usually eat pretty healthy.  I try to keep in pretty good shape.  But once a week it’s like the “cheat” day.  Chicks use this more than dudes, but hey, what can I say?  Burger day is my cheat day.  I started this little thing about a month ago and it will probably take me until 2015 to come up with a final decision but here it goes.  Rating scale will be out of 10.  I am going to start with the burger I know best and rate from there.  Note: I just had to adjust the scale to have fourths of a point.  This is getting too difficult after only four ratings.  Please send me your thoughts on the best burger in town.  It will help my research on where to go next!!

Baby Blues BBQ – Lasker Burger

Long before I ever worked at Baby Blues BBQ I would go there for their burger.  The two locations do it differently.  The OG is at the Venice location.  It is a burger stuffed during prep with blue cheese and bacon and covered with a Lincolnberry mustard.  Now I hate mustard.  But there is something Lincolnberry.  Maybe it is the color, cuz it’s red, or the spiciness, but I actually have learned to love it.  It comes on a ciabatta roll and it’s “amazing”.  Yup, I used the word that I hate that people use.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  That’s how I start my scale.  The West Hollywood location does it a little different cuz it has a different bun but it is still bomb diggity.  I would give this a 10 but I need room to find the best one on the planet.  It gets an 8.5.  “like” it on Facebook.  They are my peeps.


Father’s Office – Burger

This place only does it one way.  No substitutions, no toppings, not even f#$%ing ketchup.  You get this creamy blue cheese dressing to sop on everything.  This burger is supposed to be the best around town.  It has been six years and I finally made it into this place.  The actual bar/restaurant is dope.  They have mad beers.  All types of beers.  IPA’s that will knock your socks off.  It is in Santa Monica on the north end, off Montana.  Cool, nice little spot and great vibe but you have to probably wait for a table.  You seat yourself and it’s a free for all.  Order from the bar and hang out.  The burger was pretty dope.  It is topped with a nice white cheese, grilled onions (a bit too many for me), some arugula (I think), and on a great bun.  They do it one way and that’s how you get it.  I accepted it and enjoyed it.  It wasn’t anything too special for me though.  It was top of the line but it ain’t going to win.  I give it a 7.  Give me some ketchup and some hot sauce and I would have made it taste even better.  The IPA was the shit though.  I forgot what type of beer I had because it was a month ago.  Sorry folks.  Just check it out.


Umami Burger – The Hatch and The Diablo

Now I have been listening to my pal Greg Alterman talk about this place for a year now.  It started to get so annoying that I was getting excited.  Weird right?  I got to tear this place up last week.  I texted Greg cuz he is the burger dude.  Kind of where I got this idea from.  I said where on the westside?  He said Umami at Fred Segal by the promenade.  Now I have attempted to do Umami twice already but have been in too much of a rush to wait out the hour to get a table.  I didn’t know there was one on the friggin’ Westside until now.  I was pumped.  He keeps telling me to get the Hatch.  It has a blend of four peppers and some white cheese on it.  While I was in the restaurant I heard from a secret source about a burger not on the list.  It was called the “Diablo”  DUDE!!!  That sounds right up my freakin’ alley.  I heard it had blue cheese and a Diablo sauce.  WTF is that?  Probably spicy.  Sweet!  I was with my lady friend so we got both burgers and split them.  They are little smaller than most but that says something to me.  We are Americans and eat way too much as it is.  This place is looking out for us.  Tator tots were bomb too.  Sorry Baby Blues, this place has you beat. 9.



A little dive bar at the end of Washington near the pier in Venice.  The best bar burger in town I hear.  Now by a bar I mean a bar.  This place is a great dive with hay on the floor and only serves beer and wine.  They have pool tables, TV’s, a horse-shoe bar, and a grill for cooking burgers.  Old school.  It comes with everything on it.  Mayo, mustard, relish, onion, tomato, pickle, cheese (your choice), and a bun.  Normal bun.  You can modify too.  I got no mustard but with the mayo.  I never do mayo.  For a bar burger, this was the shizzle.  I sopped the shit out of that thing.  You get a bag of chips with it too.  Random from Frito Lay.  I got Fritos and Mike got Doritos.  I was pissed at first cuz I wanted Doritos until I started to take bites simultaneously of Fritos and burger.  The shit!  OK, considering all things about this place helps up the points for sure.  But for an overall burger it gets a 7.  The band that started at 5pm got too loud and forced us to leave.  Had to get out of there anyway!  Dodgers were on resuming the 9 inning, 9 hour, rain delayed game from the day before.



proof there is room for a burger



my burger eating outfit


my style of eating

where can I find the next burger please?




Chiggittee check yo’self

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It’s been one of those weeks. A bumpy little ride that decides to remind you what the f$&k you are supposed to be doing. Not that what I am doing is wrong or right, but is it the best path for me to take?

Last Saturday I was in some great company with some close peeps at the Dodger game. It was my buddy Dan’s birthday so I hooked up some tickets for us and we had a nice little baseball afternoon. We spent most of our time in the Stadium Club eating and drinking and gettin’ loose. Man that shit was fun. The Dodgers got whippin’ but I didn’t care, it was only the third game of the season and it was all about Dan’s birthday. He was pumped, I was pumped, The girls were pumped, and I was gettin’ loose.

Ended up for me a little too loose. I am an all or nothing kind of guy and when I decide to go strong I go big. I don’t really have a happy medium. So that afternoon quickly turned into an excuse for me to take the night off of work and spend it further having a good ole time. I can honestly say that the day was friggin’ awesome but was it worth it?

The guilt that I put on myself for my actions. I didn’t harm anyone. I just had a good time. But I missed work and was more than hungover the next day. I am my own worst enemy because any normal person would be OK with what had just occurred. They would probably be pumped and tell everyone how awesome it was. But me, I end up feeling guilty and shameful like I did something wrong and immediately judge myself. It’s not healthy for me but I don’t have any way to control my own mind from making me feel that way.

So I treat it as a check mark. It’s a point where I have to look in the mirror and decide if what I am doing is right for me. I have had a hell of a great few years and I know a lot of it is a result of me being on an even keel, knowing my limits and sticking by them. There is a reason I took a couple of years off from the bottle. It has made me a better person but at the same time it has completely f$&ked with my ability to have a guilt-free Saturday afternoon with friends.

It guess it’s good thing for me. I say it like it isn’t but it really is. Like I said earlier, I am all or nothing, and if I don’t check myself once in a while I will either end up losing everything or dead, most likely. I know it sounds dramatic but it’s true. I know some of you can relate and some might think I am crazy but my intentions are good. They always are. Sharing makes me better.

Immediately this week I got ultra focused. We are just three weeks out from finishing the shooting of our Pilot UNDERBELLY. I went location scouting for my next project, a thriller/horror film which will either stand alone as a feature or be part of a very secret plan to crush social media. You will know soon enough. ALPHONSO BOW comes out in June Nationwide via DVD, VOD, and all that other jazz. I am two weeks away from having my Director/Producer reel put together. CLOSING DOORS is headed to Germany next for another festival called the ISFF Detmold. And my buddy Eric is about two weeks from hearing from me so we can get back on track writing my life project.

Everyone falls off the tracks once in a while. Just hope you don’t crash and get right back on them. I am very lucky in my life so far and every slide has been for a reason. All good ones even if they seem bad. I might seem like I don’t have a personal life cuz I tell my BLOG everything, but I do and let me tell you that it freaking rocks. I am a grateful SOB.

So I leave you with DAS EFX and ICE CUBE saying “check yo self before you wreck yo self”.

Good stuff is coming. Keep listening.






Miss Willie Brown dominates

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My grateful ass got to go see a show I will never forget. Miss Willie Brown at the Nokia Theatre last night in downtown Los Angeles.

The band is made up of two girl singers and a dope band. The singers are Kasey Buckley and Amanda Watkins.

I was privileged to live with Kasey for a few years of my life. Not too long ago I remember her and Amanda writing music and singing on the couch. The very spot I type this from right now. This couldn’t have been more than two years ago. It’s crazy. Dreams do come true. First Justin Bieber and now MWB.

Chad “big buddy” Sullivan met me down at Baby Blues BBQ at about 4pm yesterday and we did a little pre-party action waiting for the rest of the crew to get down there. We all were headed to “rosa something or other” for dinner. I am a bad blogger not remembering the shout out but the food was insanely good. Amazing. There I go using that effing word again. Two times in a row. They make the guacamole at your table. Danny doesn’t like cilantro so we had to get two dishes. He says it tastes like soap. I still taste soap. Thanks for screwing that up forever for me. But thanks for introducing the pomegranate margarita.

We had a nice crew for dinner. Eddie Bitton picked up the tab. Big “thanks” to him. He is a heck of a guy. One of the key pieces of Baby Blues BBQ. The designer. His family is adorable too.

Chad and I ran around the dang theatre forever trying to get our tickets and get in the right room and all that jazz. We basically had VIP tickets and started the show from the top of the stage. We needed to get down to the crowd so we got lost again and finally made our way to the general admission. This shit rocked. The show was insane. I couldn’t believe watching the girls and band perform in front of 1000’s of people. I was in awe. They were so good too and I was so proud. Not that it even matters. I was just in tears of joy. I can’t even remember when I cried but I feel like Chad might have as well. He would never admit it though. Texas dude.

I am going to leave you with some photos and a link. Check them out. Miss Willie Brown. They rock. And they put on a hell of a show.

I love you girls.

Lije and a bucket of Nuts.