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L.A.’s badass hike

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My legs are scraped to shit and I am in my bed recovering. But holy moly this hike was rad.

About an hour from my house in Venice stands Los Angeles’s highest peak. And my lady and I were off to conquer it. We departed for Mount Lukens at about 7am this morning. We were under time constraints, of course. I had researched and found that the hike with no breaks was about four hours. It was supposed to be eight miles round trip and at an elevation of about 3200 feet above where we were planning to park. Dude, that’s like hiking the ski resort, Mammoth Mountain.

Plans. They never go like they are supposed to. I found out last minute that we are required to have a day pass to go into the Angeles Forest. Nah, we didn’t get one. That meant we couldn’t leave the car by the gate so right away our plan was foiled. Luckily we found a Christian camp down river to hide the car at. It was a little creepy though. A bunch of empty trailers with laundry outside and a smoking fire pit. So we left a note on the car with ten bucks attached and ventured up river. It was a nice a friendly note.

Seeing how we parked about a mile downriver we had to cling to the side of the river for a ways before reaching what I read was the right spot to cross. The river was freakin flowing man. All this rain out here made for flow-age and lots of green on the usually brown mountains. The green made for a lot of scrapes too I would later find out. Never wear shorts to hike unknown territory. Oh and wear sunscreen. Duh.

After scouting the river for a while we picked a spot, took of the shoes, and waded through. Pretty strong and I almost lost my lady but we made it. All we could see was a mountain with no top There was no neon post marking a trail so I grabbed my phone and started looking at pictures to see where the hell the trail started. I always do my research and prepare. Makes me a good producer. Smiles. After a bit we finally found the tiny trail. It was so grown over it was barely recognizable.

We were off. Up the mountain we go. Zig and zag and zig and zag. My first concern was all the buzzing around my head. Bees! They were everywhere and all I could think was, “did I tell anyone I was going hiking?”. 127 hours all over again. Then I started thinking about mountain lions and all types of shit. This made us move fast. Or at least I was moving fast and she was following. Up and up. Every time we turned a corner another mountain.

This place was beautiful though. Hugging the cliff and holding hands so no one would fall. I kept thinking that my mom would love this hike but I would have to tie a rope around her waist attached to mine cuz she would probably fall off the side. We got up about a 1000 feet and then looking down it was a straight drop. It’s not like if you fell and something would stop your tumble. If you fall you’re done. All the way down. So by the time you are up 2000 feet that’s a near-death experience.

Here’s a video for ya:

We loosened up though. Passing waterfalls along the way and more in the distance and more boulders we just kept cranking. Time was ticking though. We had to be back to Venice by 2pm. It was 10:30 now and the hike was running out of trail.

We basically guessed half the time on which way to go. Into the wild. Every time you run out of trail just turn around and it’s going the other way. The rain grew it over so much. And sticking out of all the green were a ton of burnt trees. The fire a few years back wrecked that mountain. But it made for a dope scent and some great photos. Always turning a negative to a positive.

Sweating my balls off and time running out we had to turn around. We didn’t want to, really. Life was calling. Duties. Appointments.

We really thought it was gonna be tough going back down but we cruised like we had done it a hundred times. We vouch to go back. With a crew to share the experience. And first and foremost make it to the dang top. I swear we must have only been another 30 minutes from the peak. Motha F$&@a!! Oh well. Next time.

I didn’t even know if the effing car would be there. Trekking down we ended up going a different way, naturally. Still came to the river though. Except now I basically wanted to jump in. My legs were so scraped it’s like they were steaming. Nothing sounded better than cold water. So I said f$&k taking my shoes off, I am wading through the river. We needed a wash anyway. Felt so good.

Back to camp we made it. It was only 10:47am. We could have made the top. I know it. When we actually got back to cell phone service we found out the appoint was moved to 4pm. SOB. Oh well now we get to go back and do it again. Ya know, pack a lunch, instead of eating old chicken wings from the night before. Yeah I did that. A hot wing on a hot day is pretty f$&@ing gross.

I am gonna give you the link to the write-up I used to find this place. It’s pretty accurate so use it. Don’t use mine! Enjoy the pics. And thank you “gf” for coming with me.

The link I used…CLICK HERE

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