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Baseball at the Whale’s Vagina

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That’s what San Diego stands for. Hope I didn’t offend anyone.

Last weekend we were off and running down to meet up with about 40 rowdy Phillie fans, some of which I am friends with, and our buddy Nick Swardson, who was set to throw the first pitch at the baseball game. What an adventure this turned out to be.

The drive down was easy. Scotty had the helm and I just played with my phone. It was a beautiful day. We got down the the hotel and immediately ran into our pals Pete and Nick. After that was the pool at Hotel Solamar. That’s where shit hit the fan. As the afternoon progressed it was taken over by Phillie fanatics. Got to admit I was afraid but they turned out to be all right.

A little poolside fun and then to the Fleetwood. My buddy Aaron owns the place so we wanted to say “what up” before we headed over to the game. Oh, and I needed to buy a Padre hat since I couldn’t possibly root for the Phillies. The hat later got me on to the Jumbo Tron. The girls came up to me during the game and asked me if I would be kind enough to be the “jack in the box” hat guy and of course, I did. I really can’t remember what inning it was but shortly after it my pals started texting me to let me know what kind of a dumbass I looked like. Well deserved. I picked the wrong hat too! Boo’s from everyone. Oh well. Win some lose some.

Before the game started we got to go down on the field as Nick’s little entourage. That was fun. I took about a thousand pictures and videos so I will share the best ones. Luckily my battery died so I couldn’t really photograph anything after the game. No one wants to see that debauchery anyways. A lot of it included breakdancing and doing the “worm”. And it wasn’t just me this time.

The game was awesome. I can’t remember who won but that wasn’t important. The important thing was that my buddy Jason from Fortune 421 clothing met up with us and hooked me and some buddies up with t-shirts. His mom met us down at the bar and delivered.

I ended up running into Petey on the street at about 1AM and he said he was jetting back to L.A. so I hopped in the car. Another weekend with a trip lasting less than 24 hours. Work awaited and that’s how I do it. Jam it in as fast as I can. Enjoy the pictures people…

This is truly a “nut bucket” weekend.

Cheers, Lije










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