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How do I drive down one path?

In Uncategorized on May 28, 2011 at 11:38 pm

I took this on my run tonight. Santa Monica pier at sunset.

Or do I?

I was talking to my best pal about my blog.  I said I was bored.  He said where is my family?  Complicated question.  I have a new family and am very proud to be sharing.  But back to the blog.  He said, “What’s the main focus?  How do you follow what you are getting at?”

I don’t know.  All I am trying to do here is speak my mind.  Talk about what’s going on.  I try to keep it positive.  I have a bigger plan but I can’t share it.  What I have learned in these years is that no one wants to hear about depressing shit.  But maybe they do.  Watch the dang news.  That said, I don’t have depressing shit to share.  I am saving it for a movie or two.

What I do know is that I have chosen to enjoy my life.  So I am sharing the fun shit that I do.  Experiences that change my life in a good way.

I have plenty of shit to talk about that has been a struggle.  Stuff that has seriously broken me down and made me not want to continue.  But that is f#$%in’ life, man.  I am blessed by some kind of outside force that is looking out for my crazy ass.

So, the question is, “How can I tie my blog to one isolated theme?”  I can’t.  My theme is my effing life.  I don’t want to bore anyone with continuous self-promotion of projects, but I want people to watch my films.  Like them or not, I still want them to watch.  As long as they feel something.  Oh, and let me not forget, my films are only possible by the great people who have written them.  I have yet to write my own movie.  That’s what I am working on now.

I have been burnt out.  I have busted my balls on a Pilot for four months that has killed my drive.  It is a stellar project.  My good friend wrote it and is doing an outstanding job putting it together.  But it has been rough.  No money, again.  And my job has gone from Executive Producer to every f#$%ing thing you could think of.  I have learned this shit at this point.  I have done my time.  I deserve more.  I have busted my balls for a long time.  A very long for me.  I move quickly and five years is a while to not be on top.

What is my damn point today?.  I have no f#$%ing idea.

Right now I am enjoying the ride.  I am on creative hiatus.  My (our) movie CLOSING DOORS is killing the festival circuit.  We have two coming up in June.  If you are any bit attached to this you know about it.  Not going to be a promotional slut.

I have a plan.  This blog is supposed to be a way to speak my mind, and if it draws any interest it succeeds.  I have put two projects on hold until July.  I need family time and to enjoy what the hell I am on this planet to do.  Everyone should not forget about that.  You always hear about the guy that worked his ass off every day and every night and he is most successful.  Does he have any life-fullfiling f#%$ing stories?  I am sick of hearing about that guy!

I have had a life of struggle and hustle.  I am going to quote my best friend.  “Your life is a story and it’s interesting to me.  But who’s life isn’t?  Take a piece of it – like the Tigers, and focus your posts on that slice.  Every good story is a simple story about a piece of life, not the entire story.  In “Anchorman”, we don’t see them shitting, sleeping, or driving to work.  We see Ron’s anguish and the comedy of Feminism is the story.  Your theme isn’t “Lije”.  It’s the travel or love of the Tigers or getting a deal or overcoming alcoholism or mopeds.  Get a them and stick to it.”

I hear him.  He is right.  It is hard though.  I sometimes make this about me.  Probably more often than not.  But I need to make this true to myself.  This is not a blog to promote “Lije”.  I am not that f#$%ing cool.  I do bust my ass though, and I have had some successes that I hope some others get to enjoy.

I love each and every person that gives a shit.  I am grateful for my super personal life that I don’t share.  Those people rule the world for me.

No point to this blog except a special venting evening on a Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend.  My uncles and grandfather would love for me to thank the warriors that have busted their asses to keep us safe.  Those who have died for me to get to write this nonsense, “Thank you”.

Oh, and btw, I might say some dumb shit but at least I am not that idiot director that claimed he was a “Nazi” at Cannes.  Forever banned.  Dumbass.  That is where you draw the line.  I think he was sober too.

I shaved a mustache.  It is weak compared to dudes that get to ride that shit all day every day,  But, here it is.


AND, mad props to Chris from the Belmont who said, “Who writes that stuff?, the blog, it is really well done, well written, they go to college?”  Well Chris, I have an MBA and am a genius in math and science.  I struggled in English and creative.  HA, funny how that works…

Much love,



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