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Letting it all go, off a bridge

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Letting loose. Considering taking this attempt at a blog to a new level. I have handfuls of stories starting at about 13 years ago that could actually scare some folks. But the reality of it is, they are true. What better way to start promoting a film I am creating about a f$&@ed up childhood than to tell messed up, blow your mind, interesting stories of the life after?

I have decided to hold off for now. Once I open that can there is no turning back. I am gonna sit on it for a month or so. I will let you know what happens. Keep reading.

I decided to jump off a bridge. I told you all that my friend Kerry was having a birthday hike/bungee jump party. Well he did. And I went. And it was ridiculous. It was hell. And it was inspirational. And we conquered.

We met up at the trail butt-ass early last Sunday. There was supposed to be a crew jumping and a crew just hiking but seeing how it was pouring rain, just the jumpers showed.

I, of course, only wore a sweatshirt and shorts cuz I knew we were going to have to cross a river a few times. Ended up crossing that biatch about nine times. Did I say it was raining? Oh, and cold as shit.

Good thing Mark was with us. I think he was a navy seal or something. He actually cut his jeans off mid-hike. He would climb the mountain and scout ahead which kept us on track. I did my part too by standing in the water holding all the gals hands as they crossed the river. Nine times. Waist deep.

The hike was FOREVER. Five miles up a mountain. And no directions really. Just following a river. Every time I turned a corner I thought the bridge had to be there. Nope. Kept truckin.

We finally got to the top. Soaking wet. Exhausted. And now the wind was howling cuz we were on a bridge. It was at least an hour of waiting to jump after going through the training speech and all that jazz. Luckily they were heating up Gatorade for us. And they had extra jackets. I would have died if not. The sun was also peaking through and it was like god from the sky every time it did.

This was a trip though. A friggin story. I jumped. I had to go first. If I don’t go first it will freak me out the whole time. So I did it. And then I did it again. Backwards. That was dumb. Almost shit myself. I will show you a video of that here.

I never thought I would bungee jump. It was rad. And going through what we went through was an accomplishment. We conquered that bitch.

The hike down took me and my lady about an hour. We cruised. And the sun was out so I got down to a t-shirt by the time we were to the bottom. Weird thing is, the way down we only crossed the water like four times. WTF. We are idiots. But awesome ones.

I was supposed to go to my pal’s play that night. I got home and passed out at 6pm. Woke up the next day at 8am. What does that say?

Thanks Ron and Bungee America for a f$&@ing experience of a lifetime.

Cheers to “the Bridge to Nowhere”

Hearts and kisses,











  1. Are you sure you didn’t fall on your head as a kid of thirteen? I am convinced you are insane, but in a good way, though dangerous. I know I am not going with you.

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