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Man on a mission. Just getting the ole car washed with the Wednesday special. Twenty bucks for inside and out on Lincoln Blvd in Venice. Corner street Ashland. I usually do it myself but I always neglect the inside. It looks like I have five kids with all the crumbs in it. Gross. Got to have clean living to motivate for the productive shit. I spent yesterday doing some spring cleaning at home.

These last two months have been nuts. I have been out of town like eight times. Some for fun some for work. And some I can’t figure out why the f$&k I even went.

Last weekend I went to Mexico for a wedding. I am not responsible enough to go for one day. Less than 24 hours was the trip. That killed me. That drive off no sleep. Sara was flying to Paris the next day so we charged back same day. Took till Tuesday to get back on my feet.

There are so many sports on TV right now I can hardly handle it. Hockey playoffs, go Wings, NBA, and baseball. I followed my baseball team to Oakland last Thursday. Got to watch Phil Coke eat up the A’s and meet some new friends. Too bad Phil sucked it last night against the Mariners.

I followed my team (Tigers) to Florida in March, hit Mexico, went to San Diego to meet some parents, and have been shooting the shit out of the Pilot, Underbelly. Oh, and I went location scouting to the Mojave to find the place for my next project. Not to mention some baseball games in LA to celebrate birthdays and a couple shows for entertainment. Most importantly took my short film, Closing Doors to a couple of film festivals. I was exhausted. From all of 2011. Out of fuel. Enough coffee couldn’t cure it.

So I had one final loss of my self-control and I am back baby. Well it is final for now. I am human. I lose control. Probably happen again soon.

Doing a little acting showcase tomorrow to sharpen the skills with my pal Anna. Hopefully wrapping Underbelly by April 30th seeing how I take one more trip to Catalina for some scuba diving and fun at the end of the month. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…

I don’t have much else. Well I do but it’s more blah blah blah what the eff did Lije do last week type shit and some other stuff a bit too personal for now. Maybe soon though. Nothing super exciting but forward progress. Mind is clear. Life is good.

Congrats Meghan and Scott. See some pics poolside. My friend Sara said she never saw me so happy. A smile says a thousand words is true I guess. If I only could have lasted a little longer.

Hope u feel good too.








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