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I survived a Tornado underwater in Mexico this morning

In Uncategorized on June 4, 2011 at 9:02 am

dreaming, symbolically

…in my dream. It was seriously crazy. I woke up about an hour ago and had to write it down.

I am going to try to go in sequential order but it is a bit messy. And the beginning of the dream I remembered after I remembered the end of the dream.

So it started out in the jungle in Mexico. We were walking around like in the show GAME OF THRONES in the forest. Then these wolves showed up and we had to scale some trees to get away. I don’t remember who I was with. I will reveal that later. Somehow the wolves left and we ended up on this old school bus.

It was like we were on a tour now. But the forest was gone and it was way more desert.  Imagine an old ass bus driving around Mexico. That’s what it was. Full of drunk old dudes. Maybe I wasn’t with any friends anymore. I can’t recall. I remember balancing a table full of glass bottles of water like a tray. A heavy table as a tray. I was drinking them while we toured in a circle on a bumpy road. I drank 41 bottles and someone said 42 was the record. Just before I could finish #42 some drunk old dirty dude grabbed my water off the table and sipped it. I was disqualified.

I got off the bus by a desert-type Marina with a bunch of tiny beat-up docks. That does NOT make sense, I know. Next thing I know I am swimming in the beautiful ocean in little nooks and crannies in between mounds of boulder cliff mountains we couldn’t see over.

Now I realized I was swimming with a few people. We came around one of the mini-islands and I saw a funnel cloud forming. In a matter of seconds it was a full-blown tornado coming at us. I told everyone to go underwater and get down! We did.

As the rocks piled on top of us we covered our heads. There was a girl attached to my leg. A little girl who I think was my niece, Taylor. My brother, Jake, was attached to her. And friggin’ Keith Crutchfield was last in open water. This was over in seconds, but we were under rocks and under water still. We climbed our way out.

It was a blue sky. I was alone again and instantly ended up in a lawyer office. Not a normal lawyer office.  It was very bare but a lot of rooms and areas I couldn’t see.  My partner approached me and told me he had finally finished the contract we were working on. I was like, “GREAT!” Then I sat there. He had five drafts all ready to sign. I said, “I feel like I need to adjust this a bit.” He was pissed. “Oh, what else do you want? What do you want now?” I just said, “I have busted my balls for a long time with dollars only on the back-end. I need something up-front. I am broke and burnt out on the creative end.” He ripped the contracts up in front of my face.

Then, I laughed. Really. Then I said, “You know what, f#$k you! This thing is half mine anyway.” Then I walked away.

The lawyers were in shock. Both teams. They convened. They first said I was crazy. Then they said I was right. Then I woke up.  You do the math…




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